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3D Grand Prix  Amsoft (Amsoft)1985 3disk cassette commercial cpc464 earth formula1 joystick keyboard license-proprietary motorracing motorsport naturalistic track-brandshatch track-jarama track-kyalami track-mosport track-rouenlesessarts track-scandinavianraceway track-silverstone track-zandvoort
Atom Smasher  Amsoft;Romik (Amsoft;Romik)1985 3disk cassette commercial joystick keyboard license-proprietary
Coloric Free Game Blot (Free Game Blot)1985 cassette commercial cpc464 keyboard license-proprietary
Fantasia Diamond  Hewson (Hewson)1985 cassette commercial keyboard
Rommel's Revenge Design Design (Design Design)1985 cassette commercial earth joystick keyboard license-proprietary naturalistic tank worldwar2
The Forest at World's End  Interceptor Software (Interceptor Software)1985 cardinalnavigation cassette commercial did forest keyboard license-proprietary wordinput
Breakthru U.S. Gold (Canvas Software)1986 commercial earth instantdeath joystick landvehicle license-proprietary lives naturalistic score uvl-confusable vehicularcombar wheeledvehicle
Moonmist  Infocom (Infocom)1986 3disk alternatecampaigns britain castle commercial cpc464 detectivemystery england genderchoice homosexuals interactivefiction investigatorprotagonist keyboard lesbians license-proprietary mystery premadecharacters wordinput
Quiz Quest Alligata (Alligata)1986 cassette commercial keyboard license-proprietary
W.A.R. (War) Martech (Software Communications)1986 cassette commercial cpc464 joystick keyboard license-proprietary
Giant Killer (Giantkiller) Topologika Software (Topologika Software)1987 3disk ambiguous-fairytale commercial edu-logic edu-math femaleprotagonist genderchoice interactivefiction keyboard license-proprietary maleprotagonist medieval
Krakout  Gremlin Graphics (Gremlin Graphics)1987 3disk breakoutlike commercial license-proprietary lives score
Mange Cailloux  Ubi Soft (Ubi Soft)1987 3disk cassette commercial joystick keyboard license-proprietary lives pengolike
Schatzjäger Ariolasoft (AGC Hamburg)1987 3disk commercial interactivefiction jungle keyboard license-proprietary southamerica
The Fourth Protocol: The Game (The 4th Protocol) Ariolasoft (Electronic Pencil)1987 book coldwar-ww2 commercial espionage license-proprietary spyprotagonist
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy  Infocom (Infocom)1987 book commercial interactivefiction license-proprietary lutris thehitchhikertrilogy wordinput
Crazy Cars  Titus (Titus)1988 3disk commercial cpc464 crazycars joystick license-proprietary score timelimit
Carrier Command  Rainbird (Rainbird)1989 3disk archipelago automatedwar beamweapons commercial damagemodeling energyweapons fpsrts future healthregen island joystick kempstonmouse keyboard license-proprietary robots rockets warship watercraft
Jara-Tava: The Isle of Fire (Jara Tava) Satchel Software Australia (Satchel Software)1989 commercial interactivefiction keyboard license-proprietary wordinput
Snoball in Hell  Atlantis Software (Mind's Eye)1989 breakoutlike cassette commercial hybridgame instantdeath joystick keyboard license-proprietary lives score
Havoc  Players1990 commercial helicopter helicopters license-proprietary lives score scrollingshooter tanks
La Corona Magica OMK Software (OMK Software)1990 3disk commercial keyboard license-proprietary walking
P-47 Thunderbolt (P-47: The Freedom Fighter)  Firebird (Source)1990 3disk aerodyne aeroplane aircraft-p47-thunderbolt bossbattles cassette commercial joystick keyboard license-proprietary lives powerups propellerplane score scrollingshooter strikeaircraft worldwar worldwar2
Quick Draw McGraw  Hi-Tec Software (Twilight)1990 aiming anthroprotagonist cartoon commercial earth firearms hannabarbera indoors jumping license-proprietary multisequence noncombpenalty outdoors runandgun score train walking
Fireman Sam - The Hero Next Door  Alternative Software (Alternative Software)1991 commercial driving earth firefighters flipscreens landvehicle license-proprietary multisequence naturalistic truck tvseries wales wheeledvehicle