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An Arcade games emulator available for almost any platform.
(clones and bootlegs are merged to the parent)


Alternate name: Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator

The first video game about MAME was released on September 1971.

Taito, Sega and Konami has published most of these games

Originally MAME was available under a customer license that enforce availability of source code and no commercial use.

After 19 years of effort, all authors who have contributed to MAME have finally been convinced to license their code as GPL2+ or 3-Clause BSD. Other than now having a FSF and OSI approved license, anyone if free to profit from use of MAME source code in what ever way they can find that does not violate BSD or GPL.

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Arcade Hardware, C++ programming language, Emulation, License: New BSD, Proprietary license, License change, Source Code Available

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Neo-Geo 120
Tandy Coco 1

By year

7173757779818385878991939597990103050709111315 16040801200 ABCDE
A1997 - MAME first release by Nicola Salmoria (0.1)
1997 - Mirko Buffoni takes over from Nicola as MAME coordinator (0.19)
1997 - Nicola returns as MAME coordinator (0.27)
B2003 - David Haywood takes over from Nicola as MAME coordinator (0.68)
C2005 - Aaron Giles takes over from David Haywood as MAME coordinator
D2007 - CPS2 decryption fully implemented (0.112)
E2016 - MAME becomes fully FOSS relicensed

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