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Ultima: Age of Armageddon, Ultima: The Age of Darkness, Ultima: The Age of Enlightenment, Ultima Underworld, Ultima Worlds of Adventure

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The Guardian, Lord British, Avatar, Batlin, Erethian, Arcadion, Alagner, Abraham, Smith, Chuckles, Spark, Forskis, Elizabeth, Nastassia, Exodus
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Windows 22
Apple II E 13
NEC PC9801 13
Linux 11
Amiga 8
Mac OS X 7
NEC PC8801 7
FM Towns 6
C64 6
Atari ST 5
Mac OS Classic 5
MSX2 5
Atari 400/800 4
Xbox 4
GP2X 4
BeOS 4
MICRO 7 - FM7 3
Sharp X1 3
X68000 3
Apple IIGS 2
Pandora 2
Zaurus 2
GB 2
PS 1
Internet Only 1
VIC-20 1

By year

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A1979 - Richard Garriott packages DND28 as Akalabeth and selfpublishes at his place of work.
B1980 - California Pacific Computer Company begins publishing Akalabeth
C1981 - Ultima is published box while Akalabeth re-published in a box.
D1983 - Origin Systems is founded to publish Richard Garriott's games
E1992 - Origin Systems is acquired by Electronic Arts
F2001 - Origin Systems' unnoficial funereal administered by founders and former employees
G2004 - Origin Systems company is offically disbanded

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