Dolby Pro Logic II

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Improved Dolby Surround features up to 5.1 full channels.


Alternate names: Dolby Surround 5.1, DPLII, DPL2

The first video game about Dolby Pro Logic II was released on November 18, 2001.

Square Enix, Electronic Arts and LucasArts has published most of these games

In 2000 Dolby Labs finally corrected their 24 year old mistake by Designing the Dolby Pro Logic II system with consideration for videogames and computers games. Any game system capable of generating real-time stereo sound should be able to generate real-time 5.1 channel audio with "very little" additional CPU usage. Although the technical details have not been published, Dolby Labs has stated that real-time Dolby Pro Logic II for game systems is done in "gaming mode". Because of this, it can be assumed that quality is slightly less than pre-recorded sounds. However, systems can still play higher quality pre-recorded sounds along with generated ones in cases where this theoretical quality difference could manifest.

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