Boss battles

Video game concept

Includes one or more battles with enemies who are significantly more powerful than anything else thrown at the player prior, usually found at the end of a level.


Alternate names: Boss fights, Raid bosses, End level bosses

The first video game about Boss battles was released in 1981.

Sega, Konami and Capcom has published most of these games

* Elite NPCs
Obviously being literally a boss does not alone qualify for this. These may also exist even if no other battles are fought, though such cases are likely quite rare.

Battles against literal boss characters or other major antagonists that do not differ from other battles fought significantly (equally weak and such) this tag no longer conveys anything useful for them and should not be used for them (you might want to add a note about them why you think they do not deserve this, though).

Raid boss is an MMO variant of the end level boss (raid being a combination of multiple player groups/parties, usually established for the sole purpose of fighting the raid bosses).

Child groups

Bonus bosses, Mini-bosses, Puzzle bosses, Boss meter, Boss arenas, Joke boss, Multi-stage bosses


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