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Sub-genre of multi-directional shooters, defined largely by multi-directional shooter sensibilities but constrained to a small-ish "arena" (usually small enough to fit on screen at all times).


The first video game about Arena shooter was released in 1976.

Atari, Namco and 10tons Entertainment has published most of these games

See also: Arena FPS/TPS (a similar concept but in FPS/TPS format with some other minor variations)

Even arena shooters that aren't constrained to the size of a screen, players still move across their whole breadth several times in very small period of time (and within single game).

The oldest clear examples of the genre are Asteroids and Robotron 2048.

Unlike other multi-directional shooters, these usually have the enemies appearing out of nowhere and in waves.

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Multi-directional shooter

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Robotron Like

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