Unreal Engine 3

Software entity

Uses third generation Unreal Engine (by Epic Games).


Alternate name: UE3

Has integrated PhysX and OpenAL support as well as a large number of other APIs and middleware.

It's safe to assume all games using UE3 are written in C++ as UE3 itself was written in it and is extensible through it.

UE3 seems to have problems with PS3 which it claims to support and Epic has gained some bad publicity for not providing support.

Crossplatform support for:
* Windows
* PS3
* X360
* iOS (iPhone, iPad and iPod touch)
* Android(?)

The first Unreal Engine 3 video game was released on July 20, 2006.

2K Games, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and Midway Games published most of these games.

Parent groups

Game engines, Unreal Engine

Child group

Unreal Development Kit

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Windows 145
X360 64
PS3 54
Linux 26
Mac OS X 11
Xbox One 9
PS4 9
iOS 4
Switch 4
Android 2
Wii U 2
Wii 1
PS Vita 1

By year

0607080910111213141516171819 561428420 AB
A2006 - First Unreal Engine 3 game
B2009 - UDK released

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