FMOD audio engine

Software entity

A cross-platform audio engine by Firelight Technologies.


Alternate name: FMOD Ex

The first video game about FMOD audio engine was released on October 28, 2000.

Positech Games, Square Enix and Blizzard Entertainment has published most of these games

* Module music (this is only small part of FMod's capabilities)
Cross-platform support:
* Windows 32/64-bit
* Mac
* iPhone/iPod/Ginormous iPod
* Linux 32/64-bit‡
* PS2†
* PS3†
* PSP†
* Xbox†
* Xbox X360†
* Gamecube†
* Wii†

† These systems only allow distribution through official development channels (or 7331 #@ɮ¤Я≥ can use the source.)
‡ Apparently standalone fmod is not included in ubuntu or Debian, so any games that depend on external fmod libraries will not run 'out-of-the-box' unless users install fmod from source (which is very easy in this case)

Parent group

Audio middleware

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Windows 141
Linux 38
Mac OS X 23
X360 11
PS3 10
PS4 3
Xbox One 2
PS2 1
Pandora 1
Wii 1

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