Ultima VI engine

Software entity

Origin's attempt to extract bits of U6, make tools & make multiple games based on the U6 engine to quickly create better games in less time, & cheaper


Name variations: Ultima 6 engine

The first video game about Ultima VI engine was released in 1990.

Origin and Pony Canyon has published most of these games

While the Worlds of Adventure games based on the Ultima VI Engine were made quickly and received great reviews, they sold less copies and the cost of each game turned out to be equal to the original cost of making Ultima VI. Origin attempted this strategy again with the Ultima VII Engine but designing to tools upfront instead of after the first game was finished. This second attempt resulted in a similar higher quality lesser sales situation for the sequel and two add-ons for U7. This was a factor in the canceling of Ultima Worlds of Adventure 3: Arthurian Legends, which was based on the Ultima VII Engine.