Software entity

A scripting engine used by many LucasArts games.


Alternate name: Script Creation Utility for Maniac Mansion

The first video game about SCUMM was released in 1987.

Humongous Entertainment, LucasArts and Night Dive Studios has published most of these games

SCUMM usually incorporates iMUSE and INSANE.

In it's initial use, SCUMM was ported to MS-DOS, Amiga, Amiga AGA, Atari ST, FM Towns, Commodore 64, 3DO, NES, PC Engine (and CD), Mac OS Classic, Windows 16-bit and Windows 32-bit up untill 2002. Later developer, Double Fine, updated the engine for modern Linux, Windows, and OS X.
There's an engine remake (sometimes erroneously called an "emulator") for SCUMM known as ScummVM that can run most if not all SCUMM games.

This tag is NOT for SCUMMVM supported games, though. ScummVM supports a wide variety of engines other than the original SCUMM. It is inaccurate to mark non-SCUMM games with the SCUMM engine tag just because they work with ScummVM.