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AliceSoft Systemcross platform OS/VM hybrids by AliceSoft. Began as PC-98, x68k, FM-Towns, etc. Eventually focused on Windows, still has porting ability (Linux, Mac)notifications2 games
GlacierUses any generation/version of the Glacier game engine by IO Interactive.0 game
GNOME GamesThese games make up the GNOME Games package that comes standard with the GNOME Desktop Environment.notifications1994 / 200517 games
HPLUses any version of the HPL game engine by Frictional Games.notifications2007 / 201518 games
The KDE Education ProjectThese games are part of the The KDE Education Project.notifications2005 / 201111 games
Unreal EngineUses any generation of the Unreal Engine.notifications1998 / 2019108 games
Activation limitA copy protection scheme where a purchased game has - usually very small - limit on the number of "activations" before you're supposed to re-purchase or renew your previous license for the game.notifications2006 / 20096 games
Ada programming languageA high-level programming language originally created by High Order Language Working Group (formed by US Department of Defense).notifications1980 / 201627 games
AESOP (Extensible State-Object Processor)AESOP/16 and AESOP/32 are script based sound systems developed by Miles Designnotifications1993 / 20156 games
AI middleware (Artificial Intellligence middleware;AI libraries)list_alt0 game
AIX operating systemA UNIX-like proprietary IBM OS. Closed source, but most games are Open Source. Originally Advanced IBM UNIX. Currently, Advanced Interactive eXecutivenotifications1991 / 199716 games
ALT Linux SisyphusA set of Linux distros specializing in customization, correct localization, and advanced package management.notifications2001 / 20035 games
Amos programming languagenotifications1 game
Anamorphic resolutionAnamorphic projection squeezes an image, usually horizontally, expecting it to be stretched out on the screen so that the final image appears normal.notifications1991 / 201435 games
Annchienta EngineA versatile 2D game engine by Jasper Van der Jeugt. Written in C++. Game can be written in C++ or other languages such as Python.notifications2006 / 20123 games
Anti-cheat (Anti-hack)Uses any kind of anti-cheat/hack solutions.notifications2013 / 20143 games
APL programming languageProgrammed in APL or one of its variants.1 game
AppleDOS 3.1Games that operated on Apple's AppleDOS version 3.1. Either internally (boot disk) or could be loaded on a system running 3.1notifications1 game
AppleDOS 3.2Games that operated on Apple's AppleDOS version 3.2. Either internally (boot disk) or could be loaded on a system running 3.2.notifications1979 / 19839 games
AppleDOS 3.3Games that operated on Apple's AppleDOS version 3.3. Either internally (boot disk) or could be loaded on a system running 3.3.notifications1981 / 202033 games
AppleTalkAppleTalk is a set of proprietary networking protocols developed 1984 by Apple for use with the Mac, OSX, ][c, & accessories. Discontinued 2009.notifications1984 / 200011 games
Application Programming Interfaceslist_alt0 game
Arch LinuxA minimalist distro designed elegant, code correct, lightweight, & simple from a developers point of view. Relies heavily on command-line utilities.notifications1996 / 201968 games
Archive GamesThis game is available through the Archive Games distribution/shopping service.notifications2002 / 201021 games
AROS (AROS Research Operating System;Amiga Research Operating System)AROS is a non-propriety implementation of the AmigaOS 3.1 APIs. Source-compatible not binary-compatible; designed so AmigaOS code will compile on it.notifications2005 / 20143 games
Assembly language (ASM)Written in assembly language, a human readable form of machine code. The least portable of computer languages & lowest level that can still be considered a language.notifications1976 / 2021218 games
Audio middleware (Sound engines;Audio libraries)list_alt0 game
Audio occlusionSimulates audio occlusion.notifications2 games
Automatic aspect ratioHandles almost any aspect ratio from regular 4:3 to widescreen to vertical screen without effort, with possibly only very few limitations (such as square pixels).notifications1995 / 201518 games
Automatic wide aspect ratioCan attempt to automatically adjust to wide aspect ratios besides those it supports directly.notifications2005 / 20084 games
Bagatur Chess Enginenotifications1 game
BASIC programming language (Beginner's All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code)Coded in BASIC.notifications1970 / 20211326 games
BASICA Programming LanguageGames that use BASICA source code.notifications1 game
batari (bB)Batari is a BASIC-like language compiler for developing Atari VCS games. There is also a Visual batari Basic IDE application.notifications1 game (bnet)Utilizes Blizzard's matchmaking and internet lobby services.notifications1996 / 201530 games
bBasic programming languageWritten in bBasic. A BASIC-like language that creates compiled Atari 2600 binary files suitable for emulators or creating Atari 2600 cartridges.notifications1 game
Bell Labs UNIXGames that run on a specific UNIX OS distributed by Bell Labsnotifications1 game
BeOS (ZetaOS)Runs on the BeOS Operating System.notifications1990 / 2010481 games
Bink Video codec.bik files developed by RAD Game Tools. Uses up to 16 different techniques per file to optimize decoding times rather than achieving best compressionnotifications2000 / 201696 games
Blender Game EngineShares the same code base as the Blender 3D modeling tool. But unlike blender, it renders in real time with sounds and interactivity.notifications2008 / 201416 games
Borland Graphics InterfaceA device independent graphics library that can be statically or dynamically linked.notifications1 game
Boss button (Boss key;Panic button)Includes a hotkey to display a fake screen or quickly hide the game, creating an illusion of serious work. Used to try to fool a boss or just to keep onlookers from knowing a game is being played.notifications1983 / 201127 games
Browser-based(HTML)[HTML4;HTML5]Played in a regular internet HTTP browser, via HTML, javascript and/or server-side processing. Usually requires account registration, but not always even that.notifications1998 / 201582 games
BSD operating systemGames that run on BSD by Berkeley Software Design, Inc. BSD is derived from UNIX & thanks to a very permissive license, has influenced subsequent UNIXs & many other OS including MacOSX, WinXP and Solaris.notifications1971 / 201433 games
BSDi v4 operating systemGames that run on version 4 of the official BSD operating system provided by Berkeley Software Design, Inc.notifications1992 / 19963 games
C programming languageCoded in C, a general-purpose programming language, originally designed by Dennis Ritchie.notifications1971 / 2021501 games
Caldera Linuxnotifications1 game
CentOS Linux DistributionGames for the CentOS operating system. CentOS promises 100% compatibility with Red Hat Linuxnotifications2004 / 201715 games
Chipmunk Physics Enginenotifications2011 / 20124 games
clanlibCross platform C++ toolkit library. Its primary focus is on games.notifications2001 / 201216 games
Classic Mac OSGames for Mac OS 9 or earlier.notifications1984 / 20192225 games
Closed Captioning (CC;Subtitles 888)Closed captioning is visual information about the audio of a game that is generally intended for the hearing impaired.notifications1997 / 201843 games
Color: 16 bit floating point (64 bit color;Half-precision floating point color)[Half16;Half-16;RGBA16f]A 64 bit color mode where each color is represented by a 16 bit floating point number rather than an integer. The output is still presumed to be standard 24 bit RGB as is expected by most modern display devices.notifications2007 / 20174 games
Comes in a Debian packageOther distros beside [gametag=debian Debian]debian Debian[/gametag] can use theses packages also.notifications1993 / 2017124 games
CompatibilityAny and all tags relating to software and hardware compatibility.list_alt0 game
Compatible with WineWorks [b]normally[/b] with at least 1 version of Wine translation and compatibility layer for Linux, simply by installing it, the same as if you were running it on Windowsnotifications1989 / 201662 games
Compiled BasicAlthough source code was written in BASIC, this code was compiled into machine code to be distributed.notifications3 games
Control config (User configurable controls)Allows changing controls, keyboard mappings, button layout, etc. to better suit the user.notifications1981 / 2020100 games
Control layouts (Control presets;Multiple predefined control layouts)Offers several predefined control layouts but no full customization, nor are these different control schemes.notifications2002 / 20094 games
Corel LinuxOS distributionGames that run on Corel Linux, a Debian-based distro. Used custom GUI, looked like Win98. Migration was very easy. M$ stole its File & Settings Transfer Wizard.notifications1 game
CP/M OSAn operating system that reached its peak just before the IBM-PC was released. It rapidly lost its market share to MS-DOS compatible OSes. Made 'open source' in 2001.notifications1970 / 2015168 games
Crystal Space 3D engineAn Open Source 3D graphics engine.notifications2006 / 200914 games
CursesA library for implementing GUI & graphic looking applications using only text display.notifications1990 / 201322 games
Customizable anamorphic aspect ratioThe resolution & aspect ratio are fully independent and customizable.notifications3 games
D programming language (DMD;Digital Mars D)A programming language created by Walter Bright of Digital Mars.notifications2001 / 201726 games
Dark Basic programming languageGame is written in Dark BASIC computer language.notifications2000 / 20143 games
Dark Side EngineCreated by Activision for Heavy Gear II and used in other games.notifications1999 / 20003 games
DART (Direct Audio Real Time)A sound API & corresponding DLL that allows OS/2 applications to have multiple levels of direct access to audio hardware.notifications1997 / 200622 games
DASM AssemblerA tool for programming in assemblynotifications1 game
Data onlyReleased as data only, requiring the player to find a game engine to run it on. Likely platform-independent.notifications2001 / 201655 games
Debian GNU/LinuxGames for Debian distro. The most tightly organized GNU OS available.notifications1993 / 2019337 games
DemonWare middlewareNetworking middleware by DemonWare Ltd. (owned by Activision since 2007/02)notifications2005 / 20078 games
Desktop Environmentslist_alt0 game
Development System used HLSL parserThese games had their source code translated from Direct3D to OpenGL using the HLSL parser originally developed by Unknown Worlds Entertainment.notifications2 games
Development System used ran the NeXTSTEP/68000 OSThese games were developed in part or whole using at least 1 computer with a 68000 cpu running the NeXTSTEP OS.notifications1993 / 199714 games
Development System used ran the NeXTSTEP/Intel OSThese games were developed in part or whole using at least 1 computer with an Intel 80386 cpu running the NeXTSTEP OS.notifications1993 / 19977 games
Development System used ran the NeXTSTEP/PPC OSThese games were developed in part or whole using at least 1 computer with a PowerPC cpu running the NeXTSTEP OS.notifications1993 / 19979 games
Development system used was only a text editor and compiler.Developed in whole or in part using only a text editor. These text files were then compiled directly.notifications1 game
Development System used was running a Linux based OSThese games were developed in part or whole using at least 1 Linux based system.notifications1996 / 201744 games
Development system used was running Classic Mac OSThese games were developed in part or whole using at least 1 machine or Mac OS 9 or earlier.notifications1991 / 20005 games
Development System used was running CP/MThese games were developed in part or whole using at least 1 computer running the CP/M operating system.notifications1 game
Development System used was running MacOS XThese games were developed in part or whole using Mac OS X.notifications2004 / 20112 games
Development System used was running MinixThese games were developed in part or whole using at least 1 Minix based system.0 game
Development System used was running UNIXThese games were developed in part or whole using at least 1 UNIX based system.notifications1991 / 19935 games
Direct3DUses or can use Direct3D for graphics.notifications1996 / 201546 games
DirectMusic (Interactive Music Architecture)A deprecated subset of the DirectSound API that allowed high level access to hardware through DirectSound. Not available to 64-bit systems.notifications2000 / 20048 games
DirectX 1.0 (DX1)Supports or requires DX1 run-times to be present.notifications1995 / 19982 games
DirectX 2 (DX2)Supports or requires DX2 run-times to be present.notifications1992 / 19994 games
DirectX 3 (DX3)Supports or requires DX3 run-times to be present.notifications1996 / 200622 games
DirectX 5Supports or requires DX5 run-times to be present.notifications1996 / 200756 games
DirectX[DX]list_alt0 game
Display Control Interfacea predecessor to DirectDraw.notifications1 game
Display: 30 FPS cap(30 frames per second;Frame rate cap: 30)Designed to run at 30 frames per second or is locked to run only at such screen update speed. Usually to deal with limited hardware capabilities of console platforms.notifications2005 / 201712 games
Display: 60 FPS cap(60 frames per second;Frame rate cap: 60)Designed to run at 60 frames per second or is locked to run only at such screen update speed.notifications2016 / 20184 games
DIVE (Direct Interface Video Extentions)A dynamic recompilation graphics API & corresponding DLL allowing OS/2 applications direct access to video hardware. DIVE predates DirectX/DirectDraw.notifications1995 / 200432 games
DoJaA custom Java for DoCoMo's i-mode mobile phone platform.notifications2004 / 20112 games
Dolby Atmosnotifications1 game
DOS installerA Windows or otherwise non-DOS game that uses a DOS installer.notifications1994 / 19952 games
DragonFly BSDGames that run on DragonFly BSD. A BSD to grow in an entirely different direction from other BSDs. Tokened & Virtual kernels, HAMMER FS, SSD optimisednotifications1979 / 200326 games
DRM changedThe DRM mechanism used was changed to another with some update, and not simply updated to different version of the same thing.notifications2009 / 20112 games
DRM removed (Copy protection removed)Games that originally were copy protected but had it removed in some officially released patch.notifications1989 / 202044 games
DRM: Pinhole Copy ProtectionPrimitive DRM method of puncturing a specific point of a master floppy disk. If the game can read & write the damaged sector, it knows its being played from a copynotifications3 games
DSiWareDistributed through Nintendo's DSiWare online service for the Nintendo DSi handheld console.notifications2008 / 201251 games
Dynamic control prompts[Dynamic controller prompts]The game dynamically changes controller prompts depending which controller you're currently using. Swap to keyboard and mouse and the prompts turn to key presses, swap to gamepad and it shows gamepad controls, with no other interaction from the player.notifications2016 / 20172 games
Dynamic Universal Music Bibliotheque (DUMB)DUMB is an IT, XM, S3M and MOD player library developed by Robert J Ohannessian, Julien Cugnière and Ben Davis.notifications2001 / 201621 games
ECMAScript (JavaScript;JScript;ECMA-262;ISO/IEC 16262)Coded wholly or partially in ECMAScript or is extensible with it. Including any of its dialects such as JavaScript or JScript.notifications1998 / 201623 games
Eiffel LanguageA computer language designed with commercial software in mind. Noted here at UVL for legitimate use.notifications1 game
EKI OneA game development suite.notifications2010 / 20122 games
Emulationlist_alt0 game
eON Technology (Virtual Programming)A hybridization utilizing virtualization, emulation, and native libraries that allows Windows games to run on Other platforms.notifications2001 / 201919 games
Europa Universalis EngineEngine used for the 1st & 2ndgames in the series & possibly others & possibly games outside of the series.notifications2001 / 20144 games
Export data for use in another game.Probably characters for a sequel, but any type data counts.notifications1987 / 201545 games
Extraneous data accidentally includedUnintended data included in production copies. For instance, the master copy disk had personal letter that was not overwritten by the game's data.notifications1 game
Facebook applicationnotifications2008 / 20125 games
Famicom Disk Writer ExclusivesFamicom Disk Writer games that were only available from Disk writer kiosks. Usually no "box/package" exists for these games.notifications1987 / 199129 games
Familiar Project (Familiar Linux)Complete OS with OPIE or GPE GUI intended for iPAQ, Agenda or other PDAs. Based on a kernel modified by Compaq who officially switched iPAQ to Familiarnotifications4 games
Famitracker NES music development softwareMusic was developed in full or part using the Famitracker software.notifications1 game
Fargo II ShellFargo II is an OS shell for the TI-92 calculator0 game
Fast Light Toolkit (FLTK)Allows creation of complete games quickly without sacrificing graphics & GUI or taxing the end users' hardware. Includes 3D, OpenGL, & emulates GLUT.notifications1 game
Fedora Core LinuxGames that run on the Fedora Core Distro. Fedora is the 'free' version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux.notifications1979 / 2019125 games
ffdshow incompatibilityExhibits issues of varying severity with ffdshow installed.notifications1999 / 20034 games
FOCAL languageFOCAL was a high-level computer language used mostly on early DEC systems.notifications2 games
Fortran programming languageGeneral-purpose language most suited for numeric and scientific computing. High-level languages were only theory before Fortran because they were considered inherently slower than handwritten assembly.notifications1975 / 20149 games
Frame synced (Frame synced logic)Game speed and background logic is synced with drawn frames, meaning the actual game slows down or speeds up depending how fast it gets rendered and not just getting choppier or more fluid graphics. Top speed may be limited (via VSync or FPS cap).notifications1982 / 201526 games
FreeBSD OSGames that run on FreeBSD. A reliable variation of BSD with any code removed that might be legally questioned. Can achieve 99.95% or more up time.notifications1979 / 2016343 games
Friend-Zone EngineThe Friend-Zone engine is a friendship/relationship engine by Quickfire Gamesnotifications1 game
Fullscreen onlyRuns only in fullscreen.notifications1996 / 201862 games
Gambas programming language[b]G[/b]ambas [b]A[/b]lmost [b]M[/b]eans [b]Bas[/b]ic An object-oriented dialect of the BASIC with it's own IDE that somewhat mimics Visual Basic.notifications2005 / 201110 games
Game enginesThis is a parent group for game engines.list_alt0 game
Game Gear - Master System Compatability ModeGame Gear games running in Master System compatibility mode.notifications1991 / 199312 games
Game makers (Game development environments)Any software that exists to make making games as simple, easy and efficient as possible.list_alt0 game
Game Oriented Object LISP 2 Engine (GOOL 2 Engine)notifications1 game
Game savesAny tag that describes when or where the game can be saved, but does not include on what the saves are stored if anything.list_alt0 game
Games for Windows - LIVE (XLive;GfWL)Uses the Windows LIVE online service. Similar to Xbox Live and actually bridges over to it.notifications2007 / 201234 games
GameSpy (GameSpy Arcade)Uses GameSpy's multiplayer matchmaking service. This may require an unique account at GameSpy.notifications1998 / 201585 games
GC EngineDeveloped for use at GameCoder Studios with planned licensing later.notifications1990 / 201316 games
GCOS (General Comprehensive Operating System;GECOS;General Electric Comprehensive Operating System)Later renamed GECOS (the [b]G[/b]eneral [b]E[/b]lectric [b]C[/b]omprehensive [b]O[/b]perating [b]S[/b]upervisor) A multithreaded OS originally by General Electric that was designed for mainframes & batch processing. Remains in use through emulation fornotifications1 game
Geeny EngineA game engine by Sinister Systemsnotifications8 games
Gentoo Linux (Gentoo/FreeBSD)Games for Gentoo. Gt and apps come in source code not binary form. This is so the user-compiled apps are optimized and fast. It was initially BSD based.notifications1983 / 2019114 games
GFA Basicnotifications1 game
Glulx VMLike Z-machine but uses 32-bit and Glk I/O. Plays game written in inform language. Games with this tag will [b][i]only[/i][/b] run on Glulx VM implementations.notifications1 game
Gnome Desktop EnvironmentRequires Gnome, a Linux/X11 desktop environment.notifications1994 / 201449 games
GNU Data Language (GDL)GNU Data Language is a variant of Lisp and Free alternative to IDL.2 games
GNU Standard C++ Library v3 (libstdc++5)This has been removed from many modern Linux distros but many early games depend on it and will not work with newer versions. It can be installed from Old repos or manually.notifications2002 / 20053 games
GOAL Programming Lanuage (Game Oriented Assembly Lisp)GOAL is a game oriented non-interpretor variant of Lisp that compiles directly to machine code and is similar to Scheme.notifications1996 / 20057 games
Graphics middleware (Graphics engines;Graphics libraries)Any middleware that deals with rendering, texturing, visual effects, graphical user interface, image manipulation, animation, etc.list_alt0 game
Graphics optionsActually offers options to sacrifice graphical fidelity for increased framerate. Mainly of interest on platforms where this is unusual, such as consoles.notifications1 game
Graphics techniqueslist_alt0 game
GREE applicationJapanese social networking service.notifications1 game
Haaf's Game Engine (HGE)By Relish Games. For quickly making hardware accelerated 2D games without having to know a lot about technology.notifications2009 / 20113 games
Haiku OSHaiku is a modern replacement for x86 BeOS running on x86, x64, Arm, PowerPC, 68k, MIPS & possibly others. x86 BeOS compatibility requires an x86 CPU.notifications1990 / 2016387 games
Haskell Computer Languagenotifications2011 / 20137 games
HawkNL™ (Hawk Network Library)A free LGPL low level network API for games. notifications4 games
Heat.netUses SegaSoft's online service, based on MPlayer.notifications1997 / 20003 games
Hosting(Servers)Any tags relating to hosting multiplayer games or related concepts.list_alt0 game
HP-UX OS (Hewlett Packard UniX)Games run on HP-UX. HP's version of UNIX System V. HP-UX is why an HP tech can pull up your file in the time it takes a Dell tech to say "Please Hold"notifications1991 / 200524 games
HURDRuns on the HURD microkernal, the intended core of the GNU operating system.notifications1997 / 20067 games
Import data created by another gameProbably characters from a prequel, but any type data counts.notifications1986 / 201966 games
iMUSE (Interactive Music Streaming Engine)An interactive/adaptive music engine by LucasArts.notifications1991 / 201519 games
Inform programming languageA programming language and design system for interactive fiction, created by Graham Nelson in 1993.notifications1993 / 20093 games
InstalljammerA cross-platform windows style installation tool.notifications2009 / 20102 games
IntelliJ IDEA by JetBrainsGames developed in part or fully using the IntelliJ Integrated Developer Environment.1 game
Inverse kinematicsUses inverse kinematics or similar animation technique that tries to dynamically find the position of joints in respect to the desired end position, usually to connect a leg to solid surface.notifications1998 / 201841 games
iPod Linux operating systemGames for iPod Linux O/S.notifications1 game
IRIX operating systemGames for SGI's IRIX OS.notifications1979 / 200637 games
irrKlang audio libraryA cross-platform audio library/API by Ambiera.notifications2008 / 201214 games
Java languageCoded wholly or partially in Java or is extensible with it.notifications1997 / 201914 games
Java platfomRuns on the Java platform. Ideally they work on any system with Java runtime environment available without any differences.notifications1979 / 2018410 games
JGMODAn add-on for Allegro programs to play MODs. By Jeffery Guan.notifications2001 / 20034 games
JOGL (Java OpenGL)JOGL is a wrapper that allows Java to use OpenGL functions.notifications4 games
jPCTjPCT is a free 3D engine/API for Java. It has renderers for OpenGL, Swing/AWT, and well as ability to display in browsers. notifications4 games
K Desktop EnvironmentRequires KDE components, a desktop environment for X11.notifications1996 / 201340 games
kFreeBSD - Debian for the FreeBSD kernelThese run on a GNU/Debian distribution variant that uses the FreeBSD kernel and not the Linux kernel. Editors should note CPU architecture with tagsnotifications1999 / 20116 games
KlikKlik aims to reduce an application to only 1 file (the executable) that runs from any location on any distro without being installed.notifications1993 / 200735 games
Knoppix Linux OSGame runs on Debian-based Knoppix. Famous for being entirely CD runnable or other removable media.notifications2 games
LaserLock (LaserLok)A copy protection that involves unreadable files in a hidden LASERLOCK folder on the game CD.notifications1 game
LauncherUses a launcher type startup application, often with various configuration, help, and other features easily available before player has chance to start the actual game. Login too is commonly part of the launcher if such is needed.notifications1999 / 2019117 games
Learning AIEmploys some type of AI that can actually learn.notifications1996 / 200618 games
LetterboxUses letterboxing to allow unsupported aspect ratios to display correctly.notifications1991 / 201757 games
libgdx FrameworkCross-platform framework for games.notifications2012 / 201517 games
License: ApacheA license that protects software freedom. Requires original copyright & liability disclaimer remain intact but allows any GPLv3 compatible license for derivatives.notifications2010 / 20176 games
License: Microsoft Reciprocal Licensenotifications1 game
License: Non-PropretaryThese are licenses designed to protect software freedoms instead of restrict them.0 game
Lighting and shadowinglist_alt0 game
Lindows Linux O/S (Linspire;LindowsOS;Lin---s;Lindash;Freespire)Games for Lindows operating systemnotifications2002 / 20095 games
Linux distributions (Linux distros)list_alt0 game
Linux Game Publishing Copy Protection (LGP Copy Protection)Supposedly a key/name/password system designed for full legal copying & installation rights for legitimate buyers while discouraging illegal copies.notifications2001 / 200922 games
Linux LiteAn "transitional" OS using the Xfce desktop. Based on Ubuntu & Debian. Not meant for permanent use.notifications1 game
Local save storageStores saves locally on some system default location.notifications1981 / 20167 games
Logo LanguageA family of programming language related to Lisp & focused on numerical thought. But known for "turtle graphics".notifications1 game
Mac OS 1 (OS Classic 1;Mac System Software 1)Runs natively on the Original Mac System 1 and is supported by the developers/publishers on it.notifications1984 / 2004118 games
Mac OS 2 (OS Classic 2;Mac System Software 2)Runs natively on Mac System 2 and is supported by the developers/publishers on it.notifications1984 / 198813 games
Mac OS 3 (OS Classic 3;Mac System Software 3)Runs natively on Mac System 3 and is supported by the developers/publishers on it.notifications1984 / 199151 games
Mac OS 4 (OS Classic 4;Mac System Software 4)Runs natively on Mac System 4 and is supported by the developers/publishers on it.notifications1984 / 200328 games
Mac OS 5 (OS Classic 5;Mac System Software 5)Runs natively on Mac System 5 and is supported by the developers/publishers on it.notifications1984 / 200410 games
Mac OS 6 (OS Classic 6)Runs natively on Mac OS 6 and is supported by the developers/publishers on it.notifications1984 / 1998287 games
Mac OS 7 (OS Classic 7)Runs natively on Mac OS 7 and is supported by the developers/publishers on it.notifications1984 / 2019710 games
Mac OS 8 (OS Classic 8)Runs natively on Mac OS 8 and is supported by the developers/publishers on it.notifications1984 / 2005190 games
Mac OS 9 (OS Classic 9)Runs natively on Mac OS 9 and is supported by the developers/publishers on it.notifications1985 / 2007126 games
Mac OS X 10.1.x Puma(Darwin 5.x)Requires at least version 10.1 of OS X.notifications1999 / 201763 games
Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite(Darwin 14.x)Requires at least version 10.10 of OS X.notifications2002 / 201744 games
Mac OS X 10.11 El CapitanRequires at least version 10.11 of OS Xnotifications2002 / 201927 games
Mac OS X 10.12 SierraRequires at least version 10.12 of OS X.notifications2016 / 201714 games
Mac OS X 10.2.x Jaguar(Darwin 6.x)Requires at least version 10.2 of OS X.notifications1999 / 2017102 games
Mac OS X 10.5.x Leopard(Darwin 9.x)Requires at least version 10.5 of OS X.notifications1999 / 2017172 games
Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks(Darwin 13.x)Requires at least version 10.9 of OS X.notifications2002 / 202156 games
Mac OS X operating system(Darwin)Games for OS X. Not inherently compatible with Classic Mac OS (version 9 and earlier).notifications1987 / 2020944 games
Machine CodeNot even assembly computer language was used for these games. The programmer wrote raw machine code.notifications1976 / 200628 games
Maemo OSMaemo is a Linux distro based on Debian GNU/Linux and GNOME. It uses the Hildon application framework (GTK-based) and the Matchbox window manager.notifications3 games
Mandriva Linux (Mandrake Linux)Originally Redhat based. Uses rpm. Know for Windows-to-Linux migration tools, urpmi package manager, & nspluginwrapper allowing 32bit plugins on 64bitnotifications1993 / 201791 games
Map generator (Random map generator;Procedural map generator)[level generator]Uses (random) map/level generator to create most or all areas where the player can go to instead of shipping with regular human designed static levels or maps.notifications1975 / 2021745 games
MecaniQue Interactive Fiction Authoring SystemProprietary IF creation software by Gabor de Mooijnotifications1 game
Microkernel SystemsThis is a collection of groups related to microkernels.list_alt0 game
Microsoft GW-BASIC(IBM Advanced BASIC;BASICA)GW-BASIC & IBM BASICA are functionally identical except IBM's requires a ROM (Cassette), the other is self-contained, & GW-BASIC has a compiler optionnotifications1 game
Microsoft PowerPointThese game are played from PowerPoint format files (which plays cross-platform).notifications1 game
Microsoft Windowslist_alt0 game
Middleware(Libraries;Engines)list_alt0 game
Mint Linux (Linux Mint)Comes with/Installs very simply on Linux Mint.notifications1991 / 2019181 games
MiNT OS (FreeMiNT OS)Game runs on MiNT operating system. The opensource OS that Atari adopted for the Falcon. Later renamed FreeMiNT.1 game
Minux operating systemOriginally intended as a learning tool to understand how UNIX-like OSes work. Minux 3 & later, however, are also intended to be of practical use.0 game
Monaural AudioUses mono sound for a system where stereo or better would be expected.notifications1 game
MorphOS/QuarkAn operating system for PowerPC based hardware. Designed for maximum compatibility with all Amiga applications.notifications2004 / 20146 games
Multics OS (Multiplexed Information and Computing Service OS)Games for Multics operating system. Ran from 1964 till October 31, 2000. Very influential on UNIX.notifications1 game
Native Option (Native)These games are published as non-native but a way to run them natively also exists. Or, in cases where native needs to be implicitly stated.notifications1998 / 202126 games
Nazghul Game EngineUsed to create Ultima V or earlier style RPGs. Relies [i]heavily[/i] on TinySCHEME scripting to construct content and define its interaction.notifications2003 / 20063 games
ncursesIs a free software foundation version of curses, which is a library for implementing GUI & graphic looking applications using only text display.notifications1979 / 2016100 games
NetBSD operating systemGames for NetBSD. A freely redistributable version of BSD.notifications1982 / 201632 games
Networking middleware(Networking libraries)[Network libraries]list_alt0 game
NeWS (Network extensible Window System)Originally the "SunDew project. NeWS is windowing system by Sun Microsystemsnotifications2 games
Nintendo eShopOnline service for the Nintendo 3DS, Wii-U and Switch. It features a cash-based system instead of the points based system used with the Wii and Nintendo DSi.notifications2011 / 2017434 games
NixstallerNixstaller is an Open Source project with the goal to create user friendly and flexible installers that work on various UNIX like systems.notifications2007 / 20116 games
No Digital Rights Managment (No copy protection)At least one release of the game comes free of any form of DRM. Especially if this is unexpected, such as Wii, Android or Windows games.notifications1983 / 2020743 games
No DOSBox supportThis is temporary tag for any DOS games that are not fully supported in latest DOSBox (not counting regressions).notifications1991 / 19977 games
No install required (Runs off the media;Zero install)Runs without installing any game files to permanent media besides possible configuration files and game saves.notifications1995 / 20024 games
Non-gameEntries in UVL that aren't games.notifications1976 / 200949 games
Non-Native (Not Native)These games are not for the OS shown. But, official support is provided by some form or emulation, virtualization, and/or compatibility layer.notifications1991 / 2019169 games
Novell NetWareBegan as a disk sharing system and became a type of network operation system.notifications1 game
nProtect GameGuardAnti-hack software.notifications1996 / 200716 games
Objective-C programming language"Objective-C is a reflective, object-oriented programming language which adds Smalltalk-style messaging to the C programming language." - Wikipedianotifications1994 / 201113 games
Open SourceLicenses approved by the Open Source Initiative.list_alt0 game
Open2x operating systemFully open-source alternative operating system for the GP2X game console.notifications1 game
OpenAL (OAL;Open Audio Library)Cross-platform audio API for multichannel 3D positional audio originally by Loki Software.notifications1997 / 2019618 games
OpenBSD operating systemGames for OpenBSD. Fully Open Source & documented fork of NetBSD.notifications1982 / 201638 games
OpenCV (Open Source Computer Vision)A computer vision library originally by Intel.notifications2009 / 20113 games
OpenGL (Open Graphics Library;OGL)Uses or can use OGL for graphics, a cross-platform and cross-languge (via bindings) API for 2D and 3D graphics originally created by Silicon Graphics, control passed to the non-profit Khronos Group in 2006.notifications1983 / 20211932 games
OpenGL Utility ToolkitGame uses GLUT library or any alternative implementations of the GLUT API.notifications1997 / 201533 games
OpenVMS operating systemGames for OpenVMS.notifications1993 / 19977 games
Operating system limitGames that have artificial limiter that prevents them from being played on operating systems they fail to recognize or think are unable to run the game properly.notifications1994 / 20074 games
Otto Chrons' Digital Sound and Music Interface (DSMI;AMF)A sound file format similar to MOD. Known file extensions: AMF Notabley plays to slow on Gravis Ultrasound cardsnotifications1994 / 19962 games
Outdated technologyAny and all tags that refer to software technology that is no longer in use because something has replaced them, and thus may give troubles when trying to play games with them. Excluding operating systems/platforms.list_alt0 game
Pardus Linuxnotifications3 games
Pascal programming languageGames written in Pascal, an imperative and procedural programming language, developed in 1970 by Niklaus Wirth.notifications1981 / 2015109 games
PCLinuxOSLinux from Texas. A Debian derived distro with influences from Mandriva. Also from Gentoo, OpenSuSE, Fedora, & Ubuntu. Backed by the PCLinuxOS companynotifications2004 / 20179 games
Performance issues (Speed issues)The game is for a system that has no variation in hardware yet still runs into occasional performance issues.notifications1990 / 20034 games
PhenoProtect copy protectionnotifications1 game
PHP (PHP Hypertext Preprocessor)An alternative to Perl that allows servers to execute C like code. A few games have been programmed using it. These nearly always require a server.notifications2004 / 20137 games
Physics middleware (Physics engines;Physics libraries)list_alt0 game
Pixar's RenderMan Interface SpecificationThese games use RIS to generate graphics on the player's system.notifications1992 / 19982 games
Pixel doubling (Pixel multiplication)Optionally multiplies the size of each individual pixel. An accessibility feature for those whose hardware can't deal with the original resolution or who wants to play windowed and the original resolution is too small to be actually playable.notifications2011 / 201613 games
PLASMA Language (Proto Language AsSeMbler for Apple)A medium level programming language. Basically pseudo-English Assembly Language with higher-level tools.notifications1 game
PLD LinuxA Linux distro for advanced users focused on system administration for a wide variety of architectures.notifications1998 / 20088 games
Predefined controls (Single predefined control layout)Offers only single configuration of controls with no options to change the button layout or anything else.notifications1994 / 201650 games
Presentation SoftwareThese are formats for storing presentations. Some creative individuals have designed actual games in these formats.list_alt0 game
Procedural effects(Procedurally generated effects)Any effects that are primarily algorithmic in their implementation.list_alt0 game
Production toolslist_alt0 game
Programming languages (Scripting languages;Computer languages)list_alt0 game
Programming librariesAny programming libraries that are not better described by the various middleware groups. Usually general purpose programming aids or too behind-the-scenes elements to not be noticeable to end user.list_alt0 game
PunkBuster anti-cheat softwarenotifications1999 / 201428 games
PureBasic programming languageA programming language based on established BASIC rules.notifications2004 / 20093 games
pygameA game development framework that wraps SDL for Python.notifications2001 / 2017163 games
Python programming languagenotifications1995 / 2018752 games
QB64 Programming LanguageCoded in QB64, a modern programming language that includes backwards compatibility with Microsoft QuickBASIC 4.5notifications2007 / 202042 games
Qnx operating systemQNX/Q-nix is a POSIX compliant, unix-like operating system. notifications1994 / 20137 games
QSound (QSound3D)Uses QSound Labs' cross-platform audio API.notifications1992 / 201552 games
Quarterdeck Desqview/XA system for running UNIX/X11 applications in an MS-DOS or compatible environment.notifications3 games
Quesa 3DAn open source alternative to Apple's QuickDraw™ 3D API that adds some features.1 game
QuickBasic (QBASIC)Unlike BASIC, QBASIC is a compilable structured programming language. Though supported, line numbers & GOTO are discouraged in favor of subroutines & functionsnotifications1985 / 201329 games
Rascal programming languageGames written in Rascal, (Real-Time Pascal), developed in 1985 by Richard Crandall, Scott Gillespie, and Greg Stein of The Reed Institute.notifications1 game
RAVE (Rendering Acceleration Virtual Engine)Apple's short-lived cross-platform rendering API.notifications1997 / 20019 games
RC Pro-am EngineDeveloped by Rare for the NES game. It was ported to other consoles and used in at least one other game.notifications1988 / 19924 games
ReactOSGames that run on ReactOS, an alternative OS that aims for 100% Windows compatibility and is opensource.notifications1990 / 200519 games
REALbasic computer programming lanuage and IDE"REALbasic is a rapid application development environment that enables developers to create high-quality, native software for Windows, Mac and Linux" notifications2 games
REDCODEAbstract assembly language 1st used [i]within[/i] Core Wars (UNIX) on a virtual machine in the game known as a Memory Array Redcode Simulator(MARS)notifications1983 / 19994 games
Redhat Linux OSGames that run on Red Hat. A commercial Linux distro. Red Hat, Inc.'s best known product. Includes [b]7 years of support[/b]. [gametag=fedora]Fedora[/gametag] is the free version.notifications1979 / 201768 games
Redhat Package Manager (RPM)Comes in a RPM package. Other distros beside Redhat/Fedora can use theses packages also.notifications1993 / 2017120 games
Redundant: Partially GNU GPL (Partially GNU General Public License)If only part of the game is release under the GPL license. Then this tag. applies.1991 / 20130 game
RISC OS operating systemFamous for fewest & least harmful viruses of any OS & no spyware ever.notifications1997 / 200511 games
RSTS-11 or RSTS/E operating systemA multi-user time-sharing OS by DEC for the PDP-11. Maintained from 1970 until 1992-09.notifications1 game
Ruby languageCoded and/or extensible in Ruby, a programming language designed by Yukihiro Matsumoto.notifications2002 / 201615 games
S3 Texture Compression (S3TC;DXTn;DXTC;GL_EXT_texture_compression_s3tc;GL_EXT_texture_compression_dxt1)A group of lossy texture compression algorithms originally by S3 Graphics included in DirectX 6.0, OpenGL 1.3, and subsequent versions.notifications1998 / 201715 games
Scheme LanguageScheme is a minimalist variant of Lisp.notifications1 game
SciTech SNAP (SciTech System Neutral Access Protocol;OpenSNAP)A dynamically loadable device driver architecture.notifications2002 / 200611 games
SCO UNIX (SCO OpenServer;SCO Open Desktop;Xenix)A closed source UNIX maintained by the SCO Group since 1989. Originally a bare bones OS for OEMs to customize, the server and desktop were later addednotifications1983 / 20014 games
Screen autosplit(Automatic split-screen)[auto split-screen]Automatically splits and rejoins the screen when necessary, such as local same machine multiplayer it keeps everyone on same screen when close enough and splits it when they wander off too far.notifications2 games
SecuROM PASecuROM's internet activation based copy protection.notifications2006 / 201123 games
SecuROM v4 copy protection (SecuROM New)Copy protection scheme. Game only runs if a drive knows the difference between a read-only & writable disk. Many read-only drives do not.notifications2001 / 20035 games
SecuROM v4.7-4.83 copy protectionCopy protection schemenotifications2001 / 20033 games
SecuROM v4.84+ copy protectionCopy protection scheme. This version adds to v4.7 the ability for a game to check a disk to verify the copy protection is present on it.notifications2002 / 20032 games
SecuROM v5A copy protection scheme.notifications2004 / 20057 games
SecuROM v7.x copy protectionCopy protection scheme.notifications2004 / 201085 games
Self ModifyingGames that can alter their own programming.1 game
Serial key (Product key;CD-key;Serial number;Unlock key;Registration key)Requires some form of alphanumeric key or similar to be presented to prove you own an authentic copy. A weak copy-protection mechanism, but more useful as GUID which it is also used for.notifications1998 / 2019255 games
SEUK (Shoot'em Up Construction Kit)notifications1987 / 19963 games
Sierra's Creative InterpreterUses any version of SCI, a game engine that is basically only a scripting language and a runtime environment. Used primarily for adventure games.notifications1988 / 2015120 games
Simple DirectMedia Layer (SDL)A cross-platform multimedia library designed to provide low level access to audio, keyboard, mouse, joystick, 3D hardware via OpenGL, and 2D video framebuffer.notifications1990 / 20211645 games
Single saveOffers only single save slot per player, character, storage device, etc.notifications1985 / 2020140 games
SkyOS operating systemproprietarynotifications1 game
Slackware Linux Distro (Absolute Linux)notifications1994 / 201739 games
Slax Linux DistroDesigned to be installed on thumbdrive, Media card, MP3 player, iPod, digital camera, etc & ran from any computer the device will interface with.1 game
SmartE copy protection (SmarteSECURE)A copy protection scheme.notifications2005 / 20064 games
Social network service(Community service)Includes internal social network service(s), allowing at the very least easy communication with friends (even outside of games).notifications2006 / 201648 games
Software handicapAny tags describing a handicap of some sort that only affects the software itself, such as locking the framerate to something specific instead of allowing it to go over it.list_alt0 game
Solaris Versions (Solaris Distros)Parent group for the various variants of Solaris.list_alt0 game
Sonic Robo Blast 2 EngineA variant of the GPLed Doom engine, allows side & 3rd person cameras, cut-scenes, and many 3D platformer elements.notifications1 game
Source code includedFor games that provide their source code along with the playable version, usually through some very restrictive license.notifications1970 / 2020206 games
Source Mage Linux DistributionDescended from Sorcerer Linux. This distro's package manager downloads and compiles the source code of everything that gets installed.notifications1 game
Specifically eComStation compatibleeComStation is a later version of IBM's OS/2, supported by Serenity Systems until 2007 then by Mensys.notifications1992 / 20123 games
Specifically OS/2 compatible.As opposed to the later eComStation operation system that is OS/2 compatible. Creators support running the game in OS/s (via Windows or DOS session)notifications1993 / 20123 games
Speech synthesis (Text-to-speech;TTS)[text to speech]Features speech synthesizer in one capacity or another.notifications1977 / 201440 games
SQLiteA tiny C library to embed a tiny SQL database engine into a program without any fuss. notifications4 games
StarForce copy protectionA copy protection scheme that has garnered perhaps the most criticism when compared to other mechanisms (barring things like Steam). Installs low-level system drivers to perform their task.notifications1998 / 201959 games
StosBASIC dialect for the Atari ST mainly intended for game development. STOS was developed by Jawx and published by Mandarin Software. The first version was published in 1988.1 game
SunOS operating systemnotifications1991 / 200536 games
Super Simple Texture Compression (S2TC;SSTC;S2 Texture Compression)Uses S2TC, an Open alternative to S3TC. Almost as good quality a lot faster and patent free.notifications1 game
SUSE Linux (SUSE)notifications1979 / 2019116 games
SVGALibnotifications1994 / 200521 games
Theora video encodingUses Theora video encoding format by Xiph.Org, often stored in Ogg container format.notifications2004 / 201516 games
TIC-80 Tiny ComputerGames for the TIC-80 fantasy computer that exists on several platforms.notifications38 games
Tops-10 operating system[b]T[/b]imesharing/[b]T[/b]otal [b]OP[/b]erating [b]S[/b]ystem. Designed 1964 for the PDP-10. It is still commercially available or usable at no cost under Hobbyist License.notifications1 game
TOPS-20 operating systemThe 2nd proprietary OS for the DEC PDP-10. It was the most popular proprietary OS for that system. It replaced TOPS-10 (the 1st).notifications1 game
Torque Network LibraryThese development libraries are optimized for gaming and designed to overcome high packet latency, limited bandwidth and packet loss.notifications1 game
Tracker music (Sequencer music;Module music;MOD music)Music is in some tracker/module format.notifications1995 / 201812 games
Tru64 UNIX (DEC OSF/1;DEC-UNIX)A UNIX Built on the Mach kernel. Originally by DEC (OSF/1), it is currently owned by Hewlett Packard.notifications4 games
TUTOR programming languageA [[tag:plato PLATO system]] language for creating computerized 'lessons'. Quickly rescued from obscurity when numerous games were created for it.notifications2 games
TUTOR programming language (PLATO Author Language)Developed for [gametag=plato]PLATO[/gametag]. Purely designed for teaching, it was unintentionally used for games.notifications1975 / 19772 games
Ubuntu Linux (Kubuntu;lubuntu;Xubuntu;Edubuntu;Gobuntu)Comes with/Installs very simply on Ubuntu.notifications1991 / 20216910 games
Ubuntu Software Center - Paid for ApplicationThese games can be purchased using the Ubuntu Software Center "paid" category.notifications2001 / 201442 games
Unbound speed (CPU bound speed)Game speed is purely dependent on how fast your computer can run it, making them run unplayably fast on newer machines without artificial means of slowing it down.notifications1989 / 19984 games
Unity RPG KitAn framework to extend Unity for easy RPG specific game creation.notifications1 game
UNIX operating systemAT&T Bell Labs UNIX, from which various branches & versions can trace their lineage (Linux is not one of them). Trademark now owned by The Open Group.notifications1971 / 200738 games
Unknown engine(Unidentified engine)The engine used by the game is entirely unknown, with no information whether it was custom built, licensed, or otherwise.notifications1 game
Virtools Web PlayerAllows interactive programs to be embedded in web pages or playable in a browser. Similar is some ways to Macromedia Flash.notifications1 game
Visual Basic programming languageVersion of BASIC that is object-oriented & event-driven. Events, functions & subroutines are associated with GUI elements by default.notifications1993 / 201220 games
VLOS Linux (VidaLinux Desktop OS)A Gentoo based distro designed for ease of use (unlike Gentoo).1 game
Vorbis audio encodingUses Vorbis audio encoding format by Xiph.Org, often stored in Ogg container format.notifications1998 / 2017485 games
VR middleware(VR APIs)list_alt0 game
WebMUses the WebM multimedia container format, based on Matroska, that uses VP8/VP9 for video and Vorbis/Opus for audio encoding.notifications1 game
Win3.x compatible0 game
Win32sUses a subset of the Win32 API that allows it to be run in 16 bit O/S, such as Win3.1.notifications1995 / 19963 games
Windowed onlyRuns only in a window.notifications1986 / 2018124 games
Windows 2000 (Win2K;Windows NT 5.0)Runs natively on Win2k and is supported by the developers/publishers on it.notifications1997 / 2011372 games
Windows 3.0Runs naively on Windows 3.0 and is supported by the developers/publishers on it.notifications1991 / 19985 games
Windows 95 (Win95;Windows 4.00)Runs natively on Win95 and is supported by the developers/publishers on it.notifications1990 / 2009340 games
Windows NT4 (WinNT;WinNT4;Windows NT 4.0)Runs natively on WinNT4 and is supported by the developers/publishers on it.notifications1993 / 200947 games
Windows Phone 7A Windows CE-based OS for mobile phones.notifications2006 / 201310 games
Windows Phone 8A Windows NT-based OS for mobile phones.notifications2 games
Windows Sound System SPU(Microsoft Sound System)Supports or requires the Windows Sound System. Notable for DOS games running under Windows that can be configured to use Windows the Sound System.notifications1992 / 201721 games
Windows XP (WinXP;Windows NT 5.1;Windows NT 5.2)Runs natively on WinXP and is supported by the developers/publishers on it.notifications1995 / 2018762 games
Windows: 16 bit installerInstaller is 16 bit application even if the game itself is 32 bit. Prevents installation on 64 bit Windows as the 16 bit sub-system is missing.notifications1995 / 199910 games
WinG APIA predecessor to DirectX designed primarily to aid porting DOS games to 16-bit Windows. Early versions of 32-Bit Windows also supported it.notifications1994 / 199812 games
wxWidgets[wxWindows]Cross-platform graphical user interface widget toolkit.notifications2003 / 201632 games
X Window System (X11)Requires X11, such as XFree86, or Xming.notifications1989 / 2017364 games
XFree86 X11 sever for GP2XThese game require the GP2X11 server to run.notifications1 game
xTrap anti-cheat softwareUses xTrap to protect against cheaters.notifications2004 / 20094 games
xwiimote driverThese games use xwiimote, The 'official' way to interface with the wiimote driver within the Linux kernel.0 game
ZeeboidsZeeboids is an application, the videogame Zeebo, to create custom avatars, which can be used in games that have supported the application.notifications2 games
Zeta OSZetaOS was a continuation of BeOS based at least partially on sourcecode from the never officially released BeOS R5.1. Some game only run on Zeta OS.notifications2001 / 200934 games
.NET Framework (Mono Project)[dotNet]Uses the .NET Framework or its open-source implementation, Mono. Usually seen in use with C# programming language, but this is not mandatory.notifications2002 / 2018136 games
'MOON' game system;『MOON』のゲームシステムを使Created by OverRise, Inc.notifications1 game
3DVIA VirtoolsWas created with 3DVIA Virtools development platform and runs under its game engine.notifications1 game
4A EngineA game engine by 4A Games.notifications2010 / 201914 games
AAC audio codec (Advanced Audio Coding;MP4;M4A)0 game
Acknex (Gamestudio)Made with Gamestudio & using the Acknex engine.notifications1 game
ActionScriptA programming language derived from HyperTalk, though now a dialect of ECMAScript, primarily used in Flash.notifications2007 / 20124 games
ActiveMARK copy protectionTrymedia's copy protection schema.notifications1 game
ActiveXMicrosoft's software framework allowing library-level system access via Internet and networks (It lets websites operate your operating system).notifications1 game
Adaptive Game Engine (AGE)A game engine by AGEOD.notifications2006 / 20072 games
Adobe AIR (Adobe Integrated Runtime)Uses Adobe AIR, a cross-platform runtime environment for internet applications without constraints of normal browsers.notifications2005 / 201553 games
Adobe Shockwave player (Adobe Director;Macromedia Director)Requires Adobe's Shockwave player.notifications1994 / 200510 games
Advanced Linux Sound ArchitectureA Linux sound architecture.notifications2000 / 201718 games
Adventure Builder SystemA toolkit to create ZX Spectrum text or text and graphical adventure games by Tartan Software. Licensed for anyone to buy and use in 1986.notifications1984 / 199115 games
Adventure engineUses Warren Robinett's unintentional invention of GUI. Originally used for [game=#80504]Adventure[/game], it proved useful to TLC for additional titlesnotifications1980 / 200919 games (12 characters)
Adventure Game Interpreter"AGI (Adventure Game Interpreter) was the development tool used by Sierra Online to create their early adventure games." [Source: Wikipedia]notifications1984 / 201592 games
Adventure Game Studio (AGS)Made using AGS, a game engine and development tool for creating point and click adventure games.notifications1986 / 201658 games
AdventurescapeAn IF Authoring System release on a cover disc on the magazine A&B Computingnotifications1985 / 19868 games
Agen Enginenotifications1 game
AGOSnotifications1989 / 201323 games
AirSimAn AI by Microsoft that specializes in maneuvering autonomous vehicles (initially drones) in urban environments.0 game
AlamoA game engine created by Petroglyph Games.notifications2006 / 20085 games
Aleph One (Marathon Open Source Project)An open source engine for the Marathon trilogy.notifications1996 / 201216 games
Alice Soft SystemAny of the System virtual machine game engines by Alice Soft.list_alt0 game
AllegroA cross-platform game oriented programming library.notifications1996 / 2017158 games
Alterforce EngineA game engine for gem-swap games by Smartpix Games3 games
Amazon LumberyardA game engine by Amazon tied to Amazon Web Services and Twitch. Development fork from CryEngine 3.2 games
Amiga OS 1.xGames designed for the the original Amiga Operating System.notifications1 game
Amiga OS 4 operating systemGames for the Amiga OS 4.notifications1999 / 20169 games
AmityvilleA game engine by Planet Moon Studios.notifications2000 / 20035 games
AndEngineA free, open-source 2D OpenGL game engine for Android.notifications1 game
AngelScript(AngelCode Scripting Library)A scripting library and its language for extending C/C++ program functionality.notifications2006 / 201738 games
ANGLE(Almost Native Graphics Layer Engine)notifications3 games
AngryAnt BehaveAn AI middleware by AngryAnt.notifications1 game
Anti-Grain Geometry (AGG)notifications1 game
Anvil (Scimitar)A game engine created by Ubisoft Montreal.notifications2007 / 201118 games
AnvilNextA game engine created by Ubisoft Montreal.notifications2012 / 201517 games
Apple GS/OSA fully 16-bit GUI based operating system. Hybrid port-conversion of ProDOS 16 v1.6 code and MacOS 5 features/code for the Apple IIgs with 65816 CPU.notifications1987 / 199711 games
Apple iOS (iPhone OS)list_alt0 game
Apple Metal APIA low-level graphics API from Apple.notifications1 game
Apple ProDOSRequires ProDOS to run.notifications1984 / 19903 games
Arcade Game DesignerZX Spectrum game designer by Jonathan Cauldwell since 2008notifications2017 / 20195 games
Arcane 3D EngineUses the Arcane 3D Engine created by Wolfpack Studios.notifications2 games
Argonnotifications2011 / 20133 games
ArianneArianne is a online multiplayer engine to allow the easy creation of online games.notifications6 games
AstoundSound(GenAudio AstoundSound)A 3D audio spatialization solution that besides providing 360 degree directional cues horizontally, also includes cues for ±90 degree vertical.notifications1 game
AsuraUses any version/generation of the Asura game engine, created by Rebellion.notifications2005 / 201319 games
AtmosFearA game engine by Action Forms.notifications1998 / 20054 games
Atomic Game Enginea 2D/3D game engine with nice features like streaming to texture.0 game
AudiereA high-level and extremely simplistic audio API.notifications2005 / 20176 games
AuroraUses the Aurora game engine, created by BioWare.notifications2002 / 201924 games
Autodesk Scaleform(Scaleform GFx)A Flash-based user interface graphics API from Autodesk.notifications2004 / 201636 games
Avalanche Enginenotifications2006 / 201510 games
AwesomiumAn HTML-based user interface engine.notifications2006 / 20158 games
BANG! EngineA game engine created by Ensemble Studios.notifications2002 / 20089 games
BASS audio librarynotifications2006 / 20109 games
BattlEye anti-cheat enginenotifications2000 / 20189 games
BattleZoneAn unnamed game engine originally used for the 1998 BattleZone FPS/RTS.notifications1998 / 20003 games
BBS doorA piece of software that runs external to the BBS system on the client's computer, usually a specialized terminal emulator.notifications1988 / 19956 games
biEngineA proprietary game engine developed by Biart Studio.notifications2010 / 201213 games
Big Huge EngineA game engine by Big Huge Games.notifications2003 / 20127 games
BigWorldAn MMO game engine by BigWorld.notifications2010 / 201611 games
Binary Runtime Environment for Wireless (BREW)An application development platform by Qualcomm for mobile phones.notifications2003 / 20086 games
BitsquidA game engine created by Bitsquid AB, founded by Fatshark and former Grin developers.notifications2011 / 201517 games
BitTorrent[BT]Uses the BitTorrent peer-to-peer file transfer protocol.notifications2004 / 201814 games
Blitz BASIC programming languageA programming language by Blitz Research.notifications1992 / 20168 games
BlitzMax[Blitz MAX]A programming language by Blitz Research incompatible with its predecessor, Blitz BASIC.notifications2004 / 201527 games
BlitzTechnotifications2009 / 20133 games
Bluepoint Engine(BPE)A game engine by Bluepoint Games.notifications2006 / 20148 games
BMP images(Bitmap;DIB;Device Independent Bitmap)Uses BMP/DIB images, a lossless and usually uncompressed (though can use RLE (run-length encoding)) up to 24-bit raster image format created by Microsoft.notifications2009 / 20122 games
Box2D physics enginenotifications1997 / 202019 games
Buddha EngineA game engine by Double Fine.2009 / 201523 games
BugSplatA proprietary crash reporting solution.notifications2004 / 20115 games
Build[Build engine;Build3D;BUILD]A game engine by Ken Silverman, perhaps best known for its use in Duke Nukem 3D.notifications1995 / 201938 games
Bullet physics engine (Bullet physics library)An open source physics engine.notifications2009 / 20189 games
Bulletin board systemUses BBS in the back-end, which can (likely) be connected via most terminal emulators, such as Telnet clients, SSH, and others. Originally only connectable via modem by calling the BBS system's phone number.notifications1984 / 19923 games
BYOND(Build Your Own Net Dream)Made with Byond, a free 2D multiplayer game maker.notifications1 game
C# programming language[C Sharp]Coded in C# programming language.notifications2008 / 201881 games
C++ programming languageCoded in C++, a superset of C programming language, slowly diverging from its roots.notifications1983 / 20181072 games
Carbon APIThese games use Apple's API for developing OS X applications that also run on OS 9 and OS 8.notifications2000 / 20036 games
CauseWay DOS ExtenderCauseWay is a formally proprietary DOS extender by Bethesda.notifications1 game
Ceebot Engineby Epsitec for many of their games. Ported to Linux for Colobot by PPC.notifications1 game
Chroma EngineLevel 7's engine for, Chroma, that also functions with some other puzzle apps despite those apps having completely different types of puzzlesnotifications2003 / 20135 games
Chrome EngineA 3D game engine by Techland which supports scripting by Java.notifications2003 / 201528 games
Cinématique Evolution 2 Engine (CruisE)Delphine Software's update to the Cinématique Engine (CINE) used for a single adventure game (on three platforms)notifications3 games
Cinepak video codecLossy video codec released in 1991. It was one of the first video compression tools to achieve FMV on CD-ROM.notifications1 game
Clausewitznotifications2007 / 201628 games
Clickteam FusionSuccessor to Clickteam's earlier Multimedia Fusion.1992 / 20080 game
Clickteam Klik & PlayA game maker for creating simple games for 16-bit Windows, 32-bit Windows, and Classic Mac OS.notifications1 game
CloakNT (Cloak)A game engine by Cauldron.notifications2003 / 200911 games
Clojurelangnotifications1 game
Clojurescriptnotifications1 game
Cocos2d(Cocos2d-X;Cocos2d-JS;Cocos2d-XNA;Cocos2d-Swift)A cross platform game framework originally for iOS.notifications2015 / 20163 games
Construct 2A WYSIWYG closed source game maker by Scirra for creating HTML5 games.notifications2013 / 202031 games
CoretechUses any generation of the Coretech game engine, created by NeocoreGames.notifications2009 / 20157 games
CossacksAn unnamed game engine originally used for Cossacks series.notifications2001 / 20166 games
Crap Adventure Construction Kit1 game
Creation EngineThe Creation Engine is a 3D video game engine created by Bethesda Game Studios based on the Gamebryo engine.notifications2011 / 201810 games
Crimson EngineA game engine by Michal Marcinkowski.notifications2011 / 20124 games
CriWareAn audio, video and lip sync middleware by CRI Middlware.notifications2008 / 201831 games
CryENGINEUtilizes first generation of Crytek's CryENGINE.notifications2004 / 201725 games
CryENGINE 2notifications2003 / 20097 games
CryENGINE 3notifications2011 / 201618 games
CryENGINE Vnotifications1 game
Cryptic EngineUses any generation of the game engine by Cryptic Studios.notifications2004 / 20135 games
Crystal CavesA nameless game engine created for Crystal Caves, later re-used for Secret Agent.notifications1991 / 20153 games
Crystal EngineAn engine developed by Crystal Dynamics.notifications2006 / 201425 games
Crystal ToolsA game engine by Square Enix.notifications2009 / 20167 games
Cube2engineA zlib licensed engine with graphics based on an octree-to-triangle rendering engine. Cubes, sub-cubes, sub-sub-cubes, ad infinitum.notifications2004 / 201416 games
Custom[custom game engine]Uses any engine that was made specifically for a single game.notifications1986 / 2020326 games
Dagon EngineAn adventure game engine by Senscape. The sourcecode for engine and SDK are available under CDDL license.notifications2012 / 20142 games
DagorA game engine by Gaijin Entertainment.notifications2007 / 201613 games
Dark EngineA game engine by Looking Glass Studios originally for Thief: The Dark Project.notifications1998 / 20147 games
DarkPlacesA heavily modified Quake [1] game engine.notifications2003 / 201317 games
Darkstarnotifications1998 / 19992 games
Dead Enginenotifications2008 / 20106 games
DeHackEdA tool for modifying the Doom 1/2 executable that can generate patches for it. Used by several mods and total conversions.notifications1997 / 20052 games
Delta EngineAn open source cross-platform game engine by Delta Engine GmbH.notifications1 game
DenuvoA DRM scheme by Denuvo Software Solutions, created with bought out code from Sony DADC, the former creators of SecuROM.notifications2014 / 202028 games
DescentA nameless game engine by Parallax Software originally built for the game Descent.notifications1995 / 20108 games
Development System ran the Code::Blocks IDEThese games were developed in part or whole using at least 1 computer running the Code::Blocks IDE.notifications2009 / 20112 games
Development System used was running Sun OS 1.xThese games were developed in part or whole using at least 1 Sun OS 1 based system.notifications1 game
Devolved Engine (Life RPG Engine)An RPG engine where games are written completely in strict XML.1 game
DieselA game engine developed by GRIN.notifications2001 / 201617 games
Digital Research Graphics Environment Manager(GEM)Designed for GEM. A Graphic User Interface available for several OSes. Also numerous numerous printers, plotters, monitors, terminals, & cameras.notifications1 game
DirectDrawA 2D raster graphics API part of the DirectX.notifications1 game
DirectInput[DInput]A deprecated controller input API from Microsoft.notifications2002 / 202017 games
DirectPlayUses the now deprecated network communication portion of the DirectX API.notifications3 games
DirectX Audio (XAudio;DirectSound;DirectSound 3D;DS3D)notifications1999 / 201920 games
Discord Rich PresenceSupports Discord's Rich Presence feature.notifications2016 / 20183 games
DisruptA game engine by Ubisoft Montreal.notifications5 games
Divinity EngineA game engine by Larian, originally created for a game that preceded Divinity series.notifications1999 / 20043 games
Divinity Engine 2A game engine by Larian Studios originally for Divinity: Dragon Commander and later iterations used for the Original Sin series.notifications2013 / 201710 games
DivX video codecnotifications2004 / 20096 games
Doom WADA file packaging format introduced for Doom but also used in Quake engine games as well as few unrelated to either engine.notifications1993 / 201349 games
DoomRPGUses DoomRPG's game engine.notifications2005 / 20106 games
DOS 1.xRequires DOS 1.0 or newer.notifications1973 / 201424 games
DOS 2.xRequires DOS 2.0 or newer.notifications1981 / 201496 games
DOS 3.xRequires DOS 3.0 or newer.notifications1983 / 201580 games
DOS 4.x (Multitasking DOS;European MS-DOS 4.0)Requires the maligned MS-DOS 4.0 or MS-DOS 4.01 (these are entirely different from IBM PC-DOS 4.00 & IBM PC-DOS 4.01).notifications1984 / 201723 games
DOS 5.xRequires DOS 5.0 or newer.notifications1989 / 201767 games
DOS 6.xRequires DOS 6.0 or newer.notifications1990 / 201716 games
DOS extender (DOS/4G;DOS32A)Uses any DOS extender (such as DOS/4G) that breaks the memory limit of 640kB, allowing at least up to 64MB to be addressed.notifications1991 / 201530 games
DOS Protected Memory Interace (DPMI)Requires the DPMI TSR service software to run.notifications1985 / 20033 games
Double Fusion EngineAn in-game advertising engine.notifications2011 / 20136 games
DreamWorldnotifications2001 / 20125 games
DS2A modified Quake 3 game engine by Digital Spray Studios.notifications2006 / 20072 games
Dumb Game Engine (Dumb 3D)Capable of running Doom & Quake games & originals with dynamic levels, higher resolutions, and new features on 486/33z. Also for original games of other types.notifications1 game
DuniaA game engine created by Ubisoft Montreal.notifications2008 / 201210 games
Dynamix Game Development System (dgds)A game engine and system of development tools by Dynamix used for several of their games.notifications1990 / 199210 games
EA AccessA DRM solution from Electronic Arts.notifications1 game
Eamon Engine (The Wonderful World of Eamon)A text based (graphics allowed) construction system by Donald Brown that was used to create hundreds of games.notifications1980 / 2010298 games
EasyAntiCheatnotifications2012 / 20176 games
EDGE (Enhanced Doom Game Engine)A modernized DOOM engine that still remains compatible with the originals.notifications1 game
Eduke32 EngineA game engine that plays Duke Nukem and other games.notifications2006 / 201311 games
Ego Game Technology Enginenotifications2005 / 200915 games
Electron EngineUses the Electron game engine, created by Obsidian Entertainment and based on BioWare's Aurora engine.notifications2006 / 20084 games
EnforceA game engine originally by Black Element Software.notifications2004 / 20124 games
Enigma (Blitzkrieg)A game engine developed by Nival.notifications2003 / 20089 games
EoB Engine(Eye of the Beholder)A nameless game engine created for Eye of the Beholder series & updated for each game. Later updated for use with the Kyrandia series.notifications1991 / 201525 games
Epiboly Software's Adventure MakerA system by Patricia B. Smith to makes simple GUI interactive fiction games for classic Macintoshes.notifications1 game
ES Online (Ensemble Studios Online)Proprietary network by Ensemble Studios.notifications2005 / 20084 games
Escavatrix EngineUses the Escavatrix enginenotifications1 game
Essence EngineGame engine by Relic Entertainment created for the Company of Heroes game.notifications2006 / 201612 games
Eternal Lands EngineA proprietary game engine developed for the Eternal Lands MMORPG. As the sourcecode is GPL, other MMORPGs are free to use it.notifications2003 / 20138 games
EuphoriaUses the Euphoria dynamic motion synthesis engine.notifications2008 / 20099 games
Evolution(Evolution Engine;Sector Engine)A game engine by Digital Extremes, originally named Sector Engine as per the first game to use it: darkSector.notifications2008 / 20136 games
ExEn (Execution Engine)By In-Fusio. Aims to be less limited than J2ME. Built-in scaling, parallaxing, raycasting, & rotation. Available under "premium" or "free" licenses.notifications2003 / 20042 games
Explore Computer LanguageWritten in the form of data meant to be interpreted by the Explore game engine by Joseph Peterson & De Crandell.notifications5 games
Explore EngineJoseph Peterson & De Crandell's BASIC engine for the TRS-80 computer. A generic way to create adventure games inspired by Colossal Cave Adventure.notifications5 games
Extensible Markup Language (XML)Uses XML data serialization format for storage, configuration or anything else.notifications2002 / 2020118 games
F# programming languageCoded in F# programming language.notifications1 game
FaceFXA facial animation toolkit.notifications2007 / 20166 games
FalloutUses Fallout 1's game engine.notifications1997 / 201612 games
Fenix computer languagenotifications2004 / 20077 games
Fighter MakerCreated with Enterbrain's 2D Fighter Maker.notifications2001 / 20144 games
Filmation Game EngineIsometric graphics engine employed in a series of games developed by Ultimate Play the Game during the 1980snotifications1984 / 198618 games
FixelAn open source Flash game-making library that is completely free for personal or commercial use.notifications2009 / 20122 games
FlashUses Macromedia/Adobe Flash.notifications2001 / 201675 games
FlashPunkA free generic ActionScript library for 2D game development.notifications3 games
flatzebraA GPL generic game engine for 2D double-buffering animation using SDL by Pierre Sarrazinnotifications2000 / 200812 games
FLEDGEA game engine by Deck13.notifications2014 / 20174 games
Flexible Isometric Free Engine (FIFE)notifications4 games
FlixelA free, open-source game-making library for Actionscript 3 and designed for use with free development tools.notifications2009 / 201419 games
FMOD audio engine (FMOD Ex)A cross-platform audio engine by Firelight Technologies.notifications2000 / 2020234 games
FNAOpen source reimplementation of Microsoft XNA Framework.notifications2011 / 201721 games
ForgeLight[Forge Light]A proprietary game engine by Sony Online Entertainment for MMOs.notifications2012 / 20154 games
Forth programming languagenotifications1980 / 19855 games
Fox EngineA cross-platform game engine by Kojima Productions.notifications2013 / 201411 games
FPS Creator (FPS Creator Reloaded)FPS Creator & later versions are developed by The Game Creators Ltd. They allow making FPSes with little or no coding/programming experience requirednotifications1 game
Free Lossless Audio Codec (FLAC)Open format, royalty-free, lossless digital audio compression. 50-60% rate.notifications2003 / 20172 games
FreescapeDeveloped in-house by Incentive Software in 1986, Freescape is considered to be the first proprietary 3D engine ever to be used in computer games.notifications1987 / 199237 games
Freespace EngineA game engine with loosely interpreted outer space physics used for the Freespace series of games.notifications1998 / 201516 games
FreeTrackNatively supports FreeTrack, an open source motion (head) tracking software with help of a regular webcam.notifications2007 / 20091 game
Frostbite(Frostbite Engine)notifications2008 / 201834 games
FuzixOSA subset of GNU/Linux for minimal systems (6809, Z80, Z180, 8086, 6502, 68HC11, 68k, 65c816, MSP430, pdp11).notifications34 games
Game CenterA social platform for iOS 4.1 and OS X 10.8 or later.notifications2010 / 20143 games
GameAgentA digital disrobution site by Aspyer that notably offers games for Mac. Also sells Linux and Windows games.notifications2013 / 201618 games
Gamebryo(NetImmerse)Uses any generation of Gamebryo engine.notifications1999 / 201481 games
GameCODAAudio middleware by Sensaura.notifications2002 / 20067 games
GameMaker(GameMaker: Studio;Animo)[GM Studio;Game Maker;Game Maker Studio]Made with and powered by any version of GameMaker from YoYo Games.notifications1998 / 2019138 games
GameOS(GOS)A game engine developed by Andrew Glaister at FASA Studio until it was bought out by Microsoft in 1999.notifications2000 / 20026 games
GameShieldA copy protection solution by Yummy Interactive.notifications2009 / 20123 games
Garry Kitchen's Gamemaker (Activision Gamemaker)Games made with Garry Kitchen's Gamemaker IDE.notifications1985 / 19862 games
Generic Adventure Game System/Adventure Game ToolkitGeneric Adventure Game System is an interactive fiction engine by Mark J. Welch's. Later extended and renamed Adventure Game Toolkit by David R. Malmberg'snotifications1989 / 19913 games
Genesis3DAn opensource engine by Eclipse Entertainment. Used for an eclectic set of infamous games.notifications1998 / 20037 games
Genie EngineA game engine developed by Ensemble Studiosnotifications1997 / 201511 games
Geo-Mod game engineUses any version of the Geo-Mod game engine.notifications2001 / 201114 games
GGPO (Good Game Peace Out)A networking middleware originally created for providing network play for emulated arcade games.notifications2011 / 20137 games
Ginkgo EngineA 2D Engine by Broken Rulesnotifications2009 / 20146 games
Glacier 2A game engine by IO Interactive.notifications3 games
Glacier(Glacier 1)A game engine by IO Interactive.notifications2000 / 200612 games
GlestA game engine designed for strategy games. Originally created for Glest, used in various forms for other games.notifications2004 / 20107 games
Glide 3DSubset of OpenGL API created by 3dfx for their Voodoo line of GPUs.notifications1995 / 201683 games
Glulx[glulxe;quixe]Portable virtual machine intended for interactive fiction games.notifications2010 / 20112 games
GLYPH(GLYPHX)A game engine by Petroglyph.notifications2010 / 20133 games
GNU/Linux kernelCompiled for the GNU/Linux kernel regardless of the platform. To differentiate when the same entry is also for UNIX or other *nix kernels.notifications1991 / 202057 games
GobengineCoktel Vision's own game engine.notifications1991 / 199521 games
Godfathernotifications2006 / 200811 games
Godot EngineA free, cross-platform and open source game engine distributed under MIT license.notifications2014 / 201612 games
GOG GalaxyRequires GOG Galaxy for some functionality, such as multiplayer matchmaking, when other services do not provide it. Generally applies only to games acquired from GOG and likely offers cross-platform multiplayer with Steam.notifications2 games
Gold Box Engine1987-1994. Know as GBE since a shiny gold cardboard box was used for many of the games. It was eventually released to the public as [game=Unlimited Adventures]Unlimited Adventures[/game]notifications1988 / 201560 games
GoldSrc(Goldsource)A heavily modified Quake 1 game engine by Valve.notifications1998 / 201320 games
Google Breakpad (Mozilla Talkback)A cross-platform FOSS crash reporting solution by Google, Inc. and Mozilla Foundation.notifications2004 / 201737 games
Google Native Client (NaCl)Uses Google Native Client sandbox to run a game on a web browser via C-like compiled code instead of being limited by things like Javascript and HTML5.notifications2011 / 201417 games
Google Play Games(Google Play game services)A social platform for Android, iOS and web by Google that provides leaderboards and achievements globally and for player's Google+ circles.notifications2 games
Google PlusFor games available under the Google social network.notifications3 games
Granny 3DAn animation middleware by RAD Game Tools.notifications2002 / 20158 games
GraphineTexture streaming and compression middleware.notifications1 game
Grim 2DA 2D graphics engine by 10tons entertainment.notifications1 game
Grim Engine (GrimE)A game engine developed by LucasArts, incorporating the older Sith engine.notifications1998 / 20147 games
Groovienotifications1993 / 20149 games
GTK(GIMP Toolkit;GTKmm;GTK+)A GUI widget toolkit originally developed as replacement for Motif.notifications1990 / 201617 games
Guadalcanal engineAn unnamed engine used in multiple gamesnotifications3 games
GZDoomExtremely heavily modified id Tech 1 engine based on ZDoom.notifications2018 / 20193 games
HackShieldAn anti-hack/cheat solution by AhnLab.notifications2003 / 20137 games
Halo enginenotifications2001 / 20118 games
Havok PhysicsUses the Havok Physics engine.notifications2000 / 2017316 games
HaxeFlixelHaxe language port of the Flixel game library.notifications2012 / 20179 games
Heavy DutyA game engine by Primal Software.notifications2006 / 20102 games
HeroEngineA game engine by Simutronics.notifications2009 / 20157 games
Horizon-Based Ambient Occlusion(HBAO)An improved technique for ambient occlusion compared to the original SSAO.notifications2004 / 201811 games
HPL1Game engine created by Frictional Gamesnotifications2007 / 201010 games
HPL2Second generation of the HPL game engine created by Frictional Games.notifications2010 / 20157 games
HPL3Third generation of the HPL game engine created by Frictional Games.notifications4 games
HTML5HTML specification started back in 2004, aiming to be fully finished by 2014. Notably adds support for hardware accelerated graphics via WebGL (subset of OpenGL) though includes many other things as well.notifications2000 / 201630 games
HX DOS ExtenderDOS extender allowing multitasking, DLL use, compatible with Windows PE and DOS executables. Also allows some 16-bit Windows games to run in pure DOS.notifications1 game
HyperCardA hypermedia, database, and rapid application development tool by Apple Inc. (and intermittently Claris) for the Apple Macintosh, supported from 1987 to 1992.notifications1987 / 199529 games
I Wanna Be The EngineUses any version of IWBTE.notifications1 game
IBM PC-compatible DOSAny tags related directly to the x86 CPU architecture DOS variants.list_alt0 game
id Software game engineslist_alt0 game
id Tech 1 (Doom engine)Uses the original Doom's engine or some modification of it.notifications1993 / 201326 games
id Tech 2 (Quake 2 engine;CRX engine)Uses the id Tech 2 game engine developed by id Software.notifications1997 / 201447 games
id Tech 3 (Quake 3 engine;ioquake3)Uses the id Tech 3 game engine developed by id Software.notifications1999 / 201686 games
id Tech 4 (Doom 3 engine)Uses id Tech 4 game engine, developed by id Software.notifications2004 / 201531 games
id Tech 5 (Rage engine)Uses the fifth generation of id Software's game engine.notifications2011 / 201513 games
id Tech 6(Doom 4 engine)Uses the sixth generation of id Software's game engine.notifications2016 / 20207 games
Id Tech 7Uses the seventh generation of id Software's game engine.notifications2020 / 20204 games
IllumOSKnown to run on IllumOS. The 100% Open Source variant of Sun Solaris.0 game
ImpactHTML5-based game engine for browser games.notifications2010 / 20153 games
Impulse::GOO (Game Object Obfuscation)A copy protection schema from Stardock.notifications2005 / 201138 games
Impulse::Reactornotifications2009 / 20115 games
Indeo video codecA video codec from Intel.notifications1998 / 20002 games
Infernal EngineA game engine developed by Terminal Reality.notifications2008 / 20136 games
Infinity EngineIE is a game engine used to allow multiple characters to interact with pre-rendered isometric 2D environments in pausable real-time.notifications1998 / 201723 games
Infinity Ward engine (IW Engine)A heavily modified version of id tech 4 engine by Infinity Ward.notifications2005 / 201320 games
INSANE(Interactive Streaming Animation Engine)The [b]IN[/b]teractive [b]S[/b]treaming [b]AN[/b]imation [b]E[/b]ngine allowed full motion video & graphics to be displayed in high-res PC graphic modes, created by LucasArts. Not used interactively in most games.notifications1993 / 201724 games
Insomniac Enginenotifications1 game
Interactive Fiction EngineA proprietary game engine of interactive fictions, created by Simutronics.notifications1987 / 20032 games
Interactive Spatial Audio Composition Technology(ISACT)An audio middleware by Creative.notifications1 game
iOS 3.xRequires at least version 3.0 of iOS.notifications2009 / 201110 games
iOS 4.xRequires at least version 4.0 of iOS.notifications2009 / 20115 games
iOS 6.xRequires at least version 6.0 of iOS.notifications2014 / 20152 games
iOS 7.xRequires at least version 7.0 of iOS.notifications1 game
iOS 8.xRequires at least version 8.0 of iOS.notifications2015 / 20182 games
IRC (Internet Relay Chat)Has integrated IRC client for chat and possibly other functionality. Likely does not behave entirely like normal IRC, having various limiting factors and little to no normal IRC commands available for players.notifications2004 / 201312 games
IRE[IRE game engine]A game engine similar to the one used for Ultima 6. Uses Allegro.notifications2003 / 20044 games
IRISZOOMA game engine by Eugen Systems.notifications2010 / 201516 games
Iron Enginenotifications2008 / 20154 games
Irrlicht EngineA free open-source 3D graphics engine.notifications2000 / 201631 games
iZ3DNatively supports iZ3D's stereoscopic rendering.notifications2009 / 20113 games
JACK Audio Connection Kitnotifications1997 / 20032 games
JadeA game engine developed by Ubisoft, originally in their Montpellier studio, for Beyond Good & Evil and named after the protagonist of that game.notifications2003 / 200735 games
Java Platform, Micro Edition (Java ME)[Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition]A subset of Java for resource limited devices like cell phones, PDAs, & set-top boxes.notifications2003 / 201116 games
JavaScript Object Notation (JSON)A human-readable data serialization format, commonly used with JavaScript but is easy to parse on any language and as such has no dependency on JavaScript.notifications2010 / 201615 games
Jedi engineA game engine by LucasArts.notifications1995 / 20153 games
JGame EngineA Java based, widely cross-platform (Linux, Windows, Mac, Java, Mobile, Android, Flash, Webstart), 2D game engine with optional OpenGL.17 games
jMonkeyEngineA free Java 3D game engine.notifications2009 / 201614 games
K2 EngineA game engine by S2 Games, originally for Savage 2.notifications2008 / 20159 games
KalydoPlayable via Kalydo, a Java-based web browser plugin.notifications2004 / 20083 games
Kalypso LauncherA layer in front of games released by Kalypso, requires login at Kalypso Launcher website to actually play the game regardless if you play offline or online.notifications2011 / 201716 games
Kex Enginenotifications1997 / 20187 games
KineticaGame engine developed by SCEA.notifications2001 / 201018 games
KiriKiri(KiriKiri Adventure Game System;KAG;吉里吉里)Uses any version of KiriKiri, a free game engine and framework for visual novels.notifications2006 / 20126 games
KRASSA game engine by Massive Development.notifications2001 / 20054 games
Kung Fu Game State Machine EngineA game engine created by Color Dreams Inc and used in several of their games.notifications1990 / 19913 games
Kynapse (Autodesk Kynapse)Artificial intelligence middleware by Kynogon.notifications2007 / 201119 games
Lachhh enginenotifications1 game
Lassie Adventure Studionotifications1 game
LC-Script Engine(LCSE)Uses any version of the LCSE game engine by Nexton.notifications2003 / 20114 games
Level editor (Map editor;Construction Kit)Level, map and/or scenario editor is available with the game or from official public sources for free, so players can design their own levels to the game.notifications1980 / 2020981 games
LibOVR(Oculus VR)[OculusVR]Uses the Oculus VR API, used by devices such as Oculus Rift VR goggles, Constellation head tracking, and Oculus Touch.notifications1 game
libsndfileA cross-platform library for reading from and writing to numerous audio file formats. Has no playback functionality in itself.notifications2011 / 20182 games
LIFESTUDIO:HEADA facial animation solution by LifeMode Interactive.notifications2003 / 20158 games
Lightweight Java Game Library (LWJGL)LWJGL provides a simple platform-neutral API to expose OpenGL, OpenAL, OpenCL, and game controllers to a Java application.notifications2004 / 201430 games
Linux Kernel 2.0.xRequires at least Linux Kernel version 2.0.x, may work on newer but this is not guaranteed.notifications1998 / 20014 games
Linux Kernel 2.2.xRequires at least Linux Kernel version 2.2.x, may work on newer but this is not guaranteed.notifications1999 / 200713 games
Linux Kernel 2.4.xRequires at least Linux Kernel version 2.4.x, may work on newer but this is not guaranteed.notifications2005 / 20083 games
Linux Kernel 2.6.xRequires at least Linux Kernel version 2.6.x, may work on newer but this is not guaranteed.notifications2005 / 20175 games
Linux Kernel 3.0.xRequires at least Linux Kernel version 3.0.x, may work on newer but this is not guaranteed.notifications2016 / 20187 games
Linux Kernel 3.2.xRequires at least Linux Kernel version 3.2.x, may work on newer but this is not guaranteed.notifications2016 / 20193 games
LionEngineA platformer game engine by Byron 3D Games Studio available to the public.notifications2 games
LISP programming language (List Processing Language;CL;Common Lisp)LISP is the 2nd oldest high-level language, uses fully parenthesized syntax & was favored during the early days of AI.notifications1988 / 201417 games
LithtechA game engine originally created by Monolith Productions.notifications1998 / 201555 games
Lithtech Jupiternotifications2002 / 20098 games
Lithtech JupiterEXnotifications2005 / 200914 games
Lithtech Talonnotifications2001 / 20045 games
LiveMaker(ライブメーカー)A visual novel authoring tool by Human Balance (ヒューマンバランス).notifications1 game
Living Battlefieldnotifications1997 / 19982 games
Lords of Midnight 3 EngineA nameless game engine created for Lords of Midnight: The Citadel.notifications1995 / 19962 games
LÖVE framework (LÖVE engine;Legendary Orthogonal Virtual Environment;LOVE 2D)An open-source game framework and engine.notifications2012 / 202060 games
LPMud driver (LDMud driver)MUDs running on LPMud driver or any of its derivatives. LPMud is a powerful engine with very little hard-coded functionality besides the LPC (a C-like scripting language) interpreter, unlike many other MUD drivers which rely on hardcoded info.notifications1989 / 20015 games
Lua programming languageUses Lua in one manner or another.notifications1993 / 2020348 games
LutrisLutris is an open source gaming platform for GNU/Linux for gathering & manage all games from any source, in a single interface. LutrisOS is for TVs.notifications1978 / 2019889 games
Luxe engineA cross-platform game engine written in Haxenotifications1 game
LyN Enginenotifications2009 / 20104 games
M.A.D.E.(Multimedia Applications Development Environment)A multimedia adventure game engine for DOS, created by Activision.notifications1989 / 19935 games
M.A.D.S.(Microprose Adventure Development System)notifications1992 / 20147 games
Mac OS X 10.3.x Panther(Darwin 7.x)Requires at least version 10.3 of OS X.notifications1999 / 2017118 games
Mac OS X 10.4.x Tiger(Darwin 8.x)Requires at least version 10.4 of OS X.notifications1999 / 2017151 games
Mac OS X 10.6.x Snow Leopard(Darwin 10.x)Requires at least version 10.6 of OS X.notifications2002 / 2017132 games
Mac OS X 10.7.x Lion(Darwin 11.x)Requires at least version 10.7 of OS X.notifications1996 / 201875 games
Mac OS X 10.8.x Mountain Lion(Darwin 12.x)Requires at least version 10.8 of OS X.notifications2002 / 201769 games
MacVenture(AtariVenture;PCAtariVenture)A menu-based point-and-click interface and game engine originally developed for Mac by ICOM Simulations.notifications1985 / 199024 games
Magic CarpetA nameless engine created for the Magic Carpet game series.notifications1994 / 20128 games
Magic Composer EngineThe Magic Composer engine was developed by the Russian studio Animation Magic for their Magic Tales series of interactive books, and was later used for various educational and adventure games targeted at children, as well as for the unreleased Warcraft Adnotifications1994 / 19968 games
Main Minix Distributionnotifications8 games
MAME (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator)An Arcade games emulator available for almost any platform. (clones and bootlegs are merged to the parent)notifications1971 / 20163011 games
MantleA low-level graphics API from AMD. AMD however recommends developers to use Vulkan or DX12 instead.notifications2013 / 201512 games
Marmalade(Airplay)[Marmalade SDK;Airplay SDK]notifications2009 / 201614 games
MassTech enginenotifications2004 / 20083 games
MAX-FX(3DMark99 engine;3DMark2001 engine)A game engine by Remedy Entertainment for Max Payne games that was also used for the 3DMark graphics benchmark application.notifications2001 / 20035 games
MechWarrior 2 engineUses MechWarrior 2's game engine.notifications1995 / 199812 games
MegaZuex (MZX)A game maker originally released as shareware and now GPL.notifications1998 / 20115 games
Mercury EngineUses any version of the Mercury Engine game engine by MercurySteam.notifications3 games
Microsoft Internet Gaming Zonenotifications1 game
MikmodMikmod is a sound module player and library supporting many formats, including mod, s3m, it, and xmnotifications2007 / 20126 games
Miles Sound System (MSS)Sound middleware originally by Miles Design to overcome the differences in soundcards in the old DOS days. Maintained by RAD Game Tools since 1995.notifications1992 / 2016212 games
MinGW(Minimalist GNU for Windows)A minimalist development environment for Windows that most notably brings GCC to that platform.notifications1 game
Moai (Moai framework)Created using the Moai development framework, a mostly Lua driven cross-platform game development kit created by Zipline Games.notifications2011 / 20149 games
Mohawk Engine (Mohawk System;Living Books Engine)Created by Brøderbund to run Myst on Windows. It was also use for some their Living Books and Carmen Sandiego games as well as Riven and other games.notifications1991 / 199944 games
Mohonotifications2007 / 20117 games
MojoShaderAllows devs to use Direct3D shaders (HLSL) on alternate 3D APIs (such as OpenGL), and therefore on non-Windows platforms.notifications2005 / 20175 games
MonoGameAn open-source implementation of XNA 4 Framework with cross-platform support for iOS, Android, Windows, OS X, Linux, Windows Phone 8, PlayStation Mobile, and Ouya.notifications2012 / 20176 games
MophunA virtual game console for mobile platformsnotifications1 game
Mozilla PrismDelivered to some platforms with aid of the Mozilla Prism.notifications1 game
MP3 audio codec (MPEG-1 Audio Layer III;MPEG-2 Audio Layer III)A controversial audio codec due to its many, [u]many[/u] licensing issues. Was, and likely still is, very popular with regular end-users despite it.notifications2003 / 201713 games (Mplay;MPlayer)[MPlayNow]Multiplayer service that ran from 1996 till 2001.notifications1996 / 20009 games
MT FrameworkA game engine by Capcom initially developed for Dead Rising and Lost Planet.notifications2006 / 201839 games
MUD eXtension Protocol0 game
Multimedia Fusion (MMF)Created with MMF, a software authoring tool by Clickteam mostly targeting game development.notifications2002 / 201317 games
Nebula Device 3DAn open-source game engine by Radon Labs.notifications2005 / 20082 games
NettyA Java network library for non-blocking I/O.notifications3 games
Newton Dynamics(Newton Game Dynamics)A physics engine by Julio Jerez and Alain Suero.notifications2005 / 201517 games
NitrousA game engine by Oxide Games.notifications2014 / 20163 games
NLKEngineA 2D/3D game engine developed by Nerlaska Studio.notifications2012 / 20154 games
No MAMEFor arcade video games that are not yet emulated.notifications1974 / 2019133 games
NocturneA game engine originally developed for Nocturne by Terminal Reality.notifications1999 / 20004 games
Not compatible with 686_p.exe686_p.exe accompanies Cyrix CPUs to fool Windows into believing a Pentium chip is present. Some games work if it's disabled but crash if it's running.notifications1997 / 19982 games
Nvidia APEXA multi-platform, scalable dynamics framework for artists to work with PhysX, created by Nvidia.notifications2008 / 201523 games
Nvidia GameWorksA toolkit and collection of APIs for game development from Nvidia.notifications2012 / 201612 games
O.H.R.RPG.C.E.(Official Hamster Republic Role Playing Game Construction Engine)[OHRRPGCE]James Paige, Brian Fisher, and team's retro RPG engine for creating games in the style of SNES/NES/GBA Final Fantasy series.notifications1998 / 20082 games
Object Pascal programming language[Delphi]Any object-oriented dialects derived from Pascal. Notably one such dialect is used in Delphi.notifications2000 / 201615 games
Obsolete: Android Operating SystemAn OS optimized for mobile devices & based on an independent fork of the Linux kernel.2008 / 20110 game
OCCAM 2 programming languageOCCAM with more data types, floating-point math, functions, & multi-dimensional arrays. Finally a full language instead of just an OS.notifications1 game
OCCAM programming languageWritten in and for OCCAM. Created by INMOS for their Transputer platform.notifications1 game
OdysseyUses the Odyssey game engine.notifications2003 / 20167 games
OEngineA game engine by OSome Studio.notifications2014 / 20156 games
Offset EngineA game engine by Offset Software.notifications3 games
OGRE(Object-Oriented Graphics Rendering Engine)[ogre 3d]A free open source (LGPL) 3D graphics engine.notifications2005 / 201871 games
OnyxA game engine developed by Ubisoft.notifications4 games
Open Dynamics Engine (ODE physics engine)Open source physics engine mainly for simulating rigid body dynamics.notifications2001 / 201226 games
Open Sound Library for Embedded Systems[OpenSL ES]A royalty-free, cross-platform, hardware-accelerated audio C-language API tuned for embedded systems by Khronos Group.notifications2009 / 20111 game
Open Sound SystemAn Unix sound architecture. Largely superseded by ALSA which includes an OSS emulation layer.notifications1998 / 201616 games
Open ToolkitA free, open-source, and cross-platform C# wrapper (OpenGL, OpenCL and OpenAL) and utility (math, input, etc.) library.notifications2013 / 20155 games
OpenBOR Open Beats of Rage EngineAn 2D engine to replicate gameplay of the Beat'em Ups like Streets of Rage, Double Dragon, and Final Fight.notifications2 games
OpenCL (Open Computing Language)A generic, cross-platform parallel computing framework that is independent of the actual hardware implementation of the processors, allowing regular CPUs as well as GPUs and any other processors to process the OpenCL instructions.notifications2008 / 20163 games
OpenFeintA social platform for iOS and Android. Closed down in 2012-12-14.notifications2010 / 201110 games
OpenFL(NME framework)notifications2013 / 20164 games
OpenGL Extension Wrangler Library (libGLEW)notifications2015 / 20163 games
OpenIndianaAn IllumOS variant intended for servers.1 game
OpenSolarisKnown to run on OpenSolaris. Sun's non-free mostly Open Source version of Solaris 10. Released under the CDDL license.4 games
OpenVR(SteamVR;Steamworks VR)[HTC Vive]Uses the OpenVR API for VR headset functionality. Used by things such as HTC Vive and SteamVR.notifications2014 / 20193 games
Oracle SolarisKnown to run on Oracle Solaris. Oracle's proprietary version of Solaris 10 and later.0 game
OriginOnline (and possibly offline) games require login at Electronic Arts' Origin service.notifications2008 / 201417 games
Orionnotifications2005 / 20063 games
OrochiUses any generation of the Orochi game engine by Silicon Studio.notifications2011 / 20121 game
OS-9 Operating SystemGames that run native in Microware/Radisys OS-9. Multitasking, multi-user OS originally for the 6809 CPU. [b](Not Apple's [url=/groups/info/macos9]classic OS 9[/url].)[/b]notifications1985 / 199015 games
OSVR(Open Source Virtual Reality)Open source API for VR goggles by Sensics and Razer.notifications2016 / 20176 games
Outlaw Engine8 Bit Weapon's engine and editor to create Apple ][ RPG games.notifications1 game
Overlap2Da game engine0 game
P.I.S.D. (Platform Independent Software Development)A C++ software library provided by P.I.S.D. Ltd. It allows for easy cross-platform development of interfaces.notifications2006 / 201614 games
PAIN engineGame engine by People Can Fly.notifications2004 / 20108 games
Panda3DA free 3D game engine by Carnegie Mellon University and Disney.notifications2007 / 201831 games
Pando Media BoosterA proprietary file sharing software that uses BitTorrent protocol with the distributed files hosted at Pando's servers. May install SmartShopper grayware along with itself.notifications2003 / 20136 games
PanopticumA panoramic adventure game engine by Phantomery Interactive.notifications2008 / 20102 games
Panta Rhei8th generation game engine from Capcom.1 game
Panzer GeneralA nameless game engine originally created for Panzel General.notifications1994 / 201512 games
Paradox ConnectRequires account in Paradox Connect service.notifications1 game
PathEngineA pathing (path-finding) engine by PathEngine.notifications2006 / 201540 games
Pepys Adventure GamerGames made with and playable using Pepys Adventure Gamer for graphical adventure games.notifications1 game
Photexnotifications1995 / 19964 games
PhyreEngine[Phyre Engine]A free cross-platform game engine by Sony.notifications2008 / 201938 games
PhysicsFS(physfs)A file system and archive abstraction library by icculus.notifications2001 / 201644 games
PhysX physics engineUses PhysX physics engine.notifications2004 / 2018284 games
Pico-8 Fantasy Game ConsoleIntends to capture the fun and creativity of writing programs for the small personal computers of the 80's, without the hassles of an arcane platform.notifications2016 / 20173 games
Pie in he Sky Enginenotifications1 game
Plankalkül (Plan Calculus)Plankalkül was the worlds first complete high-level computer language invented by Konrad Zuse. Originally written in 2D!notifications1 game
Playground SDK (Playground framework)notifications2007 / 20148 games
PlayStation miniA downloadable game primarily for PSP but sometimes compatible with PS Vita as well.notifications1 game
PlayStation MobileSoftware framework used to provide downloadable PlayStation content for devices that meet PlayStation Certified requirements. Formerly known as PlayStation Suite.notifications2012 / 201519 games
PopCap Games FrameworkPrimarily 2D game engine from PopCap Games.notifications1 game
PowerRegister[PowerRegScheduler]A social engineering product that collects information about the user and sends it to centralized server via internet. Silently installed with certain games and applications and is not removed with them.notifications2000 / 20013 games
Prism3DA game engine by SCS Software.notifications2001 / 20056 games
Protected Mode DOS ExtenderDeveloped by Renaissance for the game, Zone 66. In some configurations, it required a reboot to begin and end a game.notifications1993 / 19988 games
PTypes (C++ Portable Types Library)notifications1 game
PulseAudio[Pulse Audio]A cross-platform sound system for POSIX operating systems.notifications2003 / 20177 games
Qt frameworkA cross-platform application framework originally by Trolltech.notifications1997 / 201532 games
Quake(Quake 1)Uses Quake's game engine.notifications1996 / 200925 games
Quantum3A game engine by High Voltage Software.notifications2008 / 20093 games
Quazal (Net-Z;Rendez-Vous)Uses any online networking and/or matchmaking service from Quazal.notifications2005 / 200942 games
QuickDRAW3Dnotifications1996 / 20005 games
QuickTime media playerRequires Apple QuickTime to be present on the system.notifications1992 / 201526 games
RAD Engine(Ready at Dawn Engine)A game engine by Ready At Dawn.notifications2008 / 20152 games
RAD PixomaticA software renderer developed by RAD Game Tools, released in 2003.notifications2002 / 20075 games
RAGE (Rockstar Advanced Game Engine)Uses the Rockstar Advanced Game Engine.notifications2006 / 20098 games
RakNetAn open-source, cross-platform C++ and C# networking library by Jenkins Software.notifications2005 / 201514 games
Real VirtualityRuns on any version of RV game engine.notifications2001 / 201715 games
Reality LabA 3D game engine by RenderMorphics.notifications1995 / 19962 games
RealSoundA software solution for PC speaker audio to output 6-bit audio. Created by Steve Witzel, and patented (US US5054086 A) by Access Software.notifications1988 / 199311 games
Realspace game enginenotifications2006 / 20142 games
Recast navigationAn open-source (MIT) 3D path finding toolset.notifications2012 / 20185 games
REDengineA game engine by CD Projekt RED.notifications2011 / 202012 games
Refractor 2A game engine by Refraction Games and Digital Illusions.notifications2002 / 20099 games
Ren'Py(Ren'Py Visual Novel Engine)A Python based game engine for visual novels.notifications2004 / 20181026 games
RenderWareA 3D graphics engine by Criterion Software.notifications2001 / 201266 games
Renegadenotifications2007 / 20145 games
Retargetable Graphics API (RTG)Programmed to use RTG features.notifications1994 / 20007 games
Return of the Hylian EngineVincent Jouillat's game engine created for the R.O.T.H. fan game. Was subsequently used for other fan games.notifications7 games
RiotA game engine by Surreal Software.notifications1999 / 200510 games
Road HogA game engine by Flying Wild Hog.notifications2011 / 20169 games
Robin Game EngineMillennium Interactive's game engine for The Adventures of Robin Hood and other games. Amiga, Atari ST, and DOS.notifications1991 / 19925 games
Rockstar Games Social ClubRequires login at Rockstar Games Social Club.notifications1 game
RPG Maker (RPGツクール;RPG Tsukūru)[RGSS]Made with any version of RPG Maker. These either install RPG Maker run-time along them or require it to be pre-installed.notifications1997 / 201941 games
RPG Maker VX Ace[RGSS3]notifications3 games
RPG Maker XP[RGSS1]notifications2011 / 20144 games
RRedline(Speedy3D)Rendition's proprietary graphics API.notifications2 games
RSX 3D Audio APIUses the RSX 3D API for audio output.notifications1 game
Ruby on RailsWeb application framework for the Ruby scripting language.notifications1 game
S3 MeTaL APICan use S3's proprietary MeTaL 3D rendering API for graphics.notifications1999 / 20002 games
SafeDisc copy protectionUses SafeDisc copy protection scheme.notifications1998 / 200872 games
SAGAnotifications1994 / 201313 games
SAGE (Strategy Action Game Engine)Uses the Strategy Action Game Engine.notifications2003 / 200810 games
SAGE 2.0 (RNA engine;RenderWare New Architecture)notifications2008 / 20106 games
SCI0 - Sierra's Creative Interpreter Version 0Created with Sierra's Creative Interpreter Version 0, an adventure game engine.notifications1988 / 199139 games
SCI1 - Sierra's Creative Interpreter Version 1Created with Sierra's Creative Interpreter Version 1, an adventure game engine.notifications1990 / 201516 games
SCI11 - Sierra's Creative Interpreter Version 1.1Created with Sierra's Creative Interpreter Version 1.1, an adventure game engine.notifications1992 / 201511 games
SCI2 - Sierra's Creative Interpreter Version 2Created with Sierra's Creative Interpreter Version 2, an adventure game engine.notifications1993 / 199510 games
ScoreloopA social and distribution platform for mobile devices.notifications2 games
SCUMM (Script Creation Utility for Maniac Mansion)A scripting engine used by many LucasArts games.notifications1987 / 2017136 games
Scumm Virtual Machinenotifications1984 / 2016392 games
SDL_mixerUses SDL's very basic audio API for sound.notifications1998 / 201216 games
SecuROM copy protectionUses any version of the SecuROM copy protection scheme.notifications1999 / 201383 games
SecuROM v1-v3 copy protectionA copy protection scheme.notifications2001 / 200514 games
Serge EnginePerpetual Pyramid's game engine built on pygame.notifications2011 / 201413 games
Serious enginenotifications2001 / 201010 games
SEUCK - Shoot'Em-Up Construction KitGames built with SEUCK, a "construction kit" for the Commodore 64, Amiga and Atari ST created by Sensible Software and published by Outlaw in 1987.notifications1 game
ShadowcasterAn unnamed game engine created for Shadowcaster by Raven Software when they found out Doom engine did not have the features they needed.notifications1993 / 19942 games
ShiVa 3D (ShiVa 3D Game Engine;ShiVa 3D Engine)ShiVa 3D is a cross-platform application development toolkit centered around the ShiVa3D Engine.notifications4 games
SigEnginenotifications2010 / 20124 games
Silent StormA nameless game engine developed by Nival Interactive for their Silent Storm tactical strategy game, later re-used for other similar games.notifications2003 / 20109 games
Silk EngineA cross-platform game engine by Spiders.notifications2010 / 201610 games
Simple and Fast Multimedia LibraryA free (zlib license), both low and high level C++ API for accessing graphics, input, audio, etc.notifications2010 / 201810 games
Simple DirectMedia Layer 2(SDL2)notifications1997 / 202040 games
SimplygonA 3D mesh optimization solution that automates LOD creation.notifications2013 / 20142 games
SithA game engine developed by LucasArts.notifications1997 / 20004 games
SlaveDrivernotifications1996 / 19974 games
SlayerA game engine developed by The Collective.notifications2002 / 200612 games
SlimDXA wrapper API for use with .NET, covering Windows multimedia functions as broadly as possible.notifications2009 / 201719 games
SLUDGEAnd adventure came oriented engine and associated development tools.notifications2008 / 20159 games
SmartFoxServernotifications2009 / 20145 games
Snowblind(Dark Alliance)A game engine originally created for Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance by Snowblind Studios.notifications2001 / 201316 games
Snowdropnotifications2016 / 201914 games
Soft Denchi(ソフト電池;SdRt)A DRM solution from Paltiosoft.notifications1 game
Soft Solid 3-Dnotifications1983 / 19843 games
SoftwareShield IronWrap (GameShield IronWrap)An obfuscating DRM scheme that involves a mini virtual machine.notifications2011 / 20122 games
Solarus EngineA GPL 3 licensed engine by Christopho designed for making a Link to the Past clone. Used along with the Solarus Quest Editor to make other games.notifications2008 / 201514 games
SolidshieldA copy protection scheme by TAGES SA.notifications2007 / 201217 games
Sony StationRequires account at Sony's Station service. This is NOT the same as used in PSN.notifications2004 / 20124 games
SourceUses Valve's Source engine that was developed with Half-Life 2.notifications2004 / 202089 games
Source 2The second generation of Source engine, first introduced with Dota 2 Reborn.notifications3 games
Source Engine 2Uses Valve's Source engine that was developed with Half-Life 4.0 game
Spark Casual EngineSpark CE is a game engine used extensively by Artifex Mundi and available for free download.notifications2012 / 201514 games
Spark EngineCreated by Unknown Worlds for their game [i]Natrual Selection 2[/i].notifications2012 / 20144 games
SpeechFX[VoiceGaming SDK;VoiceKaraoke SDK;VoiceSync SDK]A variety of speech recognition (voice command/control) middleware.notifications3 games
SpeedTreeA foliage generator by Interactive Data Visualization, Inc.notifications2006 / 201519 games
Spinnaker Adventure Language (SAL)An adventure game engine by Spinnaker Software. It includes a framework for graphics and action sequences.notifications1984 / 198625 games
Spring(Spring Engine)A free, open-source, cross-platform RTS game engine created by a community of enthusiasts.notifications2005 / 201211 games
Squirrel programming languageA lightweight, imperative, and object-oriented programming and scripting language.notifications1 game
SSG's Battlefront Game System Enginenotifications1986 / 199124 games
StarbreezeAny generation of the cross-platform game engine by Starbreeze Studios.notifications2004 / 201210 games
startrek game engineA point-and-click adventure game engine by Interplay for Star Trek: 25th Anniversary (DOS). Used for 2 additional Trek games & ports to other OSes.notifications1992 / 201510 games
Steam RuntimeUses the Steam Runtime, a runtime environment (binary-compatibility layer) for Steam applications so they execute on potentially any Linux distribution without issues.0 game
SteamOSSupports the SteamOS Linux distribution (a fork from Debian 7), either by coming with installer for it or is otherwise simple to setup on it.notifications2007 / 2020415 games
Steamworks APIThe software part that ties a game to the Steam community, matchmaking and other features.notifications2003 / 2020349 games
StepMania enginenotifications2001 / 20056 games
Stick 2D Engine (Stick AE)A game engine based on the Lightweight Java Game Librarynotifications2012 / 20146 games
Stingray(Autodesk Stingray)A 3D game engine by Autodesk, based on Bitsquid engine they acquired prior.notifications2014 / 20152 games
StoryNexus2 games
Stratagus(Freecraft)Uses the real-time strategy gaming engine Stratagus.notifications2002 / 201415 games
Substance Air (ProFX)A procedural texturing middleware by Allegorithmic. Originally named ProFX.notifications2006 / 20143 games
Sun Microsystems SolarisKnown to run on Sun Solaris versions 2-10.notifications1979 / 201674 games
SunBurn(SunBurn Game Engine)[SunBurn XNA Game Engine]A C# and XNA game engine by Synapse Gaming.notifications2011 / 20144 games
Supaplex Engine (Megaplex Engine)notifications1998 / 20042 games
Super Pitfall EngineA game engine by Steve Bjork used famously for Super Pitfall & less so for Mine Rescue.notifications1986 / 19883 games
Syllable OSA fork from the former AtheOS.notifications1999 / 20062 games
System3.5(Alice Soft System 3.5 – 3.9)Uses the OS/VM hybrid game engine System3.5 (3.5 – 3.9) from Alice Soft. Platform support primarily for Windows 95 but backwards compatible with Windows 3.1 as well.notifications1991 / 20023 games
System3(Alice Soft System 3.0)Uses the OS/VM hybrid game engine System3 from Alice Soft. Platform support for PC-88, PC-98, MSX, x68k, FM-Towns, and MS-DOS (and Win3.1 via DOS backward compatibility).notifications1989 / 199619 games
System4(Alice Soft System 4.0)Uses the System 4 virtual machine game engine from Alice Soft. Created from scratch and supports only Windows 98 and later related platforms.notifications2002 / 20114 games
T/SAL (Thackray/Seal Adventure Language)Phoenix OS was created for the IBM 370 at Cambridge. Acheton was created there & became a basis for other 370/POS games. This 'authoring system' would come to be known as T/SALnotifications1 game
TAGES copy protection([email protected])notifications2006 / 201330 games
Tcl scripting language (Tool Command Language;Tcl/Tk)notifications1995 / 201627 games
Text Adventure Development SystemA shareware, later freeware, interactive fiction programming system by High Energy Software. Comes in TADS 1, 2, 3, & Multimedia TADS versions.notifications1990 / 201035 games
TGA images(TARGA)[Truevision TGA]Uses TGA/TPIC images, an RLE compressed or raw 32-bit raster image format by Truevision, usually favored for its simplicity and lack of inhibiting patents.notifications1989 / 201814 games
The Bard's Tale engineA game engine by Michael Cranford created for "The Bard's Tale" that Interplay updated & reused for 3 additional games, 1 besides a Bard's Tale sequel.notifications1985 / 199830 games
The Games Factory (TGF)Created with TGF, a graphical game authoring tool by Clickteam.notifications1 game
The Graphics MagicianA graphics focused set of routines by Mark Pelczarski. Originally used for both Applesoft BASIC and Assembly based games for the Apple II.notifications1981 / 198948 games
The Quill Adventure SystemA program to write home computer adventure games. Written by Graeme Yeandle, it was published on the ZX Spectrum by Gilsoft in December 1983. It was used by several games companies to create over 450 commercially published titles.notifications1984 / 19877 games
The Wonderful World of EamonUses the Eamon text plus graphics game engine to play the 240+ games created for it.notifications1983 / 20105 games
TheEngineA 3D engine by SkyFallen.notifications2005 / 200910 games
Three.jsHTML5/Javascript 3D Engine by mrdoob.notifications2010 / 20157 games
Titan EngineUses the Titan game engine created by Stainless Steel Studios.notifications2001 / 20066 games
Titan Quest(Iron Lore)A nameless game engine by Iron Lore Entertainment originally for the Titan Quest game.notifications2006 / 20163 games
TitaniumA proprietary game engine by Radical Entertainment.notifications2009 / 20126 games
Torque 2D (Torque Game Builder)Made with Torque Game Builder.notifications2007 / 201411 games
Torque 3D(Torque Game Engine)A game engine by GarageGames. Later open sourced.notifications2000 / 201638 games
Trash EngineUses the Trash game engine.notifications2008 / 20112 games
TressFXA hair physics library by AMD.notifications2013 / 20143 games
Trisquel LinuxAn Ubuntu Linux variant with no non-free (proprietary) elements.notifications1 game
TuxCap FrameworkA non-proprietary alternative to PopCap Framworknotifications2007 / 20082 games
Twine Enginenotifications2012 / 20147 games
TX EngineA framework for turn-based strategy games for Unity, created by Full Control.notifications2009 / 201411 games
UBIart Framework[UBI art Framework]An art oriented game engine by Ubisoft.notifications2011 / 201520 games
Ubisoft Online Services Platformnotifications2010 / 201411 games
Ultima VI engine[Ultima 6 engine]Origin's attempt to extract bits of U6, make tools & make multiple games based on the U6 engine to quickly create better games in less time, & cheapernotifications1990 / 20148 games
Ultima VII(Ultima 7;Exult)Uses the Ultima 7 game engine or the open source remake, Exult.notifications1992 / 200738 games
Ultima VIII engine (Ultima 8 engine)notifications1994 / 19975 games
Umbra 3Scene graph (occlusion culling) middleware by Umbra Software.notifications2012 / 20177 games
UnigineA 3D game engine by Unigine Corp.notifications2008 / 201618 games
Uniloc copy protection (SoftAnchor)A copy protection scheme by Uniloc Corporation.notifications1 game
Unity 5.xUses the fifth generation of the Unity game engine.notifications2015 / 20175 games
Unity(Unity 3D;Unity toolkit)[Unity3D]Made with and powered by Unity toolkit and game engine, created by Unity Technologies.notifications2005 / 20211323 games
Universal Windows PlatformPlatform-homogenous application framework created by Microsoft. Requires Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile, or newer to run.notifications1 game
Unreal Development Kit (UDK)Developed using the free (binary-only) version of Unreal Engine 3. These also install UDK redistributable or require it to be installed beforehand.notifications2009 / 201637 games
Unreal Engine 1Uses first generation of the Unreal Engine, developed by Epic Games.notifications1998 / 200346 games
Unreal Engine 2 (Unreal Engine 2X;Unreal Engine 2.5)Second generation Unreal Engine by Epic Games.notifications2002 / 2016103 games
Unreal Engine 2X0 game
Unreal Engine 3 (UE3)Uses third generation Unreal Engine (by Epic Games).notifications2006 / 2019332 games
Unreal Engine 4 (UE4)Uses fourth generation Unreal Engine, created by Epic Games.notifications2012 / 2021134 games
UplayIntegrates with Ubisoft's Uplay in some manner.notifications2009 / 201940 games
V-play EngineA 2D rapid development game engine for iOS, Android, Blackberry, MeeGo, Symbian, and Linux3 games
Valve Anti-Cheat (VAC)notifications2004 / 201627 games
Vampire engineA game engine created by Raven Software for MageSlayer.notifications2 games
VergeCreated using the Verge game creation system.notifications2 games
Vicious EngineA game engine (middleware) by [company=Vicious Cycle Software]Vicious Cycle Software[/company].notifications2005 / 200911 games
Virtual TheatreA cross-platform adventure game engine by Revolution Software designed to run on Windows, DOS, Atari ST, Amiga, Macintosh and Playstation.notifications1992 / 201531 games
Vision Engine(Havok Vision Engine)A game engine by Trinigy, acquired by Havok in 2011.notifications2006 / 201417 games
Visionaire(Visionaire Studio)Adventure game maker and associated game engine.notifications2008 / 201724 games
Vital EngineA game engine developed by Deep Shadows.notifications2005 / 20094 games
Vocaloid (ボーカロイド)A singing synthesizer developed by Kenmochi Hideki and colleagues. Originally not meant for commercial use, but with backing from Yamaha turned into such.notifications2009 / 20169 games (1 characters)
Void EngineA modified version of id Tech 5 by Arkane Studios.notifications3 games
Voxel SpaceUses any generation of the Voxel Space engine, created by NovaLogic.notifications1992 / 200010 games
Voxlap engineA game engine by Ken Silvermannotifications1 game
VRAGEA mixed polygon/voxel engine by Keen Software House.notifications2012 / 20196 games
Vulkan(glNext)A cross-platform graphics API from Khronos Group for games and interactive media, partially based on AMD's Mantle. Successor to OpenGL.notifications2013 / 202025 games
WeiNGINEA 3D to 2D pre-rendered RPG game engine by Planewalker Games.1 game
Westwood 3DUses the Westwood 3D game engine.notifications2001 / 20023 games
Westwood Online (WOL;XWIS)A proprietary network by Westwood Studios.notifications1996 / 20029 games
Windows 10(WX;Windows X;Threshold)Runs natively on Windows 10 and is supported by the developers/publishers on it.notifications2015 / 202030 games
Windows 7(Windows NT 6.1)Runs natively on Windows 7 and is supported by the developers/publishers on it.notifications2009 / 201935 games
Windows 8(Windows NT 6.2;Windows RT)Runs natively on Win8 and is supported by the developers/publishers on it.notifications2006 / 201967 games
Windows 98 (Windows 98SE;Windows ME;Windows Millenium Edition;Windows 4.10;Windows 4.90)Runs natively on Win98 and/or WinME and is supported by the developers/publishers on it.notifications1995 / 2014340 games
Windows Media (Windows Media Video;Windows Media Audio)[wmf;wmv;wma]Uses one or more of the proprietary Windows Media Audio/Video formats which may require installation of extra software packages or Windows Media Player itself.notifications2005 / 201619 games
Windows Mobile operating system (WindowsCE 5.0;WinCE 5.0)notifications2005 / 20128 games
Windows Vista(Windows NT 6.0)Runs natively on Windows Vista and is supported by the developers/publishers on it.notifications1997 / 2018490 games
Winqual (Windows Quality Online Services;WER;Windows Error Reporting)A proprietary crash reporting solution by Microsoft for Windows operating systems (XP and later).notifications2001 / 20101 game
Wintermute(WME)[wintermute engine]A free open source (MIT license) game engine and development kit primarily for adventure games.notifications2005 / 201411 games
Wolfenstein 3DUses the age old Wolf3D engine created originally for Wolfenstein 3D.notifications1991 / 201533 games
World Builder EngineA game engine by Synergistic Software used for creating hybrid strategy games with RPG, action, and/or click-adventure adventure elements.notifications1989 / 199316 games
World Builder game creation system1st used to create games in 1984, Silicon Beach Software published their system 1986. ©William C. Appleton, reportedly released as Freeware in 1995notifications1984 / 199448 games
Wwise (WaveWorks Interactive Sound Engine)An audio engine - and associated development tools - by Audiokinetic.notifications2010 / 202058 games
X-Ray Enginenotifications2007 / 20094 games
X-Wing EngineUses any version of the unnamed engine originally used for X-Wing, updated for subsequent games and backported for re-releases of the older games.notifications1993 / 201510 games
Xbox SmartGlassnotifications5 games
XIGNCODE3An anti-cheat solution from Wellbia.notifications2009 / 20152 games
XInputController input API from Microsoft, introduced with DirectX 9.notifications2002 / 201728 games
Xith3DA free open source (BSD) scene graph engine.notifications8 games
XMPP (Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol;Jabber)Uses XMPP for chat and possibly other functionality.notifications1 game
XNA Framework (Mono.XNA;Microsoft XNA;XNA Game Studio)Made with and uses the XNA framework by Microsoft, a set of tools and a runtime for game development. Or the Mono.XNA open-source and cross-platform re-implementations of the API.notifications2004 / 201774 games
XnGineUses the XnGine game engine by Bethesda.notifications1995 / 19997 games
Xox Game EngineA game engine used for some NeXTstep games.notifications1993 / 19949 games
Xvid video codecnotifications2006 / 20092 games
YAML (YAML Ain't Markup Language)Uses YAML data serialization format for storage, configuration or anything else.notifications2 games
Yasmina's Quest engineAn engine for games mixing graphical point-n-click and text adventure gameplay, coded in PHP & DHTML (JavaScript, CSS and HTML).notifications5 games
Yeti EngineA modified Unreal Engine 2.5 by Ubisoft Tiwak and Paris.notifications2006 / 201415 games
YU-RIS(ユーリス)A freeware visual novel game engine by Firstia.notifications1 game
ZDoomA heavily modified id Tech 1 engine that adds large number of new functionality that some games may depend on (thus be incompatible with other id Tech 1 based engines).notifications2008 / 20174 games
Zebra Othello Engine (WZebra Engine)An othello engine by Gunnar Andersson released under GPL v2notifications2003 / 20153 games
Zedek EngineKrell Software published Sword of Zedek then reused the code for other games.notifications1981 / 19839 games
Zelda Classic / ZQuest EngineBegan as pixel perfect recreation of original Legend of Zelda for DOS. But advanced to cross-platform (DWOL) & for other 2D Zelda-likes or platformersnotifications1999 / 201554 games
ZeroA game engine by Pandemic Studios.notifications1999 / 200511 games
ZIL engine (Zork Implementation Language;Z-Machine)A text game engine. Z-machine games where written in ZIL and compiled with Zilch into Z-code files. Z-machines for any platform all ran the same Z-code.notifications1983 / 200760 games
ZipA compressed data packaging format created by Phil Katz (PKWARE), used by games as a virtual file system and generic data packaging. Commonly the extension is changed to something else to prevent players from thinking they'd need to unpack them.notifications1989 / 201556 games
ZoneMatchAn online matchmaking service from Microsoft, retired on 2006-06-19.notifications1997 / 200313 games
3DS Virtual ConsoleDistributed through the 3DS Shop Chanel for play on official 3DS Emulators.notifications1983 / 2004149 games
A* Pathfinding AlgorithmUses the A* pathfinding algorithm.notifications2014 / 20163 games
Abandoned software (Deprecated software)Any software (libraries, APIs, or such) or software components that are no longer developed, maintained, or supported by their (former) developers.list_alt0 game
Ad Lib MDIA music format developed by Ad Lib - as replacement for their MUS format - that didn't see wide use.notifications1991 / 19938 games
Administrator rights(Root access;Superuser rights)Requires administrator/root level access to run properly or at all.notifications2007 / 20132 games
Ambient occlusionUses any ambient occlusion shading technique, commonly the very simple and fast SSAO.notifications2007 / 201989 games
Ambiguous: 2.5DUses mixed 2D and 3D rendering, usually with some of the objects or the game world seen as polygon meshes and others (like characters) as regular sprites or pre-rendered scenes.notifications1992 / 202033 games
Animation blendingAn animation technique where two or more pre-canned animations are seamlessly blended together to create a combination or half-way form of them as opposed to using inverse kinematics or dynamic motion synthesis to simulate such.notifications1 game
Artificial Intelligence Generated ContentNot an AI chracter, rather the game or parts of it are generated by a functioning Artificial Intelligence.notifications1986 / 20145 games
Artificial intelligence(AI)Any tags relating to use of AI in games.list_altnotifications1 game
Audio APIs0 game
Audio format incompatibilityGames that exhibit issues of varying severity with OS audio output format (KHz and bits) set to something else than they want.notifications1 game
BenchmarkIncludes benchmark mode.notifications2001 / 20156 games
Blob shadowsThe most basic shadow projection invented that exists as a simple, indistinguishable dark blob below whatever it belongs to. Including other static shadow sprites, especially if everyone shares the same looking shadow.notifications2006 / 20187 games
Bloom (Glow)A lighting effect where brightness bleeds over an area around it in an image, simulating a type of glare.notifications2003 / 202092 games
BokehEmulates bokeh blurring for out of focus visual elements. A type of depth of field emulation effect.notifications1 game
BootloaderTypical of 1980s computers. A bootloader includes a minimal OS on the same media as the game. To play, one must (re)boot the system while the game's boot disk is in drive.notifications1979 / 2016109 games
Bug: Integer overflowA bug that causes some integer to overflow (go over what the hardware can do) producing variety of effects, commonly a kill screen, crash or something less game stopping.notifications1 game
Case insensitiveThe game is case insensitive and may fail to function properly if installed on a file system that is case sensitive.notifications1 game
Chatbot(Chatterbot)[chatter bot;chat bot]Uses a chatbot to mimic/simulate intelligent conversation.notifications1 game
Client-host(Client-server)The game client also can function as server for multiplayer games as opposed to having (or in addition of) dedicated server.notifications2010 / 201614 games
Cloth physicsnotifications4 games
CMD executable(CP/M executable)Comes in the .CMD binary executable format, associated with the CP/M operating system.0 game
CodecsAudio and video encoding algorithms and related libraries.list_alt0 game
Color depthlist_alt0 game
COM executableComes in the .COM binary executable format, associated with the CP/M and DOS operating systems. Applications in this format are all 8-bit and have maximum on-disk size of 65,280 bytes.notifications1987 / 19967 games
Common bugsAny bugs (defects) that appear in multiple games in more or less uniform manner.list_alt0 game
Common exploitsAny bugs (exploits) that appear in multiple games in more or less uniform manner.list_alt0 game
Companion applicationIncludes a companion app (usually for some mobile platform like iOS/Android) that can be used to access information or small parts of the game remotely and asynchronously from the actual game but does not function like a proper game by itself.notifications2004 / 201611 games
Computer-assisted game[computer-assisted gaming;CAG]Any games that use computer, console, etc. only partially with the rest done on paper, board, cards, or whatever else.notifications1 game
Conflicting LicensesThese simultaneously use multiple licenses that conflict; countervailing benefits of either license for users and/or developers.notifications2007 / 20112 games
Conservative Morphological Anti-Aliasing(CMAA)An anti-aliasing technique similar to SMAA and FXAA, trying to accomplish some midway point between the two, fixing blurring of FXAA and performance cost of SMAA. Described by Leigh Davies of Intel.notifications2004 / 20132 games
Construction Kitnotifications1984 / 19932 games
Controller autodetectAutomatically detects controllers when they're connected and disconnected while the game is running with no need to restart the game or manually refreshing controllers in the game.notifications1 game
Cooperative level editor (Cooperative construction kit)Includes a construction kit or similar that allows multiple people to simultaneously construct and edit levels and such.notifications2011 / 20153 games
Coverage Sampling Anti-AliasingAn optimized version of multi-sample anti-aliasing described by Peter Young at Nvidia.notifications2010 / 20149 games
Crippled windowed modeDoes not run in a proper windowed mode despite offering the option, commonly lacking the window deco for moving the window about and is "stuck" at some point in the display.notifications1 game
CSV database(Comma-separated values)Uses CSV-style human-readable database files.notifications2013 / 20206 games
Custom resolutionThe display pixel resolution is fully customizable instead or in addition of prelisted supported resolutions.notifications2003 / 20075 games
Data cachingTemporarily caches certain data so it doesn't need to be fetched/transferred again via slow medium (e.g. from CD/DVD or streamed from internet) during play too often. Causes extra permanent storage (e.g. HDD) space needs.notifications1997 / 20038 games
Data import: CharactersData import includes characters, so the player can continue with the same character(s) they played with in the previous game.notifications1990 / 20104 games
Data import: StoryImport includes the story, or major points of it, in which the player influenced an outcome of several possible. These choices affect how the story plays out in the game the data was imported to.notifications1 game
Data import: Unlocks (Unlock codes)The imported data transfers unlock codes or similar that allow access to content that otherwise would be unavailable, such as items, maps, scenarios, characters, etc.notifications1998 / 20125 games
Data streamingStreams new game data during play for use and storage.notifications2010 / 20134 games
Decoupled resolution(Resolution scaling)[Resolution upscaling;Resolution downscaling]The render resolution is decoupled from display resolution, upscaling or downscaling it to fit the screen after the fact which leaves display resolution untouched from native or currently selected desktop resolution.notifications2004 / 201710 games
Dedicated client(Client-server model)The game uses a dedicated client for gameplay which forces client-server setup even for local offline singleplayer. The server is likely automatically started by the client in the background with no separate action from the player.notifications1996 / 2016137 games
Dedicated local host(Dedicated local server)Has dedicated local host/server application available, either bundled with the game or available for free as a download. Usually available for more platforms than the game itself is available for.notifications2001 / 201620 games
Demo available(Trial version available)Has a playable demo/trial version publicly available.notifications1982 / 20191405 games
Depth of field (Depth of focus;Depth blur;Lens blur;Focus blur)[DoF]Simulates the depth of field optic effect, blurring things that are out-of-focus.notifications1999 / 2020177 games
Desktop resizeAlters desktop resolution when launched (possibly limited to use of fullscreen mode).notifications2009 / 20132 games
Developer consoleAllows trivial access to developer console where player can use developer commands to alter the game. Often used for cheating by players.notifications1996 / 20158 games
Development System used ran MS-DOSThese games were developed in part or whole using at least 1 computer running a version of MS-DOS or a compatible OSnotifications1 game
Development System used ran WindowsThese games were developed in part or whole using at least 1 computer running a version of Windowsnotifications2009 / 20163 games
Dialog wheelDialogs are implemented as a pie/radial menu. Invented to provide interactive dialogs to consoles where gamepads with analog sticks are the primary controller.notifications2007 / 201512 games
Diegetic UI(Diegetic user interface;Virtual cockpit)[Diegetic HUD;Integrated HUD]The user interface is depicted as part of the gameworld rather than some overlay of statistics on the player's screen.notifications1983 / 201641 games
Digital rights management (Copy protection)At least one release of the game uses any form of DRM, technology used to limit the use of digital content after sale. Commonly in some form that prevents or hampers making of (or the usability of) extra copies.notifications1982 / 2020842 games
Direct connectAllows connecting directly to game server - for which the player provides the IP or DNS address of - instead of solely relying on master servers or other mechanisms for finding servers.notifications2005 / 201627 games
Direct3D Retained ModeUses the Direct3D Retained Mode API, deprecated after DirectX 3.0 and no longer supported on Windows Vista or later.notifications1996 / 20004 games
Directionally Localized Anti-Aliasing(DLAA)An anti-aliasing technique described by Dmitry Adreev at Lucas Arts that accomplishes its goal via edge detection and blur filters.notifications2010 / 20154 games
Displaced touch screen controlsUses touch screen control but the actual action is displaced somewhat from the precise touch spot, preventing the player's finger or stylus from obscuring whatever they're trying to do.2 games
Display device choice[Screen choice;Monitor choice]Allows choosing which display device to use instead of the default.notifications2004 / 201614 games
Display: 280x192Apple's default Hi-Res mode. 6 colors normally, 15 using artifacting. 16 with a hack.notifications1977 / 202180 games
Display: 40x40Lo-Res graphics and text mode for the Apple II series. 15 colors. 4 lines of text were visible at the bottom of the screen.notifications1978 / 201220 games
Display: 560x192Apple's Double Hi-Res mode. 15 colors but must be used skillfully due to artifacting.notifications1979 / 201457 games
Distributed networking (Peer-to-peer networking)[p2p;peer 2 peer]list_alt0 game
DNS lookupSupports connecting to servers or other players by DNS address rather than IP address or some other method.notifications1 game
DOS MZ executableComes in the DOS MZ .EXE binary executable format, associated with the DOS operating system and different from the later WinPE .EXE format.notifications1989 / 19968 games
Drag and drop[drag & drop;drag-and-drop]An user interface technique where items are moved to their wanted destinations by dragging them there.notifications1994 / 201833 games
DRM CruelThe developers (usually) implement a form of DRM intended to inflict some sort of anguish on those who play an illegal copy of the game.notifications1984 / 201311 games
DRM: Always Online(Always-On)[Always On;Constant internet connection]Any DRM that requires player to be constantly connected to authentication servers to play, even for singleplayer and LAN games.notifications2009 / 201334 games
DRM: EncryptionUses DRM that involves encrypting all or parts of the game data, executables, etc. Which is decrypted with proper serial key and/or online activation.notifications1 game
DRM: LoginAny DRM that requires an account at an online service.notifications2008 / 201653 games
DRM: Media checkDRM that employs some form of media check for validating the player has legal copy of the game.notifications2002 / 20093 games
DRM: Online activation (Internet activation)Requires online activation before you can play.notifications2000 / 201897 games
Dynamic motion synthesisA method of procedural animation that builds upon earlier ragdoll physics and inverse kinematics by adding virtual muscles into the equation.notifications2008 / 201310 games
Dynamic promptsController prompts change dynamically to match used controller, for example gamepad prompts swapped to keyboard/mouse prompts when either is used.notifications1 game
Dynamic split-screenSplit-screen where the little split sections of the screen adjust dynamically in some fashion, such as sizing up and down or changing positions as the game sees fit.notifications1993 / 20185 games
Engine remakeUVL entries existing only because the game engine was remade by 3rd parties. By definition, the original game assets are needed to run the original but may be optional for running replacment clones on the new engine.notifications1997 / 201756 games
Enhanced Quality Anti-AliasingAn anti-aliasing method by AMD similar to CSAA.notifications1 game
Enhanced Subpixel Morphological Antialiasing(SMAA)An anti-aliasing method that combines MLAA and MSAA/SSAA techniques.notifications2010 / 201815 games
Environmental audioAudio changes with the environment.notifications2011 / 201513 games
Error reporting (Bug reporting;Crash reporting)Either automatically reports any critical errors to developer/publisher or gives a simple way for player to do so semi-manually when one is detected.notifications2009 / 201317 games
Event director[AI director]Uses a director style event controller that considers how the player has been doing and what has happened or hasn't happened to decide what will happen next instead of events having an independent of anything chance to occur.notifications2008 / 201814 games
Executable and Linkable Format (Extensible Linking Format)Comes in the ELF executable format associated with UNIX System V and unix-like operating systems.list_altnotifications2 games
Executable formatslist_alt0 game
Exotic resolutionUses a very unusual resolution for the platform.notifications1978 / 201421 games
Expanding map (Expanding level)The map, level, or such expands as necessary - such as the player or other important entity reaching (near) its edge - or on its own.notifications2011 / 20155 games
Extensible(Expandable)Existing content can be extended, adding new characters, enemies, and complementary game logic without replacing the old.notifications1987 / 201736 games
Facial expressions[facial animation]Facial animation taken beyond plain lip synchronization, to produce expressions such as frowns, smiles, grimaces, and so forth.notifications2004 / 201317 games
FADE(DEGRADE)A DRM scheme created by Codemasters that reduces game functionality gradually as it detects the copy being illegal until the game becomes unplayable.notifications2001 / 20175 games
False Hardware Specifications(False System Requirements)The game materials, perhaps even the configuration options, claim support for hardware, but it doesn't actually work or is simply false.notifications1990 / 20194 games
Fan port(Fan conversion)Only available as a fan port/conversion on the platform, such reverse engineered game engine, usually unsupported by the original dev/publisher. Legality of these is somewhat unclear.2 games
Fast Approximate Anti-Aliasing(FXAA)A shader-based anti-aliasing technique described by Timothy Lotters at Nvidia that accomplishes its goal via edge detection and sub-pixel resampling and filtering.notifications2004 / 201990 games
Fat Binary (Multiarchitecture Binary)Uses executable code for more than 1 CPU architecture.notifications1982 / 2016101 games
Field of view optionPlayer has some control over the game's field of view, useful for those few that get simulator sickness or other issues from games with too low (~60) or too high (~110) FoV. Not when this is hidden somehow.notifications2007 / 201771 games
Flip-screens (flick-screen;page-flipping)Exiting a screen or area expediently places the character on the opposite side of the screen in an adjacent area in the game world. Common for games predating scrolling movement.notifications1980 / 2020117 games
For Any Linux DistroThe game's publisher and/or developer claims it will run on any version of Linux.notifications2 games
Forced mouse accelerationForces mouse acceleration to happen with no (easy) way to disable it.notifications1 game
Fractal GeneratingMakes notable use of fractal generation to create graphics, sound, or the game world (or aspects of it).notifications1985 / 20137 games
Frame animationAnimations occur by playing out pre-rendered/defined frames.notifications1997 / 20003 games
Framerate smoothingPrevents spikes in framerate, usually by preventing the game from suddenly rendering excessively high number of frames despite being able to. Such as skipping frames when it has already rendered certain number within a small period of time.notifications2012 / 20178 games
Fur physics(Fur simulation)Simulates movement of fur coating on beings. Similar in idea to cloth physics.notifications1 game
Game installAny tags pertaining to game installation.list_alt0 game
Game libraries(Game frameworks)Libraries that contain large number of functionality one would need to make a game, and are there specifically for that purpose (including functionality that presumably only games need), but is not and does not have an engine on itself.list_alt0 game
Generic[generic game engine]Uses any game engine that was made to be easily adaptable to other games.notifications2012 / 201410 games
Gouraud shadingA shading method that linearly interpolates the color between each point of a triangle (polygon) producing a gradient fill instead of single flat color.notifications1992 / 201921 games
H.264(MPEG-4 AVC;x264;MPEG-4 Part 10;Advanced Video Coding)Uses the video compression format developed by ITU-T Video Coding Experts Group (VCEG).notifications2012 / 20143 games
Has no playable DemoIn contrast to what is expected, these game have no playable demo. For instance, DOS version has a demo but Windows, Mac, and Linux versions do not.notifications2012 / 201817 games
Haxe programming languagenotifications2012 / 20178 games
Head swappingCharacters who use the bodies of other characters with only the head swapped.notifications1994 / 201413 games
Heightmapnotifications1 game
High Definition Ambient OcclusionAn ambient occlusion technique by AMD.notifications1 game
High Dynamic Range Lighting(HDRI;High Dynamic Range Imaging)Employs some technique for HDRL.notifications2003 / 201637 games
Hit-boxesUses hit-boxes to determine if something hits something or not rather than actual model surfaces. These are used to reduce the amount of calculations needed to determine if something hits something and where.notifications1 game
Horizontal field of view[Horizontal FoV]Field of view is locked horizontally, cutting off or expanding top and bottom parts of the view with different aspect ratios.notifications2004 / 20105 games
Host migrating(Server migrating)Allows migrating host from one player to another mid-game, likely with a momentary pause as players connect to the new host and sync. Usually automatic if current host leaves/disconnects.notifications2010 / 201315 games
Image formatslist_alt0 game
In-game level editor (In-engine editor;In-game construction kit)The construction kit or similar works in-game rather than as separate tool, often adding a layer of control on top of the game rather than a separate editor, making level testing simpler and faster while maintaining familiar controls.notifications1981 / 201510 games
In-game web browserHas in-game HTTP browser that is not locked to certain pages/addresses.notifications2003 / 20137 games
Install OS limitThe game setup program prevents installing the game on unsupported (versions of) systems on purpose.notifications1995 / 200810 games
InstallerIncludes an installer or uses the platforms included function that does the same, allowing the game to be fully or partially stored on HDD or similar to improve loading times and reduce disc wear, or for other reasons. Should only be used when unusual.notifications1999 / 20174 games
IPX network protocol (Internetwork Packet Exchange;IPX/SPX;Sequenced Packet Exchange)Uses the old and largely obsolete IPX network protocol. Unfortunately no longer supported by modern operating systems natively, making playing games that require it difficult.notifications1990 / 201457 games
Language filter(Profanity filter;Chat filter)Filters used language, likely to censor out player use of profanities. Usually optional for those who do not get offended as easily.notifications2001 / 201754 games
Legacy designlist_alt0 game
Legacy design: Coin function (Insert Coin;Play Credits)The text "Insert Coin" is used. Or the lives and or continues work on a system of "Credits" that would make more sense on a coin-op.notifications1 game
Legacy design: ControlsControls are not properly tailored for the end system.notifications2012 / 201510 games
Legacy design: InterfaceInterface behaves poorly, oddly or unexpectedly with the platform's standard controllers or has design principles that don't make that much sense on it.notifications2003 / 20144 games
License-wtfplnotifications2004 / 201610 games
License: ArtisticOSI license detailing [b]code & binaries[/b] rights. Confirms separate content copyright, "fair use", some 'grey areas' thereof, & undercuts patent trolling.notifications1997 / 200924 games
License: Commercial RestrictionCopyright holder has stated specific restriction on commercial redistribution or use. This tag is likely to be used with other licenses.notifications1984 / 19932 games
License: The New World Order Common Sense Software UnlicenseNo warranty & public domain plus total unrestricted rights redundantly stated for current and future jurisdictions that don't recognize public domain.notifications1 game
License: VagueA custom license with language that has legally imprecise terms, overly broad terms, not complete, and/or unclear.notifications1979 / 201628 games
Licenseslist_alt0 game
LightmapsUses pre-computed (static) lighting conditions.notifications1996 / 200210 games
Limited Controller ChoiceGame supports multiple controller types but certain modes, such as multiplayer, are software limited to disallow some types or will restrict choice to a single typenotifications1 game
Lip synchronization[facial animation]Uses some form of lip synchronization.notifications2001 / 201844 games
Live editor[in-game editor]Includes live game editing tools usable while the game is being actively played. In some cases this is to accommodate multiplayer game narration by allowing the narrator to alter the game world on the fly to fit their needs.notifications1981 / 201927 games
Live map generatorGenerates more of the map/level when needed rather than everything in one go in the initial map creation.notifications2010 / 201618 games
LoadingAny tags related to how the game loads data.list_alt0 game
Loadless (Background loading)After the game reaches the point where the player can actually play, there are no notable pauses for loading thenceforth, anywhere.notifications2010 / 201814 games
Locale limitWorks properly only with specific locale settings.notifications2006 / 20132 games
Login queueUses a queue mechanism to ensure those who want to play can log in to the server even under high load, though after a largely unpredictable wait period.notifications2009 / 20134 games
MAME not playableFor arcade video games emulated by MAME but not yet playable.notifications1975 / 2009167 games
Map shadowsGeometry shadows are part of the map design rather than projected or dispelled by lighting conditions.0 game
Markup languages (Data serialization formats)list_alt0 game
Media check removedGame's requirement for the game media to be in drive during play has been removed in a post-release patch.notifications2000 / 20014 games
Media: Download(Digital distribution)[Downloadable]Full game legally distributed as digital download.notifications1982 / 202114005 games
MegaTextures(Virtual Textures)[megatexturing;virtual texturing]A texture allocation technique that involves mapping an extremely large single texture into memory and clipmapping it for display purposes, originally developed by John Carmack. Virtual Texturing is a later more advanced version of MegaTextures.notifications2011 / 20143 games
Mesh networkMultiplayer games are formed as mesh networks, each player is connected to everyone else. Increases total upstream needs of all players but does not fall over if the "host" disconnects.notifications2006 / 201510 games
MetaballsA technique for rendering organic looking n-dimensional objects.notifications2003 / 20064 games
Mixed display resolution (Half resolution)Uses or allows using mixed display resolution, commonly with UI at much higher resolution than the game world itself.notifications1983 / 201412 games
Mod supportHas inbuilt official support for modifications, possibly with tools included to create some or all of mod content.notifications2002 / 202056 games
ModdingAny tags relating to game modding. All of these require that they can be shared with other players somehow.list_alt0 game
ModifiableExisting game logic can be modified or replaced.notifications1979 / 201665 games
Monte Carlo MethodsA broad category of algorithms that use repeated random sampling to obtain numerical results for problems that are probably deterministic.notifications1970 / 20156 games
Morphological Anti-Aliasing(MLAA)An anti-aliasing technique invented around late 80s or early 90s that accomplishes its goal via edge detection and filtering based on detected shapes.notifications2007 / 201315 games
Motion blurnotifications1994 / 2018141 games
Multi InstanceGame supports running multiple copies on the same system for some purpose (usually multiplayer).notifications1 game
Multi-executableUses multiple executables besides additional launcher or external tools like level editors.notifications1992 / 20092 games
Multi-Frame Sampled Anti-Aliasing(MFAA)An anti-aliasing method exclusive to Nvidia Maxwell GPUs and newer.notifications2006 / 20076 games
Multi-processThe game is split into multiple processes that work simultaneously.notifications1 game
Multi-resolution Horizon Based Ambient Occlusion(MHBAO)notifications1 game
Multi-window[multiple windows]The game info is displayed spread out in multiple windows or window-like containers rather than single one. Primarily if the windows share the OS window decor rather than the game's own.notifications1990 / 19977 games
Multiplayer: Custom communication portAllows setting custom port for accepting incoming connections. Usually only needed by the person hosting a game, but can occasionally be needed by others as well.notifications2008 / 20155 games
Multiple buffering[double buffering;triple buffering]list_alt0 game
Multiple Game EnginesThese games use more than one game engine. Often for different gameplay sequences they may be of different genres.notifications1994 / 20175 games
Multisample Anti-AliasingAn enhanced version of SSAA (supersampling AA) that only supersamples parts of the scene rather than the whole thing (though supersampling of the whole scene may happen depending on scene complexity).notifications1999 / 201835 games
Mutators(Micromods)Supports and likely includes few basic mutators. These mainly introduce minimalistic (in terms of code/content) changes to the game that drastically change how the game plays that usually only need to be applied server-side.notifications1999 / 20172 games
Name generatornotifications1998 / 201742 games
NE executable (NewEXE;New Executable;Segmented Executable)Comes in the NE .EXE binary executable format, associated with DOS 4.0, 16-bit Windows, & OS/2. Designed to replace DOS MZ, it was quickly replaced by PE.notifications1 game
No anti-aliasingUses no anti-aliasing for some reason. Mostly notable in games available on multiple platforms where it is omitted on some.notifications1 game
No camera pan[no camera panning]Despite not using 90 degree top-down view (and being 3D), there's no way to pan the camera.notifications2009 / 20138 games
No diffuse maps[No texture maps]Does not use diffuse maps that wrap a color texture around a 3D model, instead each face of the model uses lone texture/sprite that can sometimes overflow the model creating detail that is not possible with diffuse maps.notifications1998 / 20002 games
No pointer capture(No pointer grab;No pointer confinement)[No mouse capture;No mouse grab;No mouse confinement]An unusual omission in action games playable in a window, where the pointer is allowed to go outside the window without any restriction, possibly causing misclicks outside the game window that cause it to lose focus.notifications2004 / 201644 games
No sprite scalingDespite obviously benefiting from sprite scaling, these games do not use it for whatever reason. Instead rendering pre-drawn variations of the same sprites at different distances.0 game
No volume controlPlayer has no control over the game volume. Possibly even lagging mute option as well.notifications1 game
Non-scaling graphicsGraphics do not scale with increased resolution. Instead, these likely allow larger view of the playing field.notifications2011 / 20153 games
Nonauthoritative host[Inauthoritative server]The host/server does not function authoritatively, making anything that player sees to be the real thing. Usually not used in servers that run competitive games to not give unfair advantage to those who lag (via lag teleporting and similar).notifications1 game
Normal Filter Anti-AliasingA shader-based post processing anti-aliasing method that applies normal filter for edge detection.notifications2010 / 20153 games
Not a Linux game entryListed in the Linux platform until a better place is found for them. Can be used to [url=/search?ftag=-notlinux&fplat=106&ipp=c]list only actual Linux games at UVL[/url].notifications2 games
Nvidia FleXA particle based visual effect library by Nvidia, part of GameWorks.notifications1 game
Optional framerate cap[Optional FPS cap;Optional frames per second cap]Offers optional framerate capping besides turning VSYNC on or off. Useful in limiting system resource usage, and in case of laptops and such, limiting battery drain and overheating.notifications1 game
OS WrappedAny step before actually running the game requires use of an operating system or platform other than the target platform or target OS the game runs onnotifications1995 / 20033 games
Palette swappingnotifications1994 / 20164 games
Parallax scrollingA 2D graphics technique that gives an otherwise flat background a sense of depth by moving the background layer(s) at different speed (usually slower) than the foreground (game area).notifications1985 / 202068 games
Parallel loadingLoads data from multiple sources in parallel to reduce loading time, such as from hard drive and removable media.notifications2013 / 20155 games
Partial loading[texture popping]The game loads only bare necessities before shoving player into game, finalizing the load during play.notifications2008 / 201516 games
PillarboxUses pillarboxing - placing usually black "pillars" to both sides of the screen - to allow unsupported screen aspect ratios to display correctly.notifications1998 / 201415 games
Pixel art scalerUses any pixel art image scaling algorithms, like EPX, Scale2x, Eagle, SaI, or such.notifications2011 / 20184 games
Playable loads(Playable load screens)Loading screens are playable in some fashion or another, regardless if this has any useful purpose.notifications2013 / 20142 games
PNG images(Portable Network Graphics;PNG's Not GIF)Uses PNG images. A lossless, DEFLATE compressed raster image format in 8-bit indexed or 24/32-bit true color with or without (binary or alpha) transparency, created as a replacement for patent restricted GIF images.notifications2012 / 20203 games
Pointer toggle(Pointer mode cycle)Player can freely toggle, cycle, or otherwise change what their pointing device or similar controls, such as toggling between UI pointer to manipulate items and mouse look.notifications1984 / 201733 games
Portal-based game engines(Portal engine)Game engines that are primarily portal oriented. Usually optimal for indoor scenes.list_alt0 game
PreloadingLoads certain assets before they are actually needed.notifications3 games
Procedural content generationAny tags describing various types of algorithmically created content.list_alt0 game
Procedural texturingUses programmatically generated textures, possibly even generating them on-the-fly.notifications2006 / 20145 games
Proprietary network[Private network]Online games require access to (and possibly login at) some proprietary network.notifications1996 / 201581 games
Proximity voice chat(Proximity VoIP)Voice chat is only heard by players in close proximity to the speaker in the game world.notifications2004 / 201812 games
PS4 Pro Enhancednotifications1 game
Quincunx Anti-AliasingAn anti-aliasing technique that involves 5 samples arranged into a cross, usually somewhat tilted.notifications2009 / 20112 games
Radial blurAn effect that blurs vision the farther away from the center of your screen (the focal point) you look.notifications2010 / 201710 games
Radial menu (Pie menu;Ring menu)Includes menu(s) where the cursor or selector originates in the center & items are displayed around it.notifications1993 / 201995 games
Ragdoll physicsnotifications1998 / 201845 games
Random seed[random seeding]Player is asked to provide a seed for the random number generator in some manner. Possibly with the game generating one or more by default as well.notifications2011 / 201811 games
Raw input(Raw controller input)Supports using raw input for controllers (usually limited to mice, though).notifications2004 / 20158 games
Real-time Ray TracedGraphics are rendered on-the-fly using ray tracing.notifications1 game
Requirement: Swap file (Paging file;Virtual memory)Requires that the system has swap file in use.notifications2006 / 20116 games
Run-time environments (Virtual machines;Interpreted languages)list_alt0 game
Save copy lockPrevents copying of the game saves to back them up or to spread them to other players/systems by any means, be it DRM, OS specific functionality, saves being hardware signature locked, or by any other means.notifications2009 / 20175 games
Save incompatibilityGame saves are incompatible with different versions of the game, but not counting platform differences.notifications2007 / 20155 games
Save Passwords (Level codes)Continuing game progress works via a password system. Often used in systems with no permanent data storage available & carried over to other platforms via crude portsnotifications1975 / 20171040 games
Save to external media (Save to removable media)Saves are stored on removable media, such as floppies or memory cards.notifications1986 / 20046 games
Save to online storage (Save cloud)Game saves and possibly other information are placed in online storage.notifications2004 / 201946 games
Saved RNG seed(Saved RNG state)[Saved random number generator seed]Random number generator seed is stored with the game saves, causing game load and identical actions following it to have identical results despite supposed use of random chance elements.notifications2014 / 20187 games
Saves: Cross-platformAllows cross-platform saves, generally by giving the player an easy way to import / export saves of the game from one platform to another.notifications2012 / 201812 games
Screen Space Ambient OcclusionThe first real-time technique for ambient occlusion developed by Vladimir Kajalin at Crytek for Crysis (CryEngine 2).notifications2004 / 2020142 games
Screen space reflections(SSR)An imperfect but extremely fast reflection drawing technique that was introduced by Crytek as part of their DX11 updates for Crysis 2.notifications2011 / 20166 games
Screen-Space Bias Compensation(SSBC)notifications1 game
Scummvm Work-In-Progress Games (Scummvm Unsupported Games)notifications1985 / 199758 games
Secondary control bindings(Alternate control bindings)Same actions have multiple buttons, keys, or other controls bound to them on same controller (though binding them to multiple controllers may be an option on top). Especially notable if player can fully customize both primary and secondary controls.notifications1 game
Self-update (Auto-update)Either automatically updates itself to latest version or informs the player of availability of newer version and where to get it or requires manually running separate update tool/check that comes with the game, without having to use third-party updater.notifications1998 / 2018111 games
Server browser (Master server)Uses a master server mechanism to register and list all available game servers/hosts, thus providing a server browser for the end users.notifications1999 / 201625 games
Shadow maps(Shadow mapping)Uses the now outdated shadow mapping technique of producing shadows.notifications1999 / 20034 games
Shadow volumeA shadowing technique proposed by Frank Crow in 1977 and expanded on by Tim Heidmann in 1991.notifications2004 / 201515 games
Shaped sprites (Detailed sprite props)A way to create props from sprites by having same sprite duplicated 2-3 times in 90-60 degree angles intersecting each other.notifications2011 / 201511 games
Single file(Application bundle)The game is just a single file (likely its executable) that bundles all its required data inside of itself rather than outside as separate files.notifications2012 / 20166 games
Skeletal animationnotifications2007 / 201720 games
SNES mode 7 (GBA mode 1 and 2)Uses the SNES mode 7, any similar hardware capability on other platforms or simulates the effect on software.notifications1990 / 201674 games
Social platformslist_alt0 game
Soft body dynamics(Soft body physics)notifications1 game
Soft particles (Volumetric particles)notifications2007 / 201617 games
Software rendererIn addition to hardware accelerated rendering, the game also supports rendering through software.notifications1992 / 2016225 games
Source Code AvailableThe source code for these games have been published but likely or definitely remains proprietary.notifications1971 / 2021627 games
Source Code ConceptsGroups pertaining to source code.list_alt0 game
Source Code EscrowThe source code copyright holder has contracted to keep archival copies until re-licensing or specified circumstances allow it to be published or transferrednotifications1981 / 200013 games
Source Code LicenseThese games specifically provide notice that their [i]source code[/i] is covered by a license.notifications1987 / 20092 games
Spatial anti-aliasing(Full-scene anti-aliasing)[FSAA]Uses some form of spatial anti-aliasing (not texture anti-aliaising).notifications1991 / 20111 game
Spatial audionotifications1 game
Spawn copy (Spawn installation)Supports spawn installations: reduced functionality copies that often limit the game to its multiplayer mode (no singleplayer campaign/storymode available).notifications1996 / 20007 games
Sprite flip(Sprite mirror)A simple method to producing sprites facing multiple directions by flipping sprite facing one direction to cover the other. Creates a visual artefact where asymmetric designs swap sides for things (e.g. left-handed character becomes right-handed).notifications1 game
Sprite morphing(Texture morphing)Sprites/textures are morphed within themselves, or the containing polygon is morphed, giving the illusion of movement without having to actually animate the sprite/texture itself for it.notifications2007 / 201712 games
Static pixel scaleChanging display resolution does not alter pixel scale of displayed elements, so a 10 pixels tall character will be 10 pixels tall on 320×240 resolution as much as in 1920×1080 resolution.notifications1999 / 201511 games
Static resolutionUses only single resolution and allows no configuration for it.notifications1995 / 201728 games
Stipple transparency(Stipple binary transparency)[stipple alpha;texture stippling]An early and fast method of producing transparent surfaces by stippling the surface.Such as by creating a checkerboard type pattern of opaque and fully transparent pixels (checkerboard binary transparency).notifications1989 / 201727 games
StormRaid EngineA 3D grand strategy game engine by Aartformgamenotifications1 game
Subsurface scatteringnotifications1 game
Supersample Anti-Aliasing(Super-sampled Anti-aliasing;Super-sampling Anti-aliasing;FSAA;Full-Scene Anti-Aliasing;High-Resolution Antialiasing;HRAA)The simplest form of anti-aliasing in existence that simply renders everything multiple times larger than the output resolution before resampling it down to match the output. Replaced by MSAA and other techniques for the most part.notifications1991 / 201820 games
SupersamplingIncludes separate setting for supersampling from normal anti-aliasing options, allowing it to be used in addition to other anti-aliasing instead of solely.notifications1 game
System notifications(Pop-up notifications;Toastings;Desktop notifications)Provides alerts about in-game events even when the game is not the top-most application, such as in form of system tray notification pop-ups.notifications1 game
TCP/IP (Internet Protocol Suite)Uses TCP/IP protocol stack for networked multiplayer games in addition to any other outdated technology.notifications1981 / 200727 games
Tech demoDeveloped to function as a technology demonstration.notifications2006 / 20142 games
Technical innovation (Technological innovation)Innovately uses technology to produce something that hasn't been done before (at least on the platform).notifications1983 / 201516 games
Telnet / SSHUses Telnet/SSH text-based network protocol, likely meaning any basic Telnet/SSH client, including more advanced clients such as MUD clients, can be used to play the game.notifications1984 / 20019 games
Temporal Anti-Aliasing(TXAA;TAA)An anti-aliasing technique that uses undisclosed hardware-based anti-aliasing with selective filtering via shaders and cross-referencing earlier drawn frames.notifications2012 / 201714 games
Temporary saves (Expiring saves)Some or all game saves are [i]designed[/i] to expire/erase. Such as by normal system reset, power off, or game is unloadednotifications1 game
Text chatProvides a chat interface for interaction with other players.notifications1979 / 201311 games
Texture atlas(Sprite sheet;Tile map)Uses texture atlas, a single large graphics file with multiple objects and/or states of an object instead of each their own, for storing and accessing textures and sprites.notifications3 games
Third-party loginNot built on top of a system provided by the third-party, but offers login via them (but does not require a specific one).notifications2011 / 20143 games
Tile-basedUses tile sets to construct levels.notifications1979 / 2019435 games
TooltipsInfo dialogs that pop up when pointer is held over certain UI or gameworld elements, usually providing more in-depth info that does not pop up an actual window (disappears usually as soon as the pointer is moved away) or enter a modal screen for it.notifications1996 / 2016101 games
UI pointer(HUD pointer)Uses a (mouse, trackball, touchdisplay, etc.) pointer to manipulate the UI/HUD without entering separate screen to do so.notifications1992 / 201723 games
Universal binaryDistributed in universal binary format, making the game playable on both PPC and x86 hardware.notifications2004 / 20123 games
Usage reporting[usage statistics;usage tracking;anonymous data sending]Reports, either as is or has an option to for it, usage statistics or similar metrics to developer and/or publisher for the purpose of usage analysis and any action based on the results of that. Usually stored anonymously.notifications2011 / 201713 games
Uses it's own System FilesRather than using files provided by the operating system, these games use copies or replacements usually contained within the games own directorynotifications2003 / 20193 games
UVL: License PendingWith intent to define a license later, an author has notably granted public access to some or all aspects of his game beforehand.notifications2014 / 20152 games
Viewport (Projection)Any tags relating to the viewport (not graphical [i]style[/i]).list_alt0 game
Virtualization incompatibility(Sandboxing incompatibility)Exhibits issues of varying severity with any virtualization (sandboxing) in use.notifications2013 / 20153 games
Voice boardUses voice board-like method of producing spoken sentences by combining several short pre-recorded voice overs.notifications1981 / 201321 games
Voice chat: Lip synchronizationLip synchronization is done to voice chat.notifications2017 / 20184 games
Voice chat(Voice over IP)[VoIP]Has integrated voice chat functionality.notifications2004 / 2017167 games
Volumetric lighting[volumetric light]notifications2008 / 20144 games
Wii U Virtual ConsoleA specialized section of the Nintendo eShop online service that allow players to purchase and download games and other software for Nintendo's Wii U.notifications1983 / 2016137 games
Wii Virtual Console (Wii VC;WiiVC)Distributed through the Wii Shop Chanel for play on official Wii Emulators.notifications1982 / 2011434 games
Window restore(Game refocus)Refocuses and restores itself to foreground under certain circumstances, such as when player attention is immediately required (for example, when multiplayer match is about to start).notifications2010 / 20158 games
Yaga EngineBy Humongous Inc (not Humongous Entertainment). It was used in several games beginning in 2002.notifications2002 / 20146 games