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Runs natively on Win95 and is supported by the developers/publishers on it.


Alternate names: Win95, Windows 4.00

The first video game about Windows 95 was released in 1994.

Activision, Microsoft and Sierra On-Line has published most of these games

Win95 supported only single CPU, so you may have to take this into account when running games made for it on modern operating systems and hardware. For example games with threading may lock up or crash if they're not limited to single core/CPU due to lack of thread synchronization.

Due to Win95 being largely DOS based operating system in the background, many games advertized as W95 games are actually DOS games (requiring the use of DOSBox or similar emulators), or use programming practices really only suitable for DOS and thus becoming a nightmare to get working on anything modern (a fact mentioned by, for example, team about certain unmentioned but possibly indefinitely delayed re-releases).
Backwards compatibility:
* DOS: almost full

* Shipped with DirectX 1.0
* DirectX 8.0a last to support
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By year

9091929394959697989900010203040506070809 561428420 ABCDEFGHI
A1990 - Win3.0 released
B1992 - Win3.1 released
C1995 - Win95 released
1995 - DirectX 1.0 released
D1996 - DirectX 2.0 released
1996 - DirectX 3 released
E1997 - DirectX 5 released
F1998 - Windows 98 released
1998 - DirectX 6 released
G1999 - DirectX 7 released
H2000 - Windows 2000 released
2000 - DirectX 8 released
I2001 - Win95 support ceased

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