SecuROM v7.x copy protection

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Copy protection scheme.


The first video game about SecuROM v7.x copy protection was released on September 14, 2004.

THQ, Electronic Arts and 2K Games has published most of these games

SecuROM v7 has features to allow "transparent" redirection of functions so that they return different value if the copy prot thinks you're running unauthentic copy. This can cause some vital functionality to not simply be there when the player attempts to run a pirated copy or the gameplay may deteriorate overtime in some predefined manner. This is more efficient than direct start-up prevention since you actually have to play the game to notice there's something wrong, and this can even occur after many hours have been invested into the game, so cracking the copy protection is more difficult as you have less idea what you're <i>supposed</i> to crack and even where to look.

This is also present in some other copy protection schemes like StarForce.
This version is notable for allowing ring 3 access in windows. Friend to viruses, malware, spyware, adware and pretty much anybody you want to avoid.

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