Other (objects, etc.) entity

Player can find, collect and fiddle with large number of items that have no use what so ever.


Alternate name: Unusable junk

The first video game about Trash was released on March 1992.

Bethesda Softworks, Spiderweb Software and Origin has published most of these games

This is a change from games where every object you can pick up you can also use for something fairly important, and an exact opposite of games where everything you pick up must and does have a plot or game progress related use (see hoarding). Difficult for people who have a habit of collecting everything they see in games.

In some cases this may still be considered even if said trash can be used as missile weapons (thrown), as improvised weapons, salvaged for "parts", and so on. Also, there may be NPCs who do buy junk, although the price they give for it is usually hardly worth the effort.

At the core, this is an element for immersion, making the game world seem less purpose built for player's victory over the plot.