Color: 32 bit

Hardware theme

A color mode where each color exists as 8 bit integer with added 8 bit alpha channel.


Alternate names: RGBA8888, 8i, True color, RGBA8

The first video game about Color: 32 bit was released in 1997.

Tripwire Interactive, id Software and Activision has published most of these games

Preceded by:
* 16 bit color (Hi-color)

Succeeded by:
* 16 bit floating point color (64 bit)

* 24 bit color (same as 32 bit except lacks alpha channel)

Apple, in an effort to hide their bits from public view, refers to 16-bit color as "thousands of colors" and 24-bit color as "millions of colors". When Macs became available with 32-bit color, it was also called "millions of colors". Leading to confusion and the joke of calling it "even more friggin colors". But Apple eventually eliminated the confusion by removing the option for users to change or view their color depth.

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Color depth


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