Video game concept

A notably commercial product despite copyrights (or lack thereof) and/or licensing agreements (or lack thereof) that many perceive as incompatible with commercial sales.


The first video game about Commercial was released in 1950.

Tandy, Infocom and Choice of Games has published most of these games

Game is widely perceived as free but isn't.
Game or game content is freely copyable and officially sold as a download or in retail outlets.
Code is freely copyable and game or game content is officially sold as download or in retail outlets.
Code is freely copyable but online activation is required before the game or game content will run (note, this feature can easily and legally removed from the code and the game compiled)
Game engine/code is freely copyable and content is proprietary.
Content is freely copyable and game engine/code is proprietary.
Game or game content is fully public domain yet notably being sold.
Game or game content is sold commercially while being designed to be used in conjunture with a primarily non-proprietary or non-commercial platform or collection of software.

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Qt framework, ShiVa 3D


Linux 6768
Tandy Coco 532
Windows 284
MS-DOS 278
Mac OS X 215
Mac OS Classic 126
C64 125
ZX Spectrum 103
Apple II E 96
Amstrad PCW 86
Atari 400/800 72
Tomy Tutor 63
Win3.1 50
BBC 45
Amiga 41
Atari ST 36
Amstrad CPC 30
TRS-80 30
VIC-20 29
Apple IIGS 29
Memotech MTX 27
QL 26
Tatung Einstein 25
Android 22
Electron 21
MSX 21
Atom 19
Dragon32 16
C16/Plus4 16
Ohio Scientific 15

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