Field of view option

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Player has some control over the game's field of view, useful for those few that get simulator sickness or other issues from games with too low (~60) or too high (~110) FoV. Not when this is hidden somehow.


The first video game about Field of view option was released on October 2007.

Muse Games, Devolver Digital and has published most of these games

See also: field of vision (simulated field of vision in non-first person games)

Usually games are locked to 60, 75, or at most 90 degrees for field of view. Considering humans have close to 180 degree field of view, this can cause problems for certain individuals. Though displays rarely cover entirety of that, the virtual movement may still cause problems - such as simulator sickness - when the FoV is too high or too low.

This tag is for games that offer the FoV option clearly to the player, not when it's hidden in some config file, an obscure console or command-line command, or requires hacking.

For consoles 60 to 65 is common.
For desktop systems 75 to 90 is common.

This is one easy method to combat simulator sickness like nausea and dizziness some players experience with certain games (supposedly especially games with very low FoV).

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Assistive technologies


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