Audio middleware

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Alternate names: Sound engines, Audio libraries

Audio middleware are not necessarily full-blown sound engines.

Parent group

Advanced Linux Sound ArchitectureA Linux sound architecture.2000 / 201720 games
AstoundSoundA 3D audio spatialization solution that besides providing 360 degree directional cues horizontally, also includes cues for ±90 degree vertical.1 game
AudiereA high-level and extremely simplistic audio API.2005 / 20176 games
Aureal 3DA 3D positional audio API that competed with EAX before being bought out by Creative.1998 / 200630 games
CriWareAn audio, video and lip sync middleware by CRI Middlware.2008 / 201827 games
DirectMusicA deprecated subset of the DirectSound API that allowed high level access to hardware through DirectSound. Not available to 64-bit systems.2000 / 20048 games
Dynamic Universal Music BibliothequeDUMB is an IT, XM, S3M and MOD player library developed by Robert J Ohannessian, Julien Cugnière and Ben Davis.2001 / 201621 games
Environmental Audio ExtensionsAny version of Creative's EAX.1998 / 200939 games
FMOD audio engineA cross-platform audio engine by Firelight Technologies.2000 / 2018233 games
GameCODAAudio middleware by Sensaura.2005 / 20067 games
iMUSEAn interactive/adaptive music engine by LucasArts.1991 / 201519 games
irrKlang audio libraryA cross-platform audio library/API by Ambiera.2008 / 201214 games
Interactive Spatial Audio Composition TechnologyAn audio middleware by Creative.1 game
MikmodMikmod is a sound module player and library supporting many formats, including mod, s3m, it, and xm2007 / 20126 games
Miles Sound SystemSound middleware originally by Miles Design to overcome the differences in soundcards in the old DOS days. Maintained by RAD Game Tools since 1995.1992 / 2016212 games
OpenALCross-platform audio API for multichannel 3D positional audio originally by Loki Software.1997 / 2019617 games
Open Sound Library for Embedded SystemsA royalty-free, cross-platform, hardware-accelerated audio C-language API tuned for embedded systems by Khronos Group.2010 / 20101 game
DARTA sound API & corresponding DLL that allows OS/2 applications to have multiple levels of direct access to audio hardware.1997 / 200622 games
Open Sound SystemAn Unix sound architecture. Largely superseded by ALSA which includes an OSS emulation layer.1998 / 201616 games
PulseAudioA cross-platform sound system for POSIX operating systems.2006 / 20176 games
QSoundUses QSound Labs' cross-platform audio API.1992 / 201552 games
RealSoundA software solution for PC speaker audio to output 6-bit audio. Created by Steve Witzel, and patented (US US5054086 A) by Access Software.1988 / 199311 games
RSX 3D Audio APIUses the RSX 3D API for audio output.1 game
SDL_mixerUses SDL's very basic audio API for sound.1998 / 201215 games
SpeechFXA variety of speech recognition (voice command/control) middleware.3 games
WwiseAn audio engine - and associated development tools - by Audiokinetic.2010 / 201955 games
DirectX Audio1999 / 201920 games