Item highlight

Video game concept

Items on the ground, tables, and wherever are highlighted somehow. They may glow, glitter, have name tags shown, or otherwise blatantly give off their location. Often accompanied by an unexplained floating off the ground effect.


Alternate names: Item glow, Floating items

See also: interaction highlight (in case it is done for objects that can be interacted but not picked up into inventory)

* Trash - item glow is unlikely to exist in these.

* Item glow: Manually activated
Usually exists for convenience, especially in multiplayer oriented games, but is a rather blatant source for losing suspension of disbelief.

This also includes other variations that accomplish the same, such as a targeting rectangle identifying the object and any other methods to make items and other things you can carry or interact with easy to spot.

The first Item highlight video game was released in 1994.

Electronic Arts, Devolver Digital and Activision published most of these games.

Parent group

Game-like elements

Child group

Item highlight: Manually activated

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