8088 CPU

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Requires at least an 8088 type of CPU with clock speeds ranging from 5 to 10 MHz.


The first video game about 8088 CPU was released in 1981.

Sierra On-Line, RufusPro Software and Electronic Arts has published most of these games

A variant of the 8086. the 16-bit bus was reduced to 8-bit and some other simplifications made to try and reduce the complexity of the attached circuits it connected too. The CPU itself was not a significant cost reduction but allowed from cost reduced motherboards with 8-bit and 4-bit support and data chips rather than 16-bit and 6-bit components. It still addressed 1 megabyte, like the original. The original IBM PC was based on the [email protected] MHz (The IBM 801 and Motorola 68000 were favored for power but the 8088 was all kinds of cost reduction including licensing fees and overabundance of 8-bit components).
NEC made the V20, an 8088/80186 compatible CPU and continued to make 8088 compatible CPUS that were eventually clocked as high as 16 MHz.

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