Resident Evil

Video game serie

A horror game series and franchise by Capcom, involving megacorps and secret biowarfare research into monstrous bioweapons.

Alternate names: BioHazard, バイオハザード

The first video game about Resident Evil was released on March 22, 1996.

Capcom has published all these games

* Raccoon City, a fictional city in North America near Arklay Mountains. Origin of the T-Virus outbreak in 1998, destroyed in October the same year in nuclear strike by the U.S. government.
* Arklay Mountains, a fictional mountain range in North America, near or around Raccoon City.

* B.O.W. (Bio-Organic Weapon)

* Umbrella Corporation - original creators of the T-virus
* S.T.A.R.S. (Special Tactics And Rescue Service)
* WilPharma - a company that became involved by hiring a former Umbrella scientist and giving him full reign of a research facility
* TriCell - last known company known to dabble in the virii by purchasing the bankrupt WilPharma
* The "Organization" - a poorly identified group that has appeared in less prominent role over the series, though its agents (Wesker and Ada) are better known.

Mutagens/Parasites: (and their more popularly known products)
* Progenitor (found in Africa)
* T-Virus (derived from Progenitor)
... Tyrant (including Nemesis)
... Licker
... Ivy / Plant 42
* G-Virus (derived from T-virus?)
* Las Plagas (a mind-controlling parasite found in Spain)
... Ganados
* Progenitor Las Plagas (Progenitor virus enhanced Las Plagas)
... Majini
* Uroboros
... Reaper
* Zombies
* Monsters (pretty much anything that isn't a zombie)

Implied: (not enforceable)
* Biotechnology
* Parasites
* Mutants (the non-rotting subjects)
* Human experiments (Tyrants and others)
* Survival horror (there are non survival horror games in the series now)
* Outbreak (Umbrella has some serious containment issues)