UVL: License Pending

Software concept

With intent to define a license later, an author has notably granted public access to some or all aspects of his game beforehand.


The first video game about UVL: License Pending was released on June 22, 2014.

I blame Jordan Mechner for this!
This should be removed from the game after a license is actually defined.

Note, under US law (not acts, codes, or other legal text; but actual LAW), any created work is automatically copyrighted by the creator and therefore defined as proprietary. The creator can say "open", "free", and even "non-proprietary", and even also "public domain", but until the text of license is attached, or clear legally precise declaration of public domain is published, the work remains proprietary. Thus, tagging a game with this tag indicates that it is proprietary.

The moment a license is defined under any circumstance, this pending tag removed. Before the author makes his or her decision, the game is proprietary. Should he never choose, the game is proprietary. Should he be hit bus and unable to define a license, the game is proprietary and this pending tag should be removed. Under any of these circumstances the license-change group should at no time be applied. license-change only applies if the author actually decides on and publishes a license, then redecides and publishes a different license (and apply both the original and changed licenses as is normal per those tags).

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Proprietary license, Licenses, UVL: Maintenance


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