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A compressed data packaging format created by Phil Katz (PKWARE), used by games as a virtual file system and generic data packaging. Commonly the extension is changed to something else to prevent players from thinking they'd need to unpack them.


The first video game about Zip was released on December 2, 1999.

Activision, Electronic Arts and LucasArts has published most of these games


Windows 18
Linux 14
Mac OS X 6
Xbox 4
X360 3
Mac OS Classic 2
GameCube 2
PS2 2
BeOS 1
Android 1
Dreamcast 1

By year

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A1989 - First pkzip release
B1992 - First Info-ZIP release
C1993 - Deflate algorithm added
D1996 - Deflate64 algorithm added
E1998 - Integrated support in Windows OSes

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