Windows 2000

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Runs natively on Win2k and is supported by the developers/publishers on it.


Alternate names: Win2K, Windows NT 5.0

The first video game about Windows 2000 was released in 1997.

Ubisoft, Activision and Atari has published most of these games

Backwards compatibility:
* DOS : poor, through NTVDM; high resolution modes unsupported and screen updating is limited
* NT4 : full?
* Win95 : poor
* Win98 : partial

* Shipped with DirectX 7.0
* DirectX 9.0c last to support

Parent group

Microsoft Windows


Windows 370
Linux 1

By year

979899000102030405060708091011 521326390 ABCDEFG
A1999 - DirectX 7 released
B2000 - Windows 2000 released
2000 - DirectX 8 released
C2001 - XP released
D2002 - DirectX 9 released
E2004 - DirectX 9.0c released (SM 3.0 introduced)
F2007 - Vista released
G2010 - W2K support ceased by MS

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