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Uses Vorbis audio encoding format by Xiph.Org, often stored in Ogg container format.

The Vorbis project was started in response to Fraunhofer Gesellschaft announcing plans to charge licensing fees for MP3 format.
Use of Vorbis audio can be detected in two manners in Windows. Either observe the Ogg container files in the game's data folders, or notice the presence of vorbis.dll in the game's directories. The DLL filename may be prepended with lib and appended with some number, like libvorbis-3.dll. None of this is mandatory, though.

Vorbis is usually used only for music much like MP3s and the like and raw PCM files (such as .wav) for sound effects.

Note that the .ogg container format can be used for video as well, and the contained audio format can be AAC or even plain PCM instead of Vorbis, so we can't assume Ogg is the same as Ogg Vorbis.

The first Vorbis audio encoding video game was released in 1999.

ABA Games, Trendy Entertainment and Kalypso Media Digital published most of these games.

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A1998 - Development started
B2002 - Vorbis 1.0 released
C2007 - Vorbis 1.2.0

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