DirectX 6

Hardware theme

Supports or requires DX6 compliant hardware. Possibly only the run-time in case no hardware acceleration is used.


The first video game about DirectX 6 was released in 1998.

Electronic Arts, GT Interactive and Novalogic has published most of these games

<b>New features:</b>
* S3 texture compression (renamed to DXTC)
* Optimizations for x87, SSE, and 3DNow!
* Multitexturing
* Stencil buffers
* Bump mapping

This is the first release to start dictating what hardware vendors should or must support on hardware.

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Windows 74
Linux 1

By year

9899000102030405060708091011121314 401020300 ABC
A1998 - DirectX 6 released
1998 - OpenGL 1.2.1
B1999 - DirectX 7 released
C2001 - OpenGL 1.3

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