id Tech 2

Software entity

Uses the id Tech 2 game engine developed by id Software.


Alternate names: Quake 2 engine, CRX engine

Alien Arena 2006 (Linux)
LIN 2005-02-18
UFO: Alien Invasion (Windows)
WIN 2012-03-05
Daikatana (Windows)
WIN 2000-04-14
Quake II (Windows)
WIN 1997-12-06
Anachronox (Windows)
WIN 2001-06-26
Gloom (Windows)
WIN 2001? *
Quake II (Linux)
LIN 1998-01-06
SiN (Windows)
WIN 1998-10-31
Quake II Mission Pack - The Reckoning (Windows)
WIN 1998-05-31
SiN: Wages of Sin (Windows)
WIN 1999-02-26
Soldier of Fortune (Windows)
WIN 2000-03-29
Quake II Mission Pack - Ground Zero (Windows)
WIN 1998-08-31

The first video game about id Tech 2 was released on December 6, 1997.

COR Entertainment, Activision and Loki has published most of these games

The engine renders through [[link:/groups/info/opengl OpenGL]] or software.
Uses DirectX 3 on Windows for sound.

The game engine is tied completely to the graphics, so with sufficiently low framerate (usually accomplished with console command that limits framerate) you can skip through objects. This was often used for cheating in multiplayer games.