Hardware entity

Requires at least 486DX type of CPU with clock speeds ranging from 16 to 100 MHz.


Alternate names: 486DX2, 80486, i486

The first video game about 486DX CPU was released in 1993.

Electronic Arts, Sierra On-Line and Mindscape has published most of these games

Most notable enhancement over 386 line is the addition of Floating-point Unit (FPU), though the 486SX budget version didn't have this.

DX2 variant could have twice as high CPU Hz than the bus Hz, meaning any 486 CPU faster than 50 MHz was a DX2.

DX4 could run thrice as fast as the bus and supposedly had better performing FPU, though it's most important feature was use of 3.3V instead of 5V.

Hobbyists were able to put replace 68040 CPUs in some Macintosh machines with 80486DX2 CPUs. Some OEMs experimented with this hack as well. But no 3rd party x86 Mac products, hardware or software, ever made it to market.