Steamworks API

Software entity

The software part that ties a game to the Steam community, matchmaking and other features.

* Leaderboards

Implied: (not enforceable)
* Proprietary network - not all games using Steamworks use it for the networking related functionality.
Note that releases on Steam do not by default use Steamworks API.
These can be assumed to be tied to your Steam account completely.

This unfortunately may not apply to all releases of a game.

Steam supports Windows, Mac and, to a limited degree, PS3, and Linux.

Steam also distributes digital magazines, certain movies (besides trailers and such), productivity applications (e.g. 3D modeling apps), and some other things. So not everything on Steam CDN is a game.

The first Steamworks API video game was released on March 27, 2003.

Valve, 2K Games and Tripwire Interactive published most of these games.

Parent groups

Application Programming Interfaces, DRM: Login, Programming libraries, Social platforms, Available on Steam

Child groups

Valve Anti-Cheat, Steam Trading, Steam Workshop

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Windows 251
Mac OS X 64
Linux 28
Switch 2
PS3 1
Flash 1
PS4 1
Xbox One 1

By year

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A2008 - Steamworks API released
B2010 - Mac OS X client released
C2011 - PS3 integration

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