Aim mode

Video game concept

Besides shooting from hip, you can also raise the weapon up and aim with the scope, iron sights, or whatever else.


Alternate name: Aiming

The first video game about Aim mode was released on November 1990.

2K Games, Ubisoft and Electronic Arts has published most of these games

Some games may disallow firing weapons if aim mode is not used (commonly these are survival horror games).

Common features:
* Movement is slowed or completely disabled
* Minizoom or scope
* Effects of dynamic accuracy is reduced (spread is reduced and accuracy is returned faster)
* Enables full damage potential with sniper rifles (usually unexplained)

In some cases attempt to run, or sometimes even move, disables aim mode until you stop or slow down.

* If this is limited to scoped weapons or similar, this tag should not apply.
* Fixed attack

* Dynamic accuracy
* Telescope