TAGES copy protection

Software entity


Alternate name: [email protected]

The first video game about TAGES copy protection was released on March 2006.

Ubisoft, Deep Silver and Midway Games has published most of these games

Installs sgtlir (lirsgt.sys) and atksgt (atksgt.sys) hidden system drivers.

Both can be uninstalled through device manager after you show hidden devices from the view menu.
Uses specially corrupted secure section on the media to prevent 1:1 copies that supposedly no CD/DVD-writer can properly copy. Apparently some sort of hardware limitation of writers and there's no need for them to add the capability TAGES uses.

TAGES API can be used all-across the game instead of just load-time media-check. Makes illegal owners of copies easier to detect or just aggravate since the programmers can make you lose money, munitions, vision, or whatever else vital gameplay element whenever they choose to. And they seem to have a habit of doing this either gradually or after significant play-time, causing much grief to the illegal owners as their hours of playtime go down the toilet when the copy-protection starts to kick in. The detection is simply verification that the copy-protection play degradation is taking effect rather than any real bug.

On personal note: I've not heard of any legal owners having trouble with TAGES, which is sort of a miracle, I think.