No pointer capture

Software concept

An unusual omission in action games playable in a window, where the pointer is allowed to go outside the window without any restriction, possibly causing misclicks outside the game window that cause it to lose focus.


Alternate names: No pointer grab, No pointer confinement
Name variations: No mouse capture, No mouse grab, No mouse confinement

The first video game about No pointer capture was released on September 20, 2004.

THQ, Endless Loop Studios and Arcen Games has published most of these games

Fullscreen games don't need this, even in multimonitor setups unless the fullscreen is faked by maximizing the game window and hiding the borders. That is, there's nowhere for the mouse to go, and true fullscreen games seem to deny access to the other monitors if they're not used by the game itself. Especially makes edge scrolling difficult.

Should only be marked in games where this can matter, so a turn-based game or similar progress-only-when-the-player-does-something kind should not be included.

There is no need for actual inclusion of the function as it's far more commonly present than not.

Most or even all game libraries that involve input and display offer a way to do this.
In Linux this can be done with XGrabPointer(), in Windows with SetCapture(), and in SDL it can be done with SDL_WM_GrabInput().