eON Technology

Software theme

A hybridization utilizing virtualization, emulation, and native libraries that allows Windows games to run on Other platforms.


Alternate name: Virtual Programming

The first video game about eON Technology was released in 2001.

Codemasters, Gears for Breakfast and 2K Games has published most of these games

This is not general emulation, it is specifically crafted for the game and the target hardware. This introduces quirks that are familiar to Windows users but alien to Mac and especially Linux users. Such as the game requiring a specific subset of drivers for a limited set of hardware. Where as "OpenGL" or even "OpenGL 3.0+" would be a typical Mac or Linux requirement for a 3D game, a game using eON might require "NVidia 340.65 only" or "fglrx 14.12 only" and further limits users such as "Radeon 7000 series only". Again, this is game specific. Just because a certain eON game supports certain hardware and drivers, doesn't mean later games will also support them. They will support a different set of hardware and drivers. This means if a player can run a certain eON game after they upgraded hardware and drivers, playing the next eON game will require an additional set of hardware and drivers and the first eON game won't play anymore.