Assistive technologies

Video game concept

Any tags that describe assistive technologies, techniques or such.

Alternate name: Accessibility

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Anti-epilepsyIncludes option for or is advertised as epileptic friendly or designed as such. Such as by slowing down or completely removing any flickering or rapid contrast changes the game may have by design.2011 / 201310 games
Closed CaptioningClosed captioning is visual information about the audio of a game that is generally intended for the hearing impaired.1997 / 201843 games
Color blind friendlyIs designed or includes an option that makes the game more suitable for people with color blindness.1997 / 201779 games
Control configAllows changing controls, keyboard mappings, button layout, etc. to better suit the user.1982 / 201894 games
Deaf friendlyEither conveys no vital information via sounds or provides closed captioning for them.3 games
Font optionsPlayer is given options for fonts, such as size, style, and possibly coloration and other visual decoration such as backgrounds.3 games
Field of view optionPlayer has some control over the game's field of view, useful for those few that get simulator sickness or other issues from games with too low (~60) or too high (~110) FoV. Not when this is hidden somehow.2007 / 201771 games
Hold/tap toggleHas option to toggle the need to repeatedly tap a control to just holding it in place.3 games
Left-handedHas an option to swap controller handedness somehow, or otherwise adjust controls to be more suited for left-handed players.2004 / 201412 games
One-handedComfortably playable without any issues with just one hand without need of special controllers.1995 / 201812 games