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QNX/Q-nix is a POSIX compliant, unix-like operating system.


The first video game about Qnx operating system was released in 1994.

Parallel Realities has published all these games

Qnx is different from most OSes because it uses a micro kernel design instead of a monolithic kernel. Monolithic kernels are one big program in one chunk of memory used to run any conceivable task the user might request. For instance, the Linux kernel is always ready to accept a USB device, even if it is installed on a machine that cannot use USB. But the QNX kernel is made of many tiny pieces (kernel servers) that each can have their own memory, or even be located on different computers. If no USB devices are present, the USB server does not load, gaining memory and speed for the other servers. If a USB device is added or removed, the server is added to the kernel immediately, or removed just as fast. There is no need for a reboot. The kernel expands and contracts as needed. This can be even further refined by having a specialized server for each individual device, rather than a generic 'USB' server. For gamers, this can mean a custom set of kernel servers for every game totally optimized to the game and its platform at the moment. Optimized to the game controllers types and numbers in use. Even optimized for the current mode of play.

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