Digital rights management

Software concept

At least one release of the game uses any form of DRM, technology used to limit the use of digital content after sale. Commonly in some form that prevents or hampers making of (or the usability of) extra copies.


Alternate name: Copy protection

Implementations: (specific software/hardware)
* SafeDisc
* SecuROM: 1.0+, 4.0+, 4.6x, 4.7-4.83, 4.84+, 5.x, 7.x, PA
* StarForce
* Tages
* SolidShield
* SmartE
* Impulse::GOO
* Microsoft SSA (Server Side Authentication) & ZDPP (Zero Day Piracy Protection) - for more info, go here:

* Feelies
* Internet activation
* Constant internet connection

* Media in drive - not always explicitly a form of copy protection
* CD key - not always explicitly a form of copy protection
* DRM removed - for cases when the copy protection has been removed

* No DRM (though only for cases where it is otherwise expected to be present)
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The first Digital rights management video game was released in 1980.

Ubisoft, Electronic Arts and THQ published most of these games.

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DRM: Online activation, DRM: Always Online, Feelies required, DRM removed, Impulse::GOO, SmartE copy protection, Solidshield, TAGES copy protection, StarForce copy protection, SecuROM copy protection, SafeDisc copy protection, ProtectCD, Protect Disc Copy Protection, DRM: Pinhole Copy Protection, ActiveMARK copy protection, PhenoProtect copy protection, Linux Game Publishing Copy Protection, ProtectCD-VOB Copy Protection, Uniloc copy protection, DRM: Media check, DRM: Encryption, GameShield, SoftwareShield IronWrap, DRM: Login, EA Access, DRM: Corrupt media, FADE, Online pass, Denuvo, DRM: Game altering, Soft Denchi


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