Creative Game Blaster sound card

Hardware entity

A music optimized precursor to the Sound Blaster


Alternate name: Creative Music System

The first video game about Creative Game Blaster sound card was released in 1988.

Sierra On-Line, Accolade and Taito has published most of these games

The Creative Music System CT-1300 (C/MS CT-1300) was a conglomeration of off-the-shelf parts in a configuration commonly used by hobbyists and publicly available in many electronic magazines, except for one custom DSP chip; the CT 1302A CTPL 8708 (Creative Technology Programmable Logic) which the instruction manual casually mentions can be used by software to automatically detect sound card capabilities and could be used by games.

Due to being compatible with the Sierra Creative Interpreter the card was popular enough to rebranded as "Game Blaster" and sold bundled with a special edition of Silpheed.

Creative put their chip in a new configuration of sound hardware, added Adlib emulation, and a gameport. This was the original 8-bit Sound Blaster 1.0



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