Media in drive

Hardware theme

Requires the game media (CD, DVD, etc.) to remain in drive during play, either to stream content off it during play or to validate the player has a legit copy.


Alternate name: Media check

The first video game about Media in drive was released in 1986.

Electronic Arts, THQ and Activision has published most of these games

If the requirement for the media to be in drive is removed simply by using full/complete install, this tag does not apply no matter how it is required on lesser installs.

A common cause for creation of No-CD/DVD etc. cracks which are used even by legal owners of the games. The reasons usually boil down to the fact that people are lazy, but some consider it a good way to prolong the longevity of the original game media.

Originally this was not a copy-protection method, but means to avoid wasting the miniscule amounts of HD space people had. Later media checks started to appear as tests to combat piracy, around this time the media was no longer used for anything else as everything was installed to HD.

Note that if the game requires any CD to be in drive with Redbook audio should not essentially count.