Other (objects, etc.) entity

Anything used to climb up or down a vertical surface, regardless what it looks like, or how or even if it's attached to anything.


Alternate names: Ropes, Vines, Grid fences, Rappelling, Abseiling

The first video game about Ladders was released in 1980.

Nintendo, Gremlin Graphics and Firebird has published most of these games

* Ladders
* Ropes
* Vines (hanging or covering a wall)
* Metallic grids

And any other specifically marked or shaped surface. Such as a recognizable type of plant covering the wall section.

In most generic sense of the term, these are fixtures that allow vertical movement beyond what the protagonist can achieve via hoisting themselves up ledges or jumping. May allow jumping on and off them and some may also move (usually swing, but some may for example move on rails) allowing extended movement options.
* Wall climbing
* Grappling hook
* Wall clinging
* Monkey bars - a "ladder" on the ceiling for lateral movement.

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Poles climbing

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