DirectX 8

Hardware theme

Supports or requires DX8 compliant hardware. Possibly only the run-time in case no hardware acceleration is used.


Alternate name: DX8

The first video game about DirectX 8 was released in 1997.

Electronic Arts, THQ and Activision has published most of these games

<b>New features:</b>
* Pixel and vertex shaders

* DirectDraw API

DX 8.1 version also included many usability fixes for programmers, especially in the following areas:
* Texture mapping
* Multitexturing
* Bump mapping
* Shaders
* Fog

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Windows 254
Linux 1

By year

9798990001020304050607080910111213 481224360 ABC
A2000 - DirectX 8 released
B2001 - DX 8.1 released
C2002 - OpenGL 1.4 (GLSL introduced)
2002 - DirectX 9 released

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