Dial-up modem

Hardware entity

Multiplayer by dialing directly to the other player's computer (by phone number) instead of establishing an internet connection through which to play.


Alternate name: Dial-up internet

The first video game about Dial-up modem was released in 1984.

Electronic Arts, PBI Software and Delta Tao Software has published most of these games

Pretty much impossible to use without an emulation layer nowadays because dial-up modems have been outdated and obsoleted (no longer sold) in most parts of the world.


Windows 18
Mac OS Classic 12
Linux 3
Win3.1 2
Apple II E 2
OS/2 2
BeOS 2
Tandy Coco 1
C64 1
Atari 400/800 1
Mac OS X 1
Atari ST 1

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