Windows 98

Software entity

Runs natively on Win98 and/or WinME and is supported by the developers/publishers on it.


Alternate names: Windows 98SE, Windows ME, Windows Millenium Edition, Windows 4.10, Windows 4.90

The first video game about Windows 98 was released in 1995.

Activision, Atari and Electronic Arts has published most of these games

Backwards compatibility:
- DOS : partial
- Win95 : full

* Shipped with DirectX 5.2
* DirectX 9.0c 2006-12 update last to support
This covers 98, 98SE and ME because they're pretty much the same Windows with no notable differences game-wise (and there are practically no games that support ME but not either of the 98 variants).

For emulation/virtual machine purposes, you should prefer 98SE as it is the most compatible and likely the most stable one.

Win9x supported only single CPU, so you may have to take this into account when running games made for it on modern operating systems and hardware. For example multithreaded games might get into race conditions, crashes, hangs, etc.on systems with multiple CPUs, cores, or such.