Multiplayer: Cooperative

Video game concept

Contains any form of co-operative multiplayer where all human players work towards a common goal.


Alternate name: Co-operative

The first video game about Multiplayer: Cooperative was released on June 1974.

Sega, Capcom and Ubisoft has published most of these games

Usually this is for games where the story/campaign is playable in multiplayer.

* Not for MMOs, as this is the norm in them
* Team deathmatch, CTF and similar are NOT to be considered. All players are not working towards the same goal.
* Not for AI replacing normally human controlled opponents with bots

Despite the name, games tagged with this do not automatically qualify for cooperation as cooperative multiplayer games unfortunately often lack actual cooperation (nothing really requires more than one player and there is usually nothing a single player can not do alone).

Parent group

Multiplayer game modes

Child groups

Multiplayer: Campaign, Cooperative construction, Multiplayer: Horde

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