Enhanced Graphics Adapter

Hardware entity

A graphics adapter introduced in 1984 that supported 6-bit color (64 colors) and resolutions up to 640×350, superseded by VGA (introduced in 1987).

North & South (MS-DOS)
DOS 1990
Stunt Car Racer (MS-DOS)
DOS 1989
King's Quest VI: Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow (MS-DOS)
DOS 1992
Abrams Battle Tank (MS-DOS)
DOS 1989
Castles II: Siege & Conquest (MS-DOS)
DOS 1993
Firezone (MS-DOS)
DOS 1989
Space Rogue (MS-DOS)
DOS 1989
Windwalker (MS-DOS)
DOS 1990
Knight Games (MS-DOS)
DOS 1988
Satan (MS-DOS)
DOS 1990
Indianapolis 500: The Simulation (MS-DOS)
DOS 1989
ThunderStrike (MS-DOS)
DOS 1990

The first video game about Enhanced Graphics Adapter was released in 1985.

Sierra On-Line, Electronic Arts and Accolade has published most of these games

Used DE-9 connector for the monitor.

Example of the limited palette from Catacomb Abyss: