Limited capacity

Other (objects, etc.) concept

Carry capacity is limited in more ways than the quantity of ammo you can carry.

Implied: (not enforceable)
* Inventory

* Limited supplies - in case you can't find or otherwise acquire sufficient supplies rather than being limited by your ability to carry them.
* Stash

* Unlimited capacity
A manner of realism in the sense that you aren't a walking weapons stockpile with every single gun under the sun in your backpocket.

Carry capacity for ammo and restoratives is almost always limited, and should not be counted for this. See limited supplies instead.
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The first Limited capacity video game was released in 1981.

Capcom, Electronic Arts and 2K Games published most of these games.

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Inventory, RPG elements

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Carry capacity: Slots, Carry capacity: Tool slots, Carry capacity: Weight, Carry capacity: Volume, Upgrades: Carry capacity, Carry capacity: Stacks, Carry capacity: Type


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