Limited supplies

Video game concept

The availability of supplies such as ammo, bandages, drill heads, etc. is unusually low, often forcing the player to closely monitor their use or completely forgo some uses.


Alternate name: Low availability of supplies

The first video game about Limited supplies was released in 1980.

Konami, Headup Games and Capcom has published most of these games

NOT applicable if the limited supply affects only "non-vital" supplies.

Also NOT applicable if only your favorite tool runs out of ammo or other maintenance supplies but other tools that do the same still have plenty and more.

This tag generally emphasizes that you don't use resources unless absolutely necessary, leaving many enemies and such alive rather than shooting or otherwise killing them. Limiting the use of vehicles if availability of fuel is part of this and so forth.
* Limited capacity - if your capacity to carry such supplies is severely limited.
* Finite resources - for resource harvesting cases of similar nature.
* Survival horror genre - these are supposed to have limited supplies, some just fail to deliver on that part.

* Item respawn

Parent group

Horror elements


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