Meta progression

Video game concept

Includes a method of progression tied to account, player profile, the game installation, or similar that affects all concurrent and/or subsequent playthroughs.


Alternate names: Player progression, Player levels
Name variations: metaprogression

The first video game about Meta progression was released in 1990.

Electronic Arts, Ubisoft and Atlus has published most of these games

This may be limited to multiplayer, but not necessarily.

In case these do nothing, then they're nothing more than a way to show you've played the game a lot.

Most obvious indicator of this is an XP progression that is shared with all available characters, or characters of same class (player has progression in separate things). Generally means the progression can't be lost ever, not from dying, not from deleting characters, and there's no possibility of level drain or similar either (except maybe as punishment from game moderators).