Unreal Development Kit

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Developed using the free (binary-only) version of Unreal Engine 3. These also install UDK redistributable or require it to be installed beforehand.


Alternate name: UDK

The first video game about Unreal Development Kit was released in 2010.

Trendy Entertainment, RuneStorm and Terrible Posture Games has published most of these games

UDK is free for educational uses, but commercial use incurs some fees. For more info, see: www.udk.com/licensing.html
... for the lazy, commercial use of UDK incurs 25% royalty fee after first 50000$ earned.

Unlike normal UE3 license, this does not include source code to the engine itself, making modding of the engine impossible outside of plugins or scripting in Unreal Script.

Parent groups

Game makers, Unreal Engine 3

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Windows 25
Linux 5
Android 2
Mac OS X 2
X360 1
PS3 1
iOS 1

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A2009 - UDK released

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