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A fruit know for it's red color but comes others. Has a variety of religious/symbolic meanings most famously the 'Forbidden Fruit'


The first video game about Apples was released in 1978.

Atari, Parker Brothers and Tengen has published most of these games

The 'forbidden fruit' symbolism is often associated with Christianity. However, this tradition actually comes from Greek mythology when the apple is used for evil and confusion about the word 'apple'. The Latin word malus when used as an adjective means evil. But when used as a noun is means apple. There's also some singular form and plural form confusions. Furthermore, the word apple is not exclusive to the malus domestica (the domesticated apple); it actually can refer to any strange/unknown/foreign fruit or nut (but not berries). And if someone is telling a story about an evil fruit or nut, its likely going to be a strange, unknown, and/or foreign fruit or nut (an 'apple'). Evil 'apples' are everywhere in ancient literature. This is much more prevalent than, for example, evil bananas or evilberries. Additionally, the color red is associated with poison (which has been the downfall of many foods). The fact that apples played significant roles in 'pagan' mythologies and were used in rituals didn't help its image among Christians either. A rival for evil forbidden fruit was the pomegranate due to its similar reputation and color. It saw some limited use by Christians but ultimately is was the Greek myth of The Golden Apples in the Garden of Hesperides that doomed the apple to be selected as the symbol of original sin.

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