Windows XP

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Runs natively on WinXP and is supported by the developers/publishers on it.


Alternate names: WinXP, Windows NT 5.1, Windows NT 5.2

The first video game about Windows XP was released in 1995.

Ubisoft, Paradox Interactive and Electronic Arts has published most of these games

Backwards compatibility:
* DOS : poor, through NTVDM; high resolution modes unsupported and screen updating is limited; 16-bit support non-existent on 64-bit versions.
* Win95 : poor
* Win98 : good
* NT4 : full(?)
* Win2k : full

The 16-bit subsystem required for DOS and Win3.1 is not present in x64 editions.

* Shipped with DirectX 8.1
* DirectX 9.0c last to support

Windows Home Server and Windows Server 2003 belong to same group but are not intended for gaming.
64bit versions are 5.2 and 32bit versions 5.1

Parent group

Microsoft Windows


Windows 757
Linux 3
Mac OS X 1

By year

959697989900010203040506070809101112131415161718 1203060900 ABCDEFGH
A2000 - DirectX 8 released
B2001 - XP released
C2002 - XP SP1 released
2002 - DirectX 9 released
D2004 - XP SP2 released
E2007 - Vista released
F2008 - XP SP3 released
G2009 - WXP's general support ceased by MS
2009 - Windows 7 released
H2014 - WinXP planned end of support

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